Ric Flair's Issues Extend Beyond Loyalty To Carolina Panthers

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Ric Flair's agent issued a statement on Thursday, announcing The Nature Boy would not be attendance at Sunday's NFL Playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers.

The statement seemed to place the blame on Flair's pre-game speech to the 49ers in Green Bay last weekend and the backlash he's received from fans of his hometown Panthers. They even noted he's received death threats over the speech.

However, team loyalty is not Flair's only problem. The Charlotte Business Journal reported on Thursday an arrest warrant is still outstanding for Flair's arrest on contempt of court violations. The warrant, issued on July 3, 2013, is due to $32,352.51 in unpaid post-separation support and legal fees to ex-wife Jacqueline Beams. According to the report, the next hearing on the matter is scheduled for January 24, 2014.

Wrestling News World writer Jesse Sherwood contributed to this report.

  • FlexGordon

    This whole spousal support thing is total BS. I understand when people divorce they need to split their assets, paying for child support. But wasn’t Flair married to her a few years ago? 2 old people got married and didn’t have kids. What kind of support does she honestly need?

    • Cef Fracker

      she wants what little cash she can drain from him

  • WNW Fan

    I think giving someone death threats over something as petty as football is ludicrous. People should get a life. I know theres hardcore Fball fans everywhere and no disrespect to any of them but theres more important things in life than sports. Ok…so Flair gave a pep talk to the other team. Who really cares? Its just football…a game…lifes to short to issue death threats over something that really doesn’t amount to jack when you look at the bigger picture thats called life.

    • Avalanchian

      It means everything to sports fans. Just like when Favre left the Packers to play for the Jets and then go to the hated Vikings. Fans are passionate about their teams and yes they say stupid stuff, but many believe in “the code”.

    • Mark McGinnis

      I am a big football fan but I would never issue death threats to anyone over a game. No matter how big of a fan you are you should never threaten lives. This is just like when they sent death threats to Sterling Marlin when he was involved in the car accident that killed Dale Earnhardt Sr. He wasn’t to blame but these so called fans threatened him and his family. Any real fan would never threaten someone. They may scream and yell for their team to win but they dont wish harm on any person.

    • Venom

      While I don’t agree with death threats but I can see how fans can be pissed. I remember when Nitro was in Toronto and Chris Jericho came out and fans were excited and cheered him. Then he cut a promo about how hes happy to live in the states cuz Canada sucks. We know its a promo to get us to boo him but fans really got pissed in my section.

      Wernt Boston fans pissed that John Cena once wore a NY Yankees jersey? And how now he lives in Florida that he’s a Tampa bay fan? He never got death threats but Boston fans feel like he sold out. But either way I think Flair was born in Tenessee and lived in Minnessota so he has the right to support teams in those areas too.

      A lot of people living in Toronto hate the maple leafs because they suck even when they had their best season last year. Others like them cuz it’s their home team.

  • Venom

    Why does Flair keep getting married? Is it because he doesn’t want to live in sin? Some people should never be married. They get married/divorced 3-5 times they should realize they’re not compatible with anyone in a long term relationship. There is nothing wrong with it either. Steve Austin has been married 3 times and must have learned his lesson. Geraldo Rivera has been married 5 times. Ric Flair should just do what he’s doing now. Have girlfriends and enjoy life. He’s already has kids and I think is a grandfather. Never get married again since its obvious he brings out the worst in people.

  • _JIM_

    I just don’t get how a retired pro-wrestler with financial problems that are already public knowledge could possibly be forced to pay that much in financial support to an ex-wife. This isn’t 1986, and Flair isn’t the World Heavyweight Champion anymore. He’s not even an active wrestler or on-screen character. So with the financial problems he’s already having. How in the world could a judge rule that somebody in Flair’s position should have to pay that much to supposrt an ex-wife that he has no children with? Is this woman handicapped in some way and unable to work to support herself? Men always get the shaft from judges in basically every divorce I’ve ever heard of. Look how bad Hogan got screwed over, and I’m sure guys like Hogan and Flair are using the best lawyers money can buy. If men can’t get a fair shake using lawyers of that calibur. How can a regular person using whatever lawyer that he can afford ever hope to be treated fairly? It’s a complete sham that men have to pay financial support to ex-wives when there are no children involved.

    • Venom

      Exactly! Like with hogans situation I can see they’ve been married for over 20 years, she was a homemaker and raised 2 kids. If the man cheated on her and she’s divorcing him and she probably has no education or work experience I can see her needing spousal support. But I checked on Wikipedia and they were only together from 2009-2012. No children. This reminds me of the show Two and a Half Men where Allen has to pay his ex wife alimony where she’s living in a nice house and he can’t even afford a place to live so he moves in with his brother.

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    I read the article about Flair’s talk with the 49ers. It was set up through the 49er front office and the WWE front office. I don’t recall the story stating who started the talks, but it appears the Flair was not in on the discussions. Flair is signed to a Legends contract with the WWE. While he is not an active wrestler, or even an on-air personality, he still has to do Vince’s bidding. If the 49ers came to Vince and made a deal to have Flair speak to the team, Flair had no choice in the matter. Same thing applies if Vince went to the 49ers with the idea.