Ric Flair's TNA Contract Expiring; Filing For Divorce

In yet another TNA contract officially expiring, Ric Flair's deal is reportedly up the second week of September.

The word out of Flair's camp is that he is also looking to file for divorce from his wife Jacqueline Beems. Beems, who is Flair's fourth bride, has had police called on her twice for allegedly battering The Nature Boy.

  • Patrick Peralta

    What Again? Flair will have wife number 5 with in a year. I swear the guy never learns.

    • Ken

      I think he's trying to beat his championship total. I swear, if Flair just quit getting married he could retire with dignity.

  • diddy

    Maybe he woooooed her one time to many during sex

  • I wonder if there were “woooo”s everytime she hit him?

    • Ken

      I want to know if he staggered back and hit the forward face plant when she'd finished.

  • Wainwright

    He’d be a Great general manger!!

    • Ken

      They did that once already though.

  • _JIM_

    Flair needs to return to WWE asap. Ever since he left his life has been a mess. WWE keeps him busy enough that he doesn't have time to screw up his personal life. He may be old but he is still the best talker in wrestling, and could be a huge asset as a manager to somebody that doesn't have mic skills. I'd love to see Flair come back and start up a new 4-Horsemen group with him in the J.J. Dillon role. He has no business wrestling but I still think that he is a valuable commodity.

    • Nostaljack

      No, he *was* the best talker. He is no longer the talker he once was…not by a long shot. It's been so sad to watch him disintegrate but we have…in *all* respects.

  • Ken

    TNA's next PPV main event. I'd say the actual PPV name but I don't know it.

  • Dave Barton

    Flair needs to call in the Horsemen to put the boots to her. And let JJ hit her with his shoe!

  • Kevin

    I say put them in a cage and the first one to escape gets the divorce granted in his/her favor, as well as alimony.

  • Duckfannaz

    How about Flair as the mouthpiece for Ryback? Nature boy always gets a huge pop. Like Ryback piggy back (no pun intended) with one of the greatest of all time.

  • stoney

    are they getting divorced because Ric kept getting all red-faced and babbling like an idiot?

  • matt

    I wonder if she got all red faced whenever Ric pissed her off