Ricardo Cheers On Manchester United, Cena Puts Over Cesaro, Total Divas Return

- Ricardo Rodriguez was in attendance at Sunday's Arsenal vs. Manchester United match at Old Trafford. My friend Darren heard a "Rob Van Persieeeeeeeeeeeee!" chant and here's what he found.

- I heard from the WWE crew in Europe on Sunday and was told that World Heavyweight Champion John Cena really put Antonio Cesaro over after Saturday's show in Munich, Germany. Cena called him a future champion and handed him the title belt before letting Cesaro take the mic and cut a promo. One of the people I spoke with said they needed video proof and found it at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

- Total Divas returns at 10 PM EDT on E! Below is a preview of the episode titled "Summer Slam.":

As Eva Marie becomes increasingly popular, Nikki begins to feel threatened. Ariane works to control her temper. Nattie has fears regarding her return to the ring.

  • mrkevo

    Really cool of Cena to do this. Couldn’t agree more with him about Cesaro. Really like this guy and hope he gets the push he deserve in the near future.

  • Mike Brailsford

    So Ricardo is a United fan. Anyone know about other WWE Superstars who like English football ? – There is Wade Barrett who follows Preston North End, but what of the Americans/Canadians. Those of Latio heritage may go for it more.

  • mcpunk

    CM Punk is a Millwall fan


    yup cena just burying guys huh??? just because you don’t like the gimmick doesn’t mean can’t respect the guy though

    • Philip Thompson

      Cena has a reputation for putting guys over – and he’s very often right. The person with the reputation for hurrying people – usually who he feels threatened by due to their work ethic, talent vas popularity, is Randy Orton. He doesn’t want to see anyone succeed except Randy Orton. The characters Cena and Orton play are extensions of their true personality. Cena is just a little more serious in real life.

  • Lebron James

    Glad the higher ups are noticing the greatness of Antonio Cesaro. He’s a future all time great if used properly.

  • Ricky

    Lame the vid has already been taken down