Ricardo Rodriguez Off PPV, Total Divas Midseason Finale, WWE NOC Kickoff

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WWE news and notes…

- Ricardo Rodriguez won't be in the corner of Rob Van Dam at WWE Night of Champions due to his loss to World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown. The following is from Twitter:

- Another bonus clip ahead of Sunday night's midseason Total Divas finale is available at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

- A promo for the WWE Night of Champions Kickoff is online at this link. Make sure you join us at 7:30 PM EDT for exclusive live play-by-play coverage here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • mjh91

    They are making it too obvious that Ricardo Rodriguez is going to turn on RVD…right?

    • monty

      yeh no kidding, i saw this coming weeks away

      • Nate

        He was in his corner 20 minutes ago.

  • Jason

    Vickie stated that if ricardo wants to be in RVDs corner than he would have to face Del rio one on one. she didnt mention anything about win or lose. since he stepped in the ring regardless of his loss he was able to be in RVDs corner.

    • WrestlingFan4Life

      So I’m NOT the only one who heard that deal! That’s exactly what I was thinking. There was never any mention of Ricardo having to WIN his match; only that he had to HAVE the match. And I’ve been saying that Ricardo would turn on RVD since he first started showing up in RVD’s corner. I think the whole “breakup” between Ricardo and Alberto will be revealed as a ploy so that Ricardo could pretend to be RVD’s buddy against Alberto, then swerve RVD at the PPV and help Alberto win. Either that, or Ricardo will help Alberto win to “make up” to him for the mistake that caused the “breakup”. Either way, Ricardo will once again be Alberto’s personal ring announcer after the PPV.