Ricardo Rodriguez Shoots On Glenn Beck

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Ricardo Rodriguez voiced his displeasure with Glenn Beck on Twitter. You can view what he had to say below:

  • I’m not sure Ricardo wants to have a real shoot with Glenn Beck over immigration. If it’s over what Glenn said about WWE that’s fine, but a debate over immigration is not something Ricardo wants to try. It’s hard to figure out if RR wants to debate Beck on his WWE comments or immigration. It’s easy for all of us to have an opinion on immigration, but if you’ve never been at the border or know someone that had to wait years to get citizenship your opinion doesn’t hold much weight.

    (Border Patrol Scandal)

    (Al-Qaeda Threat at Border)

    Glenn comments about WWE were way out of line. I lost respect for him after that. But Glenn does offer good information on various aspects about our country. Illegal Immigration shouldn’t be an issue to pigeonhole anyone — it’s an issue that needs to be addressed. That’s what WWE is doing. The problem some have with the angle is that the one side is being portrayed as evil while the other is being the good guys. I don’t have a problem with that but others do. WWE should be fair and eventually do an angle portraying someone on the liberal side as a heel. The perfect guy for this role would be Damien Sandow as he’s constantly interjecting presidential information in his promos. How do you think liberals would react if Sandow claimed he advises President Obama or said something along the lines of President Obama being the intellectual savior of the US while he (Sandow) is the intellectual savior of the WWE? I’m pretty sure the liberal media would fly off the handles with that one.

    • BlazeKing

      And how exactly do you know 100% Ricardo can’t debate Glen Beck?

      • The Bops

        Technically I don’t know if Ricardo can or can not debate Glenn Beck. But, I wouldn’t take Ricardo with 100:1 odds…

      • thebops

        Technically, I don’t know if Ricardo can or can not debate Glenn Beck. But, I wouldn’t take 100:1 odds on Ricardo… And I LIKE Ricardo.

      • Because I’m assuming Ricardo doesn’t know much about Fast and Furious. If he doesn’t he shouldn’t debate the issue. I’m all for immigrants coming here to work and make things better for their family. But there are too many illegal immigrants coming over for the wrong reasons — drugs. The media is absolutely silent on the fact that many ranchers near the border live in fear because the government fails to address this issue.


        • BlazeKing

          You should watch the out of character, broken kayfabe version of Zeb’s rebuttal to Glen Beck. He specifically says Ricardo (Jose Rodriguez) is one one his good friends who worked with him to help piece together the whole Swagger/Del Rio angle. One would assume he knows as much about the subject as Zeb Coulter/Dutch Mantel (Wayne Keown).

  • Aaron

    “Ricardo Rodriguez Shoots On Glenn Beck”…not a pretty title…