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The main objective of this week's Impact Wrestling is to showcase the signing of MVP. It's a new day in TNA and a big part of that new direction is MVP. Dave Lagana, who works as a creative writer in the company, pushed to sign MVP because he felt he was someone they could push immediately and help fill the void left by some of the recent departures. TNA wants to show their fans they are committed to signing new names but are looking to do so in a way that is cost effective with workers that do not need a lot of seasoning. Ethan Carter III is part of this initiative but so are The Wolves and of course the aforementioned MVP.

This week's show was taped last week in front of a large crowd in Glasgow, Scotland. Below are my notes:

* TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries opened the show with a promo. DJ Zema Ion came out and announced he was cashing in his X Division title shot briefcase. Aries went over to retain his title.

* Curry Man returned...

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