Richard Reacts To WWE Battleground 2014 - John Cena Retains, New IC Champion Crowned, But Why It Was A Weak Effort

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Listen below as I break down Battleground for nearly 30 minutes and discuss what I liked, what I didn't like and I fully express my opinion on another stellar opener, Lana's deplorable promo, a blatant bait and switch with Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt going under, John Cena retaining the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and more.

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  • Gary Robert

    Was looking forward to a Diva’s match for the first time in a long while and there’s one word to describe it now that its over: sloppy.

    • Xavier

      Glad someone else besides me was willing to point that out. Too many people had already labeled AJ/Paige a 5 star diva match before it even took place. And I actually enjoyed Naomi/Paige from last month more. But that’s just me.

      • Ashley

        I thought Naomi/Cameron was a better match than AJ/Paige!

        • Xavier

          For the allowed time that Naomi/Cameron were given I’d have too agree Ashley. WWE should really pay closer attention to Naomi

          • Gary Robert

            Yeah, I was disappointed, to say the least. Still looking forward to the remainder of the feud, though. I liked the Paige turn on RAW so hoping they can build off of it and have some quality matches going forward.

    • PA_Vincent

      I’m a big fan of both AJ and Paige. I really hope they will get another chance (and seize it this time). But those botched moves happened on the same night that Cameron and Naomi gave us a really great match … that is saying a lot to me.

      • kurt

        You can tell not much thought was put into their match by creative. Aj has to carry the very green paige, and she just wasn’t given a lot of material to work with. Seemed contrived and seemed all the workers had to work even harder to sell their matches as it seems creative is just skating by. Probably because of mcmahon being in charge of them now. All the last minute changes as frequently as he does them and what does it get them? Steph puking on people and bull costume tail bring pulled off and the midget pretends it hurts. Sorry, I stopped finding that crap funny when I was in grade school. Maybe before that yet.

        • Gary Robert

          I don’t know if it was so much the fault of Paige. I actually think shes one of the better in-ring divas I’ve seen in quite some time and actually performs moves in a realistic nature whereas most of the other Divas are too feminine with execution. Both botched a bunch of moves, though.

          • John

            Considering she has been wrestling for almost 10 years, I expect way more out of Paige. She was really bad in that match.

          • Gary Robert

            Not going to argue. My first reaction after watching it was one word: sloppy. But, I’d still like this feud to go long term and hopefully we’ll see better from them.

          • John

            Now that they have moved away from the silly friends/enemies angle and are moving towards a proper storyline, I think it has potential to be the most interesting divas/woman’s program in years. They just need to deliver in the ring next time.

  • PA_Vincent

    I don’t get why people are so eager to see Roman Reigns holding the tittle.

    Even though the ending was nice with all the kickouts, the match didn’t impress me much.

    I don’t think we’ve seen much of Reigns yet. In fact, he is still greenish.
    Last night he gave a couple of spears, about a thousands superman punches .. And that’s it.
    You can’t push at the top a guy with a 2 moves set.

    Cena retaining was the good call and they made it. Reigns have a lot to learn before he can touch the belt.

    • Gary Robert

      I like Reigns but 100% correct about his move set. I think the only wrestling move he does is the Samoan Drop. Everything else is punches, superman punch, spear and the outside ring apron kick. Definitely needs to add to the move set.

      • PA_Vincent

        Hahha!! I failed to mentioned it ’cause I always get heat from my friends when I do so, but I do not consider the Samoan Drop as a legit move.

        It’s ok to use it once in a while, but I don’t see it as a valuable “weapon” in ring. .. on a keyfabe point of view, it hurts about as much as a 5 knuckle shuffle.

        • Gary Robert

          lol well its the only one he’s got, haha

  • Gesus Oliver

    Here’s me question that you touched on at the end. Would or are you still okay with the Russia gimmick as long as they don’t push recent tragedies? I agree 100% with your opinion of there shouldn’t be a mention directly indirectly towards such tragedies. At what point though can wwe get this gimmick over without crossing lines while still getting more then mere cheap heat?

  • eskymi

    Agree with most of the stuff. As far as the bringing up Putin, I don’t take much offense to that. Wouldn’t take much offense if it were a plane of American’s like you pointed out. That’s just me.

    It’s WWE just doing what they want, no matter what. Don’t forget this is the same company that had Sgt Slaughter supporting Saddam Hussein during a war where thousands of people (soldiers and innocent civilians) were killed. They just don’t seem to learn or maybe care for that matter.

    The tag match was the first “mark out” moment I have had in a long time watching wrestling, it was that good to me. The rest was ok, but nothing really stood out. Maybe it was the crowd seeming flat that ruined Jerhico vs Wyatt…I just don’t know but none of the other matches really stood out to me.

    Oh well, I must admit this is my first podcast as I am trying the premium for the first time, thanks to the penny offer, but so far so good. Thanks Richard!

  • Mike McCarthy

    Just wanted to point out real quick that AJ was wearing her own sweatbands, not CM Punk’s. I have no idea if Punk even has sweatbands, but AJ has worn them before and has her graphic on it.

    • Gary Robert

      AJ should 100% wear a CM Punk shirt to the ring. Would love the controversy and chatter that would create, lol!

  • Mike McCarthy

    You think WWE would have learned from the Abraham Washington fiasco that they need to watch what they say live.

  • Adam Eaton

    Richard question.. You are complaining about Lana but what is your response to the Slaughter argument? He was doing the same thing, during a War. That’s how I knew and remember Slaughter growing up the guy that turned his back on America during a War, but he is in the HOF. Without that gimmick I dont think he becomes the name he is today.