Richard Reacts To WWE Money In The Bank - Seth Rollins Is Mr. MITB, Was The Right Call Made With John Cena?

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Listen below as I break down Money in the Bank for over 30 minutes and discuss what I liked, what I didn't like and I fully express my opinion on Seth Rollins becoming Mr. Money in the Bank, John Cena as WWE World Heavyweight Champion and one of the best openers we've seen.

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  • Tone

    I’m ok with Cena for one reason only. Brock HAS to beat him to avenge that L he received from Cena when he 1st came back. Brock winning the titles would make that only sense.

  • Cubed56

    Its no secret I am one of the biggest anti-cena people on this site, but Richard is absolutely right, John Cena had to go over last night and it was easily the right choice no if ands or buts about it. Be honest with yourselves, your all gonna complain right now(myself included) that Cena is champ again, but we would all complain whole lot more if Bray, Reigns, or Cesaro won last night and they got buried by Lesnar at SS.

    • Gary Robert

      exactly. The only thing I bring into question is Cena now being 1-win away from typing Flair’s16-time mark.

  • kyleferretti

    Maybe I missed it. But I thought the MITB contract match out shined almost every matched on the card. The show that Ambrose and Rollings put on was remarkable. Not to sell out anyone else but rolling took an incredible amount of bumps in this match. I was cringing at some of those ladder spots. We didn’t see any of this in the championship match which left me somewhat disappointed. I do understand why Cena won and I’m ok with it.

  • CJ Blaze

    Loved the comparison of the basketball team and Cena’s win. I had no problem with Cena winning because it was the only thing that made sense.

  • Gary Robert

    Here’s an issue no one has mentioned or thought of: If the plan is to have Lesnar go over Cena, carry the title to Mania and then lose to an up-and-comer, such as Roman Reigns, then where does that leave Seth Rollins and his MITB shot? He won’t be cashing against Lesnar and you can’t have him cash on whoever beats Lesnar b/c you’d be having them lose the title very shortly after going huge over Lesnar to gain that momentum. I think if this Lesnar to Reigns plan stays on track, Rollins is on track to become the 2nd to lose his cash-in attempt.

    • Jay El Bee

      They could always have Rollins wait until MITB 2015 to cash in. Assuming Reigns wins the title at WM and depending on when MITB is next year that would make him about a 3-4 month champion by the time that show happened. But then again like you said I don’t see Rollins being successful when he cashes in anyway, of course he could get super over as a face or heel over the next year which would probably change my opinion.

      • Gary Robert

        Yeah, never know. Plans, especially long term, have a way of changing obviously based on a lot of factors. My post was only an “if” things go according to plan. And Xavier, if they split the brands then there should be no cross competing, imo. But as one singular brand then just 1 WWE Champion (and two belts is silly), 1 Intercontinental champion, 1 Tag-Team Champion, 1 Divas champion. I’m not a fan of multiple titles…its what makes boxing ludicrous right now. 10 different champions in each weight class, WBO, WBA, this that and the other.

    • Xavier

      This is why they should of never ended the brand split.

  • ali

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    • Eddie Edwards

      It wasn’t working for me either unless I downloaded it

      • ali

        It won’t even work when I press the download option. It goes into a press play video.