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Below is complete coverage of Royal Rumble 2014 featuring results and Richard Reacts:

- Billy Gunn & Road Dogg went over Goldust & Cody Rhodes to win the WWE Tag Team Championship in the Royal Rumble Kickoff. This was good, with three of four working like it was still 1999. The finish saw Gunn tag Road Dogg, unbeknownst to Cody Rhodes, allowing for him to get in the ring, hit the Fameasser and win the match. The title change was expected, as we highlighted in our pre-show notes.

- Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan put on a clinic. Anyone that thinks Bray Wyatt can't go needs to go back and watch this tape. The match went over 21 minutes and considerably raised expectations for Wyatt. He proved in what was easily his best match in WWE that not only can he portray a gimmick but he can work with the best of them. The story told was Bray was out to destroy Bryan because he had his chance at salvation. Bray looked to have bit his tongue as he was bleeding from his mouth after a tornado DDT spot on the outside. They played up the concussion Bryan suffered a couple of weeks ago on Raw, with Wyatt focusing on Bryan's head. Jerry Lawler had a great quote in regards to Bray, proclaiming, "this freak needs an exorcist."

- Big Show and Brock Lesnar had the daunting task of following a masterpiece. This wasn't much of a match as it was only a couple minutes long after Paul Heyman slid a chair in the ring for Lesnar to ruthlessly beat down Show before the referee called for the bell. As soon as the bell rang, Show delivered the KO punch that caused Brock to retreat. When Show went for another KO on Lesnar, he ducked and loaded him onto his shoulders. Lesnar delivered an impressive F-5 to get the win. The goal was to make Lesnar look like an unstoppable beast and was probably the best route to take considering they were doomed from the beginning.

- Randy Orton vs. John Cena was...

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