Richard Reacts To A Reader That Defends Dixie Carter's Bait & Switch Tactic

I love interacting with readers on my Twitter and Facebook because it gives me an idea about how other people view things and my subsequent musings and reactions to them. On Thursday, I had an interesting conversation with a reader that was reacting to me likening Dixie Carter advertising a "former World Champion" and delivering Adam "Pacman" Jones to WCW putting the World Heavyweight Championship on David Arquette in the latest installment of Ask WNW.

I'm going to feature that conversation and explain my reaction.


My comparison is based on the bait and switch. Let's don't overreach here. I have no problem with TNA bringing back Adam "Pacman" Jones and garnering some local publicity. I have no problem with using Jones in the storyline that Dixie Carter is a delusional southern bell. I do have a problem with the bait and switch, mostly due to similar situations in the last 4 months. How many times has Dixie Carter used the shtick before?  How many "major signings" have been promised?  What about "groundbreaking announcements?"  Just how many times are we going to get the "earth-shattering, change the business forever" Tweet?




It's not that the Internet or critics "fail to realize" the storyline, it's that no one buys it. I say all the time the most successful gimmicks are extensions of a person's real life personality.  It's why Steve Austin was successful, it's why John Cena is successful, it's why the Mr. McMahon character garners so much attention.

Even the biggest TNA fan will tell you that Dixie doesn't fit the bill of a heel character, not even as a delusional southern bell. While some may feel Dixie is "over her head" at times, pretty much everyone will tell you she is as nice as they come.  She's easy to work for because people like her.  She's compassionate and caring.  Dixie Carter views her wrestlers and her staff like family. The role as a delusional heel authoritative figure is the antithesis of her real-life personality.

Now, as for fans "ripping TNA to pieces," you are correct. This is what I explained in Ask WNW and it's why I don't like it when the promotional blurbs of  a "major free agent signing" or a "former World Champion" are used.  There are only a few people that are going to appease the fans, so it's best to find another way to do it.



As of this writing, the initial video (located here) has 34,307 views.  So while you see what is being done and understand the backstory, what about the other  900,000+ people that never saw it?  Even then, perhaps some saw the promotion of a "former World Champion" and tuned in, only to learn it was an NFL defensive back.  Isn't that going to leave people feeling ripped off? Yes, Dixie was trolling the audience to further herself as a heel but isn't this the kind of thing that causes people to tune out?


If people care, then where's the increase in viewership? Why did the post-Bound for Glory Impact tapings look like this or this? If people care, then why did Bound for Glory look like this? If people care, then why have we seen ratings and viewership remain flat or even decrease over the past 4 years? If people care, why is TNA returning to Orlando after Dixie Carter vowed that Impact was permanently going on the road?

I want people to care but I'm just not sure that they do. If they did, then the joke is on us. We're all kayfabed! Dixie Carter promising a "former World Champion" and delivering Adam "Pacman" Jones is all gravy baby! We're just cogs in the machine and we're playing into a storyline that will inevitably give Dixie Carter the momentum the company needs in turning things around and competing with WWE.

However, I'm not sure that's the case. TNA is in a bad place right now. It's been a brutal year. The last thing that Dixie needs to be doing is "trolling the fans." In-character or not, the bottom-line is this is a questionable move. It's a bait and switch that is only going to leave fans disappointed and wondering why they tuned in in the first place.

There are your normal "we want TNA To fail trolls" but I don't think everyone hates Dixie Carter.  The fans are frustrated with Dixie Carter.  While that isn't completely her fault, the fact of the matter is most fans want WWE to have a viable competitor.  The company is in no place to pull this kind of move and I would question it even if the Dixie Carter heel turn was catching on.

Now, just take a look around the Internet.  Publicity is what Dixie wants, right?  Well, take a look at some reactions:

From Bleacher Report - Bengals' Adam Jones to Make His Return to TNA Wrestling Thursday Night

From Pro Wrestling journalist Brian Fritz - Latest WTF Moment in TNA Wrestling as Returning Former Champ Revealed

I want to put something on the record and I'll end this debate/editorial. This isn't going to work. Dixie Carter advertised something she had no intention to deliver. In-character or out-of-character, it's irrelevant. It's an overexposed shtick that is not going to add to TNA's audience. The people that do watch are just getting more and more frustrated (read this and the other two pieces I linked too). I'm not a TNA hater, I want TNA to succeed but TNA is not going to succeed with moves like this.

  • ken

    Pacman Jones didnt do shit for them 6 years ago. Why would he now?

    • Gesus Oliver

      The only thing we have to look forward to is him sitting on the apron and letting someone more talented shine.

    • Jerihoar

      Hes been in the news for hitting a women or something, probably wanna suck what publicity they can from that. It is TNA, they’ll take any they can.

      • Bob’s Diner

        Really? I’m surprised Spike haven’t had something to say then, given their strict stance against man-on-woman violence. Or do they feel that you just shouldn’t pretend to hit a woman – but OK if you do it for real?

      • Bob’s Diner

        Really? I’m surprised Spike haven’t had something to say then, given their strict stance against man-on-woman violence. Or do they feel that you just shouldn’t pretend to hit a woman – but OK if you do it for real?

  • Bob’s Diner

    I get what they are trying to do… it kind of reminds of when Mick Foley was in charge and started going crazy… and wrestled a cardboard cutout of Rocky while Don West kept putting over how brave Foley was for taking on a champion like Rocky

    Main differences:
    1 – Dixie is no Mick Foley
    2 – Don West was hilarious
    3 – That was on Impact, so it had more viewers to get annoyed
    4 – Rocky Balboa is still more relevant today than Pacman Jones ever was

  • Sheldon

    The funny thing In this whole ordeal is that the person who had this opinion has no twitter picture and a long username. LOL

  • smark calloway

    blackman jones

  • Colby Young

    You have GOT to stop defending yourself. I’ve been reading here for years and you have gotten to the point where you act like you’re the “man” and your columns just turn into you either trying to prove your point, or talk yourself up. Enough is enough. I’m done with this site for my wrestling news.

    • Read my article then read your first sentence. Now, read it one more time. And your first sentence. Then make sense of the rest of your comment because I can’t.

      • TheBigKing1

        He’s crying for no reason. Idk either. SMDH!

      • WrestlingFan4Life

        Richard, Colby’s comment is totally understandable…..if you replace every word he wrote with one long “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

    • Spaceman10

      Agree, most columns include via immortal words ‘when you have been in this business as long as I have’… Chortle, chortle

      • Again, I’m lost. Chortle?

        • Batman

          You know how google works, right? Or don’t you get an Internet connection up there on your high horse?

          • Yeah Batman. It means “chuckle, chuckle” but I’m not sure how that applies here. Further, I’m not sure how posting a debate with one of my friends is riding a high horse or “defending” myself. Any comment on the actual article or are you just here to make false accusations when you don’t even know me?

          • WrestlingFan4Life

            This is why I love this site and use it EXCLUSIVELY for my wrestling news! You are so REAL, Richard. You seem like the guy I could be sitting next to at a live event. A real fan.

    • TheBigKing1

      Clown ass. It was just a friendly debate. The guy tweeted him and he tweeted back his opinion. Why the hell you crying for??? SMMFH!

  • Philip Thompson

    Richard, you’re wrong – but not on the Pacman thing. You’ve said the best characters are based, in part, in reality. Young Southern girl who doesn’t really know the business – at worst running TNA into the ground and at best seriously getting in the way of growth. The only thing preventing her running it into the ground are her parents deep pockets – finances acquired without any connection to wrestling.

  • TheBigKing1

    I totally agree with you on this one Richard.