Richard Reacts To CM Punk/The Rock Confrontation That Closed This Week's WWE Raw

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Embedded in the video below is the confrontation between WWE Champion CM Punk and The Rock that closed this week's WWE Raw:

I was very active on Twitter about the segment as I thought it was outstanding. Punk delivered a great heel promo that was comparable to the worked shoot promo that skyrocketed his stock in the summer of 2011. One thing that shouldn't go unnoticed is the fact he delivered the promo after working Ryback for nearly 20 minutes in a very physical TLC match. Promo work like that of Punk on Monday doesn't happen often and the fact he did it after a lengthy match really underscores his talent.

Many Punk fans and Twitter followers got upset at me when I Tweeted The Rock was better than anything WWE has on the mic.  The reaction seemed to be that I thought Rock "showed Punk up" in the segment.  That's not the point I was trying to convey.  Many want to pick a winner, with the Punk faithful saying he won while The Rock faithful saying he won.  It almost got the reaction of what happens after a presidential debate with both sides scrambling to defend their guy.

The segment was too good to simply "'pick a winner" and talk about how the other's promo work was lame.  The fact of the matter is both delivered an outstanding battle on the stick that we don't see very often in today's WWE.  This was a classic segment that deserves to go down as such.  This is going to be an interesting program to follow that WWE is hoping will skyrocket the Royal Rumble buyrate.

  • IlyasG

    Good thing that you made that point. That being said, I’ve rarely seen The Rock’s mic work being matched the way CM Punk did.

    Oh and let’s not forget yet another impressive Neutralizer on the unGreat Khali. I’m hopeful that Cesaro reaches the main event by the end of 2013.

    All in all, 2013 couldn’t start in better fashion for WWE imo

    • Pluto

      I guess you missed last year when Cena completely shitted on Rock’s promos

  • Ranfery Lopez

    Well I’m definitely buying RR now!

  • Loren Goldstein

    I say anytime something happens that leaves people talking about it after the fact is a good thing. The fact is both of these guys brought the energy needed to have a great promo. I of course have my favorite, but without the other to play off of it wouldn’t have mattered how great one was over the other. Everybody talks about how they miss the attitude era and they claim its because of the PG rating. To me what is missing is the passion that we used to see from them. I think last night we got a taste of such passion and that’s what is needed to bring the ratings back up. But it needs to not just be happening at the top, the mid card guys need to show that same amount of passion. Get us behind their feuds as well. When was the last time we actually cared what was going on between to guys if it wasn’t for one of the top two titles?

    I look forward to seeing Punk and Rock go back and forth for the next three weeks leading up to their match and I’m sure they will put on what will certainly be a candidate for match of the year. Younger guys pay attention.

    • Gary Robert

      well said!


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  • Good point richard….my concern now though is if this program doesn’t culminate at mania and the plan is still cena vs rock 2 anythiing short of a full fledged cena heel turn will be under whelming. And even then I’m not sure it could match it….I think punk and rock set the bar too high like I was saying on TV last night I think punk just talked himself into the main event of wrestlemania

    • steve pritchard

      I hope ur right I would hate 2 see once in a lifetime 2! But we all know vkm s golden boy will get the spotlight yet again and this time for the belt.what a waist of new talent this is really what annoys me about WWe least we wont have to suffer through another weak year long build up for a supposed once in a lifetime match. CENA. SUX CENA. SUX.

  • A great deal of what Punk said was accurate…and Rock ended up proving him right. Punk was saying the fans would rather hear catch phrases & humor than to see a 5-star wrestling match, and that’s exactly what Rock provided…and the fans ate it up.

    Its sad for me as a fan of wrestling since 1977 to see Punk tell the fans what mindless lemmings they’ve become, and then see them actually demonstrate it. Essentially, it looks to me like Punk has tried for the last year & a half to educate the fans & expose them to some great wrestling as an alternative to non-wrestling nonsense, and they’re still just as happy to have a new Rock phrase to chant.

    Hate to say this, but Rock going over Punk will just make it look like nonsense is vastly more important than wrestling skills, in a company whose middle name is *literally* WRESTLING.

    • Patrick

      You made a good point with this statement

      ” Punk has tried for the last year & a half to educate the fans &
      expose them to some great wrestling as an alternative to non-wrestling
      nonsense, and they’re still just as happy to have a new Rock phrase to

      today’s fans do seem to care more for the nonsense and catch phrases over wrestling………. I’m one fan who prefers “WRESTLING” over all the BS that goes on. so I agree with what Punk said.

      • steve pritchard

        Yeah tell that to all the4 year old cena fans.they would rather hear about fruity pebbles or never giving up for an entire year than see good matches. What shame

    • Let’s not forget one thing. The Rock, in his prime if not now, is very capable of putting on a 4 or 5 star 30 minute match, in addition to his catch phrases. Both the Rock and CM Punk are excellent wrestlers and excellent on the mic, and what Punk says is not entirely accurate. I believe that fans today enjoy a 5-star match every bit as much as they enjoy catchy phrases.

      • steve pritchard

        Yeah I agree but I get what he’s saying. Wrestling does spend more time talking than it does actually wrestling! I remember during attitude era we got a little of there was a we get way more catch phrases and 4and5 star matches are few and far between! But yeah the rock definitely still has it he is one of the few part timers I feel still can work at the same level as the younger guys. With that said I would rather see punk vs rock at Wm. Never was to crazy bout the Austin vs punk idea! Austin is way past his prime and didn’t look to good the last match I seen him in the ring

  • D-Bag

    I’m not saying Punk won or anything, but “cookie puss” is pretty goddamn weak.

    • steve pritchard

      Very weak. I can’t believe they let the rock use that!

      • Gary Robert

        I expected Rock to come up with some sort of nickname towards the “C.M.” part of Punk’s name, not a random CookiePuss nickname.

        • steve pritchard

          Dont know who came up with that line but they need 2 be fired! Vkm has apparently lost his marbles! I was so expecting something better than cookie puss! Other than that it was awesome! Some of the best mic I’ve seen out of punk to date!

    • Jimmy

      What do you expect, its the PG Era

  • Nostaljack

    What was so great about it is that they both really listened to each other. They played off of each other beautifully. They made magic…together. Just amazing!

  • Both people were incredible in the promo, no question. Massively looking forward to their match. When CM Punk came out with “your arms are just too short to box with God”, I had legitimate shivers down my spine – rewound it several times just to hear it again.

    • steve pritchard

      Me too. Thought this was some of punks best Michael work to date and he and the rock had great chemistry together. If they r not me in Wm it would be a shame. Maybe punk will get his rematch at Wm I know I better just keep dreaming

    • Gary Robert

      Best line of the promo, for sure.

  • mick

    Punk speaks the truth no doubt. And the truth hurts. His comment on Tyson Kidd awesome.

    • steve pritchard

      Love how he stuck up for Daniel Bryant too hope this translates into a storyline.DB AND KIDD join the shield and punk and maybe Ziggy and an to form stable led by punk and heyman in stable would be beyond awesome. YES YES YES.MAN IMISS DANIEL BRYANT’S HEEL CHARACTER!!!!