Richard Reacts To Distractions Taking Away From One Of The Most Important Shows In TNA's History

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Here we go again. Seriously, is anyone as frustrated as I am with TNA Wrestling? It's the eve of one of the most important shows in the company's history and here we are discussing Hulk Hogan's contract and the future of Impact  on the road. There's a pay-per-view? How many people actually know that? And those of us that know that Bound for Glory is Sunday, how many actually care?

This is of no surprise. Last year, Hogan did a media blitz throughout the month of October. Only it wasn't TNA Bound for Glory he was promoting, it was the infamous sex tape with his ex-best friend's wife he was talking about. Rather than being a great "ambassador" for TNA, he was doing personal damage control.

It's been nearly 4 years since Hogan and his friend Eric Bischoff landed in TNA, yet would you believe viewership has actually decreased? I was reminded on Twitter on Friday that last year's go-home to Bound for Glory episode of Impact did an equally puny 1,200,000 average viewing audience with a 0.86 rating. Thursday's show did 1,110,000 viewers with a 0.84 cable rating but the fact of the matter is the numbers are terrible.

Viewership is flat, the audience isn't growing and those that are watching are increasingly frustrated. Rather than Dixie Carter using her 260,000+ followers on Twitter to put the focus on the pay-per-view, she's trying to play a role she's been dreadfully miscast into. The heat she's generating isn't heat generated by a good heel but it's the fact that no one wants any part of Dixieland (read the comments here).

Hogan and Bischoff have made a lot of decisions since coming to TNA but the two that will go into the record books are moving Impact from Thursdays to Mondays and taking Impact from its safe home in Orlando to a different location every 2 weeks. Both decisions failed and set the company back rather than moving it forward. In fact, Dixie Carter said her biggest regret was trying to run on Monday nights.

I'm frustrated and falling into the deep and dark hole of apathy. If they don't care, why should I? I'm not debating TNA's decision to pull Impact off the road. It's a decision the company needs to make but I will question the timing. Why did TNA decide to start deleting tapings from their touring schedule the weekend of their biggest show of the year? Couldn't it have waited until Monday?

Not only can we question the timing of the Impact debacle but why won't Dixie Carter set the record straight on Hulk Hogan? Whether she admits negotiations didn't work out or that a new deal has in fact been struck, isn't either response better than every TNA talent that does a promotional interview facing the dreaded Hogan question? It's up to TNA management and their promotional department to assure the attention is on the pay-per-view, not on the outside distractions.  Yet every interview, people are asking the actual wrestlers about a guy that doesn't even wrestle.

I'll argue the attention is on anything but the pay-per-view.  Talent are constantly asked about low attendance, rumored financial problems, unsettled contracts and anything other than Bound for Glory.  The entire mess underscores TNA's problem all along.  TNA's problem has never been talent, they arguably have as much if not more than any promotion in the world.  TNA's problem hasn't been names, they've employed some of the biggest names in the wrestling business.  TNA's problem has been that the average 18-35 year-old male in the United States has no idea they exist.

The mistakes being made seem so obvious, yet it seems every time someone questions TNA they're labeled your know-it-all Internet naysayer.  I agree there are those that root for TNA to fail, some have been putting the company out of business since their first Wednesday show in Nashville.  However, I'm not one of those people.

I'm someone that has sponsored TNA live events, co-founded a website (with Alex Barie) dedicated to the company and refused to bury them in situations I would have been justified.  Yet time and time again they leave me disappointed.  How much longer must we write about the obvious mistakes before someone takes notice?

I want TNA to succeed.  Competition is good for the business, it's good for this website.  However, I'm starting to wonder how serious TNA is about competing as a company.  Seriously, do they even care?  I say this with all due respect but the problems that are hogging the focus could have been easily handled if Dixie Carter would step up and address them rather than playing a ridiculous on-screen heel character.

The WWE product has struggled as of late yet TNA has done nothing to capitalize on the market share.  It's almost as if they're looking at what WWE is doing with Triple H and Stephanie and trying to recreate it.  It's absurd and truly bad for business.

  • Charlie

    I wish TNA had/will capitalize on the programming in WWE right now being stale. If they took advantage, we would see better programing no only in TNA but in WWE as well. We’ve seen what Vince will do when there is competition, but if there isn’t any like it’s been, neither company will get any better programming wise.

    • Talesgirl015

      They can’t Vince has television locked up; he keeps flooding the market with WWE shows and preventing other companies from getting a fair chance in North America. I just want Viacom to buy the company and remove, Dixie Carter she does not understand how pro wrestling business works.

  • smark calloway

    Hogans like poochie ( old Simpsons reference ) when he’s not on screen the other wrestlers have to mention him and say things like ” Where’s hogan ” ” I wonder what hogans doing ”

  • Michael P Albano

    I am not a fan of TNA Wrestling but do not want them to go out of business either. Dixie casting herself as a southern Mr McMahon is not working, only pissing off her loyal fanbase, & irritating other pro wrestling fans. Talent & performance of the TNA wrestlers are good to great at times but lame & tired storylines are killing the promotion. Hogan & Bischoff made a big splash but have not improved the product. TNA was better when Jeff Jarrett was in charge, even if he “never drew a dime” as a performer in WWF or WCW… but that’s only my opinion.

  • Stoney

    Anyone wanna hear a joke or two?

    Dixie Carter and TNA

    • Talesgirl015

      TNA is beating the WWE overseas in over 300 markets 🙂

      • Talesgirl015

        Proven facts have shown TNA is the #1 company overseas.

        • Nostaljack

          What are these facts? Where are you getting them from?

          • Jesse Sherwood

            I can’t say every market, but TNA does draw bigger viewership than WWE in England. Granted, TNA is on free TV there and WWE is on a pay channel, but the fact remains that they do have better viewership.

          • Batman

            I hear this so often. TNA Wresting is accessible to every. single. person. in the UK. There are 23.7 million people in the UK aged 5-39. That’s a reasonable target audience for people who watch the wrestling.

            WWE is only accessible to those who subscribe to Sky tv. There are 10 million people who have Sky. And that’s Sky as a whole. Many millions of Sky subscribers DON’T have the Sports package so can’t watch WWE.

            Sky costs from £21.50/$35. To have the Sky Sports to watch the wrestling is an ADDITIONAL £22/$35. A month.

            So TNA = Free for everyone, as every tv carries the channel.

            WWE = Sky Sports = a few million = $70.

            August 11th 2013. TNA had 227,000 viewers. WWE Raw had 132,000, Smackdown had 70,000. Yes, TNA has a larger number, but it’s apples and oranges until you talk percentiles.

            227,000 of tens of millions, compared to 202,000 of half a dozen million?

          • Talesgirl015

            Facts are from Hogan himself who has said TNA is #1company overseas. I am pretty sure Dixie Carter or other higher up’s in the company told him about this..


          • Batman

            Ah yes, because “info” from “TNAWRESTLINGNEWS.COM” isn’t going to be skewed towards TNA at all, in the slightest, right?

          • Nostaljack

            Hogan is going to say all kinds of things. He isn’t truthful.

  • ObiWanJabroni

    The idea that Hogan brings anything positive to the table is an illusion. If people can get past the 80’s fanboy nonsense they might realize that he’s only out for himself and whatever attention he brings is undone by what he does behind the scenes. He is just a leech and a cancer to any company that hires him. He’s brought absolutely nothing to TNA, and for all the press he gets not a single person (including Hogan himself) mentions the company. I blame Dixie for once again letting Hogan control things behind the scenes (look at WCW) and I also blame her for not spending some money on a decent damned publicist that can actually get the TNA brand out there when Hogan gets the attention.

  • Talesgirl015

    I just want Viacom to buy TNA and remove Dixie from the company. She does not understand how the pro wrestling business works,the television product is to be used as a commercial to get the fans excited to BUY tickets to live events and the monthly PPVs. How are people going to give TNA money if there is no advertisement at all? Why quit the monthly PPV to go to the cheaper One Night Only model if nobody knows when the thing comes on?

    The one night only PPVs are completely, useless, they are taped months
    in advance, the results to them came out the day they was taped, and
    there is no build up to them!

    • Talesgirl015

      I agree Richard, my problem with Bound for glory” is the lack of exposure to the PPV. If I’m not mistaken, half the card was thrown together on a single episode of Impact. They wasted 3 months to build to this PPV ):

  • hep-c

    In reality Trips and Steph are much more believable as heels then Dixie could ever hope to be, they have played heels in the past and while I don’t care for the direction they are taking with “the authority” in WWE i’m willing to see where it goes (possible feud with vince?)

  • Scott Davies

    You used my question from ask WNW for the title. But it goes to what I am saying TNA’s PPV is bound for glory & to me it looks like a cheap WWE b grade ppv right now. While I do plan on watching it. “Via livestream” I am only expecting AJ Styles to win the World Title here as I still believe AJ has agreed to a new deal. Everything outside has overshadowed everything about the PPV

  • the great one

    imagine if tna had hired paul heyman instead of hulk hogan ,they would of had to pay less and i would love to see what he would be like with tna ,to me someone like paul heyman would be tnas perfect solution

  • _JIM_

    Everyone complains that TNA has no exposure and that nobody in their target demographic knows that they exist in the U.S., but it’s always only the same complaints. There’s never any solutions ever offered to the problem. I totally agree that TNA is criminally under exposed here in the states, but I also have absolutely no idea how a company that has been around for 10+ years at this point can rectify that issue after being around for so long. If they haven’t figured it out by now, I don’t see this current managment group suddenly pulling a solution to this problem out of their rear ends. Dixie Carter may be a nice lady, and she may treat her performers like they are family instead of employees, and that is all well and good. The problem is that she has absolutely no idea how the wrestling business works. There is a reason why TNA’s success in Europe, and other parts of the world, hasn’t translated to here in the states. But that’s another thing that I have no clue what it is. An issue I have noticed and complained about in the past is WWE advertises on Spike almost every week during Impact. Why doesn’t TNA do the same during Raw and Smackdown? You can’t tell me that Sy Fy and USA wouldn’t take TNA’s advertising dollars for a commercial spot every week on their channels for Impact. That would be a quick way for the all important 18-35 demo that watches WWE programming, but is unaware of TNA, to see that there is another option out there. This would be a great idea now that WWE’s programming is taking so much heat for being so stale. Maybe some disgruntled WWE fans would tune in to Impact and give it a chance. Something major has to be done soon or I see Vince owning another tape library here in the not so far off future.

  • _JIM_

    People can’t blame Hogan for putting himself as an prominent on-screen character for TNA either, and call that their major problem. I’m not sure what show those people who are trying to make that point are watching, but Hogan still gets the biggest pop of the night anytime he walks out to that ring to do his GM thing. It’s not like he’s wrestling and had 4 or 5 runs as TNA Champion. In fact he didn’t even have 1 run as champion. As the on-screen GM he was able to still make appearences, and judging by how the crowds have still been chanting “we want Hogan” since he “quit” I just don’t see how anyone can honestly try and put TNA’s problems on Hogan.

  • luc

    I’m not aware of anyone who cares about Hulk Hogan working in TNA. All he talks about (literally each week) is how he’s been around the block and body slammed Andre The Giant. Dixie should not be on screen at all, but if she is I don’t have a problem with her playing a heel. It might lead somewhere. I don’t think Bischoff really understands wrestling, and I don’t think they’re using the roster properly. I just found out that the Bro Mans are facing off against Storm and Gunner for the tag belts? That’s terrible booking. No one really cares about either of these teams. Especially when the best teams have been destroyed( beer money, machine guns, aries/roode, chave&hernandez no to mention dozens of others). Putting the belt on Sabin for a month was a terrible idea and making him a heel now is just ruining his chances in the industry. I have a feeling they’re going to put the X Division Title on Jeff Hardy which is going to suck. I also think that any of the creative control that reads this shit is probably going to dismiss me as some internet fan, but I was watching some old Cruiserweight Matches in WCW between Juevatude and Rey Mysterio today and the product is way more entertaining than most wrestling matches I’ve seen in recent years. I’m not comparing TNA to WCW because I want them to be different products. And TNA has all the guys they need, but there is absolutely 0 focus in the back of house. They need to stop worrying about story telling and put on some good wrestling matches. So people can actually mark the fuck out.