Richard Reacts To Ryback's Freakout & Explains Why He's Not Ready To Be A Top Star

For those that missed it on Saturday, we recapped an interview that Ryback did while doing media in Abu Dhabi (See also - Ryback Shoots On The Internet, Wants To End The Streak, Rubs Abu Dhabi Media The Wrong Way?). Perhaps bigger than the story itself was the discussion that ensued between WNW readers and staff as to where Ryback should be booked. Early Sunday morning, the man himself decided to weigh in. The following is from Twitter:

Now the first thing that I want to point out here is Ryback is a heel. If anyone questions him about this Tweet he can dismiss it as an attempt to "play to the audience." However, I think this Tweet adds complete justification to my complaints with him. Allow me to explain.

I do not hate Ryback, I just don't think he's a main event talent...

Ryback was doing fine before WWE decided to strap the rocket pack on him last fall. I don't think anyone saw him as a top guy but he looked like a top guy. So they didn't want to put him over CM Punk and book him with confidence but they wanted to use him as a stopgap main eventer. The lack of confidence in him as a top guy did him no favors, especially given the fact that WWE tried to elevate him as an unstoppable monster. The tag line of "feed me more" was invalidated by consecutive pay-per-view jobs in 2012 at Hell in a Cell, Survivor Series and WWE TLC.

After blowing off his title feud with CM Punk in January 2013, Ryback hit a new low with his job to Mark Henry at Wrestlemania 29. It became clear that any momentum that WWE had with Ryback was lost and it was time to try something different. The following night WWE decided to pull the trigger on a Ryback heel turn.

Given a change in plans with The Rock unavailable for Extreme Rules, Ryback was re-inserted right back to the top of the card and given a feud with John Cena for the WWE title. However, the problems that plagued him just months earlier popped up once again. WWE didn't see Ryback as a viable WWE Champion but they needed someone to operate as a stopgap main eventer and present a believable challenge to Cena. Once again, he was booked without confidence at Extreme Rules and WWE Payback.

Back to where they started, WWE introduced a new twist to the Ryback character that featured him "bullying" call-ins backstage. As with the initial heel turn, this new wrinkle was well-received by the majority of the audience. However, with injuries stacking up and WWE in need of more talent at the top of the card, another main event opportunity came knocking.

This time WWE wanted to pair someone new with Paul Heyman to insert in the ongoing feud with CM Punk. As we reported here on Premium, it came down to Ryback and Big E Langston. Ryback was chosen for the role and was selected to oppose CM Punk.

Right back on the proverbial treadmill, he's booked under to Punk at WWE Battleground and headed into to an underwhelming rematch at Hell in a Cell later this month. Ryback hasn't stuck as a main eventer because he's not ready to be a main eventer. However, WWE's persistence to "force him to the audience" comes due to the fact the roster is ravaged by injuries and in dire need of believable threats.

The Chris Jericho test…

Sandwiched in-between main event programs, Ryback was given a golden opportunity to prove his worth to WWE and the audience. The opportunity came at WWE Money in the Bank 2013 where he was booked in a match against Chris Jericho. Jericho is a guy that is one of the best in-ring performers of all time but under his most recent run, he remained committed to helping WWE get newer talent over. This was very clear throughout 2013 as Jericho worked stellar matches, where he didn't mind "doing the honors."

At the time, I commented that Money in the Bank was an opportunity for Ryback to have the pressure taken completely off and show fans [and the office] that he's capable of a top spot. I watched the Jericho match very closely and I will honestly say, Ryback failed the test. The match was slow and methodical and Ryback did nothing to help his cause. It's not that the bout was terrible but this was his chance to prove his worth and there was nothing memorable about the 11:20 encounter.

Problematic behavior out of the ring…

A lack of confidence from WWE in Ryback as a viable main event talent isn't the only thing that has blemished his run as a singles superstar. Ryback has racked up the behind-the-scenes incidents that have left more than a few people rolling their eyes about his maturity and ability to handle a top spot.

February 25, 2013: We reported here on Premium that Ryback was upset over the fact he would not be challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 29 and was pushing for a heel turn. It was a heel turn he ended up getting but he was very upset and outspoken about the booking of his character.

April 16, 2013: Ryback got a little too personal in his program with John Cena and brought up his highly publicized divorce on Twitter. Here's what Ryback wrote, "Watching the pain on Cena’s face was worth standing back for. Funny the 2 things he says I lack his ex wife seems to love. #RybackRules" In what almost seemed like a desperate attempt to get fans to buy him as a viable heel, Ryback took a personal low blow at the face of the company. All while mentioning in media interviews that he felt no one had really challenged Cena for the top spot and he was going to be the guy to take it. The Tweet was later deleted.

May 20, 2013: Ryback infuriated Vince McMahon with a promo for his match at WWE Payback when he proclaimed that he was going to take the entire audience to the morgue with John Cena. (See also - Exclusive Details On What Ryback Did That Made Vince McMahon Irate & Played A Significant Role In Changing The WWE Payback Main Event)

June 3, 2013: There was an issue where Ryback broke kayfabe on live television that got him some heat. He also complained on Daniel Bryan for "working stiff."

September 23, 2013: There was an incident backstage at WWE Raw after blowing a table spot with CM Punk on live television, where Ryback told a producer that Punk should have bumped better. Punk found out about what Ryback said and it resulted in words being exchanged backstage. (See also - Blown Spot On Raw Causes An Uproar Backstage & Two Top Stars Nearly Come To Blows – Who Was Involved & The Fallout From It, Why There Was Chaos Before This Week’s Show, RVD Working More Than Originally Agreed Upon, Why Randy Orton Is Seeing A Doctor Today)

October 12, 2013: We were made aware of problematic behavior regarding Ryback and the local Abu Dhabi media. According to Wesam El Nemr, who interviewed Ryback for, Ryback interacted very poorly and was uninterested in doing media for the event. Nemr said it was so bad that he actually reached out to the WWE office about how Ryback was the worst WWE media appearance that he's ever done.

Where to go from here…

A lot of people think that I do not see value in Ryback and that couldn't be further from the truth. Ryback's size alone, at 6'3 nearly 300lbs, gives him plenty of value. The Great Khali, with his size and large international following, gives him value. However, just because someone has value does not mean that person is a top star. To give you a sports comparison, LeBron James doesn't win his second NBA Championship if Ray Allen doesn't hit a key three-pointer in a pressure situation. However, just because Allen made it possible for LeBron to win the title, his value is not more than James himself. This is a similar situation here.

When I look at Ryback, I see a guy with plenty of opportunities in the mid-card. I see someone the company could bring along by way of a secondary title and "see where it goes." However, he's been continuously force fed off and on as a top guy for a year now and is no further along today than he was at Hell in a Cell 2012. The rocket pack push didn't work for Ryback like it worked for Sheamus. It hasn't completely flopped, because there are some of you that are big Ryback fans, but it hasn't established him as the next WWE Champion either.

Attaching Paul Heyman to Ryback helps him because it gives him a mouthpiece and an opportunity where the pressure doesn't rest solely on his shoulders. However, Ryback is proving to be very green on and off the job and those are issues that must be fixed if he will ever have a chance to surpass John Cena as the face of the WWE.

  • Charlie

    I started laughing at the list of incidents involving Ryback because of how long it is

  • BIG M

    Richard no offense mate but I honestly think you should have ignored Ryback’s tweet about you.
    Ryback is looking to blame anyone for his failure to get over and probably doesn’t care how big of an idiot he makes of himself (or anybody else) while he does it.
    I get roped in to childish arguments by real idiot’s when I post comments here and trust me when I tell you it just makes you look like just as much of an idiot as the person your arguing with.

    • I’m not arguing. I’m not even upset. He Tweeted about me to 800,000+, of course I’m going to respond. It would be stupid not too!

      • Rus

        How many wrestlers have had a go at you now Richard, I remember Mark Henry hada go at you, anyone else.

        • Jesse Sherwood

          Hogan had one at Alex Barie over on

          • Rus

            What happened???

          • Jesse Sherwood

            A couple of the writers had wrote an article critiquing Hogan and Bischoff’s tenure in TNA. The article posed both positives and negatives about them. Hogan would retweet the article, then once he realized what it was he would call the writers clowns and say “If they work for (because he apparently doesn’t recognize his own company’s URL) they should be fired for undermining the company. Which, considering Hogan’s own comments about Dixie Carter, is laughable.

  • Patrick

    I agree Ryback was pushed to fast last year when he faced Punk since then his career went down hill.

  • Kleck


  • Hannibal Lector

    In fairness to Ryback if you look at who actually participated in the WHC match at Wrestlemania 29 it’s hard not to feel some sympathy for his views there.

    Del Rio and Jack Swagger are both completely mediocre and Ryback was probably more over at points early 2013 than both of those guys combined.

    • Rus

      I think if they had have made Ryback vs Delrio for WHC at WM 29 this would be a totally different article. But then again they should have never let Delrio beat BigShow (which shows how fake this stuff can be) and had Show vs Ryback at WM for the title

      • Xavier

        The original plan was to do Ryback/Big Show at WM29 for the WHC with Ryback going over.

        • Tim

          That would have been worse than the scheduled match

          • Rus

            Would have been better than Delrio and Swagger, I feel that they should have strapped Ryback with WHC at WM and kept him as a face. The problem I see with Ryback is that they have built him up but haven’t given him the pay off and he would have been a lot more interesting if that had have happened

      • Anand Vijayakumar

        Show’s contract was coming up and there were delays in the signing of the renewal. So, WWE decided to put the strap on ADR. Eventually show did re-sign but the title change stayed… How I wish Show was champ and had a decent run as a strong champ?

  • Austin “No Username” Jones

    Still pushing that anti-Ryback agenda I see. And you want to talk about forcing things down your audience’s throats.

    • There is no way you read the article if you think I have an anti-Ryback agenda. I highlighted the problem and presented a solution.

      • Tim

        Solution number 1 hire better writers

  • Xavier

    Ryback needs to learn how to ignore fans. Not everyone in life is going to like him, he needs to learn to except that. But Richard let me ask you this. How is this any different then the way someone like Randy Orton or CM Punk react to fans (both of whom are top stars) but have had many incidents with fans. Orton once damaged a hotel room, took a dump in a diva’s gym bag and spit on someone, and has had countless confrontations with co-workers. Punk cussed out a fan on live TV just b/c he booed him and once hit a fan on live tv, he also told a fan on twitter to drink poison and die and another time used a gay homophobic slur at a house show when dealing with a heckler. If you or anyone else is going to condemn Ryback for his behavior then you gotta do the same with guys like Orton & Punk as well. Call it down the middle, don’t condemn one guy and then turn a blind eye to the other.

    • Steve pritchard

      The difference is punk and orton are talented enough to get away with stuff like that . Sure they have big ego issues . But ryback lacks the talent to off set the behavior issues. Not to get off the subject . But heres an example. The hard rock band Tool are very well known for insulting and being total dicks to fans. Yet they sell out every arena they visit! What im saying is fans dont care as long as the stars deliver in the ring ! Ryback is lacking when it comes to that . So he gets a negative reaction. But your totally right punk and orton have issues when it comes to behavior. But they get it done in the ring, so people dont weigh into it as much.

      • Xavier

        Doesn’t make a difference if your talented enough or not. It’s still wrong to behave in that manner no matter what your talent level is. Wrong is wrong.

        • Anand Vijayakumar

          There is absolutely no excuse for Bad Behavior but I kind of get what Steve is trying to say here…

          When you are talented enough to make guys forget your off-screen behavior, it doesnt show up as a big deal. Punk or Orton can talk trash outside the ring and put on one hell of a match inside the ring to divert attention off their potential bad behavior issues. Unfortunately all Rybotch does is complain and never back it up in the ring.

          He has had matches with Jericho, Punk and Bryan – 3 guys who can make a broom stick look good in a match almost all of his outings with these 3 guys were lackluster…

    • eskymi

      I posted this earlier but used a naughty word and it got cut…

      Richard has been chastising others Punk and Orton included for doing stupid things. Difference is this time Ryback took it to WNW and Richard in a personal attack calling him miserable and saying he sucks and should get a life. I think the story is well written and articulate pointing out issues while supplying possible solutions.

      It is more than I would have done because I truly dislike Ryback. He is not a main event talent, his mic skills are poor and in ring he is not that good and appears reckless.

  • Steve pritchard

    First of all ! This guy will never take cena’s spot. And ryback just needs to stay off twitter and media outlets period. Sorry vince but cryback is irrelevant to most of us no matter how hard you try to shove him down our throats!

  • K!NG

    I think this is funny richard while u may make valid points it almost seems like you are running a smear campaign against ryback.

    • Read the article. Nothing I wrote about was to smear or bury. I documented facts with my own thoughts.

      • Rus

        Facts with your own thoughts ay your not with CNN or fox news are you lol, ontop of everything you forgot to mention when he went to the dog house because of how he threw Seth Rollins off the ladder in TLC

  • TheWrestlingIcon


  • Mike McCarthy

    You guys need to realize, John Cena gets crap from the majority of the IWC everyday and he’s not tweeting mean things back at them. Matt Schaub (QuarterBack for the Texans) had fans go to his house criticizing him, but in media he played it off like nothing happened. Ryback doesn’t understand how professionals are supposed to act, Ryback cares about Ryback more than he cares about WWE.

    • TheWrestlingIcon

      As he should.

      • Mike McCarthy

        not at all? WWE is a PG company that targets their product towards families and kids, so why would it make sense for him to set an example that it’s ok to say nasty things to people?

        • Mike McCarthy

          If you didn’t realize kids are very impressionable.

          • TheWrestlingIcon

            Wrestlers should act like they are on TV on twitter etc. #Kayfabe

          • Mike McCarthy

            That’s not how he acts on TV, on TV Paul Heyman does all the talking and he occasionally says “I don’t like bullies”. It would be fine if that was what he was saying on twitter, but it’s far from it

          • TheWrestlingIcon

            Shows WWE should give him a chance to cut unscripted promos on TV. This guy has charisma.

          • Mike McCarthy

            They did…. he was pushed in the main event a year ago, he’s been with Heyman for a month

  • Mike McCarthy

    Ryback already deleted the tweet.

  • Fact

    What did Ryback do to break Kayfabe on June 3? I’m not saying he didn’t, I just don’t remember it.

    • Mike McCarthy

      I’m not sure what it was but it was the night Bryan ran the gauntlet against Swagger, Cesaro and Ryback. Ryback blew a spot where he was supposed to put Bryan through a table but he planted Bryan on the ground

      • The Cowboy

        I wish that was all that had happened – not only did he plant Bryan on the ground but then, with next to zero recuperation time, he picked him up and ‘bombed him through the table to go home. Both moves looked bad and were more than a little dangerous.

    • Ricky

      He broke kayfabe when he said “Kofi had surgery on Tuesday because of me” or something like that when they wrote him off with a table spot with Ryback on smackdown.

    • Rus

      He said smackdown on Tuesday night but for some stupid reason WWE say its on Friday because that’s the day its on tv

  • smark calloway

    its a work.its a storyline…the war of words between ryback and richard will continue until the royal rumble. finally richard will have enough, and when ryback is in the royal rumble match, richard will sneak in through the crowd and eliminate ryback from the match , throwing him over the top rope,when he is not looking.. the next night on raw, a livid ryback will challenge richard to a match, but rich will not respond . week after week ryback will challenge richard to a match but richard will not accept it. finally ryback takes matters into his own hands! when richard is away , ryback will sneak into the WNW offices , hack into the WNW website and trash richards office. a furious richard will finally accept rybacks challenge, but it has to take place on the grandest stage of them all- wrestlemania 30!!…ryback respondes laughing saying ” he has waited for this moment for years” and he ” will enjoy inflicting punishment onto richard ” ryback then drops a bombshell. he says that he added a clause into the contract just before rich signed it . the new stipulation for the match is if richard loses the match then ryback is the new owner of WNW!!..footage of a worried richard is then shown …the day of wrestlemania arrives and richard and ryback have an intense, epic match which steals the show..richard kicks out of a meat hook clothesline and shellshock. ryback cant believe it ..richard then does his own shellshock to ryback, but ryback kicks out just before the ref hits 3 ..with both men laying on the floor , WNW’s own- brooks oglesby comes to ringside. he distracts the ref ,and whilst the refs back is turned , ryback gives richard a low blow and another shellshock for the 1-2-3 …ladies and gentleman the winner of the match and NEW owner of wrestling news ryback!!!….the era of the ryback led WNW has begun …remember you heard it here first folks

    • Ricky

      Lmao I think I’d rather have Richard win.

      • smark calloway

        the feud wouldnt be able to continue until summerslam if richard won straight away

    • jack whittle

      Richards finisher is the van richanater but instead of a chair its his laptop

      • smark calloway

        no no ..hes got his devastating tilt o whirl backbreaker called ” the breakin’ grayfabe ” and hes got his submission finisher -the surfboard called ” the shades of gray “

  • devin steele

    ryback is a poor man’s version of bill goldberg

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      Goldberg was intense.. He was overflowing with intensity anytime he was in the ring…

      The only thing intense about Ryback is his breathing…

  • zdubau

    I agree… Mid card a strong maybe , but top NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!!!! Never liked him from the beginning…. Good read Richard!

  • Stoney

    Ryback would’ve been a perfect fit for WCW. An ego-ridden crybaby, a heatless mid carder and a brainless moron

  • Ben

    Nice article Richard. I for one am a huge Ryback fan and try to see his matches from a fans view less than the “smark” that I sometimes can be as that’s his work should be viewed, yet your words are very true and it sucks to hear him be so naive about public work, which suggests that he takes his character too seriously. If he didn’t do so he may be able to see the business side of things and try to advance himself outside the ring first.

    At Royal Rumble, the fans and myself wanted big Ryback to win it. We had see enough of Cena and Ryback wasn’t being forced down our throats by anyone at the time, while promos conveyed him as the massive guy he is over everything else. He proved he could play that part during the match and so the fans warmed up to him. The next night crushed it all and should have show the higher-ups that he is much more well received when we are the ones giving him the hype. A heel turn was not needed and though I disagree that he is a mid-carder, he should have stayed there longer while also staying face.

    Those are just my thoughts, once again, interesting read and nice information 🙂

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      WWE has been known to put guys in the dog house for attitude issues back-stage. Remember Swaggers lengthy losing streak? The guy was a former world champ losing to guys like Santino and Zack Ryder week after week. Ryback hasnt established himself in the industry yet to be bad mouthing people..

      If he is getting in trouble for off-stage behavior esp. with Vince, you can kiss your main-event push goodbye…

    • TheBigKing1

      I totally agree.

  • jdl

    He complained about Bryan working stiff? He’s twice Bryan’s size, you’d think he could handle a few stiff kicks… is it wrong I thought Cryback had more potential back in the Nexus as Skip Sheffield?

  • The Breaker

    For the many of you that are sick of Ryback (that includes me), look at it this way: at the rate this is going, he’ll soon be the cause of his own demise.

    • Anand Vijayakumar

      And then – he will blame Google for his demise 🙂

  • Hendo

    Ryback is incredibly overrated.

    He has potential, yes.

    But, he has lost EVERY major match he’s had… and when the character was built up on being “unstoppable” and “dominant” thats just pathetic.

    Sheamus was built up in a similar way, dominating all he faced, whether that be “jobbers” or not… he then got thrown into the WWE Title picture with Cena completely at random, and went over, shockingly, kickstarting his career properly as they pulled the trigger on him… im no Sheamus fan but it instantly made him a credible main eventer who looked “at home” at that end of the card.

    Ryback had these opportunities too, when he challenged for the title, he should’ve won it, simple. Im sure they didnt want him to end Punk’s WWE Title streak, so god knows why he believes that if he’s chosen to face Taker at Mania, that he’ll end that… but thats in his head… its gotten to a stage now where whenever he has a big PPV match, you just shrug and say “his opponent will win this”

    He should’ve even gone over Punk at Battleground but they couldnt even do that, in what is more or less a “meaningless” (no titles or real massive backstory bar the Punk v Heyman thing)

  • Michael

    I saw no problem with the Ryback interview he answered the questions I have no problem with Ryback.

  • David

    Wish Goldberg would just come back for one night and destroy Ryback and send him to the unemployment line

  • surroundedbyignorance

    No matter what anyone says or how many valid points anyone shows that Ryback deserves nothing more than just a spot on the roster, unless Vince wises up and realizes there is no real future for overrated mediocrity that fans who are already tired of seeing him are going to constantly have to hear about his childish behavior aswell as his pouting and all because Vince has a hard on for muscled up guys.

  • Tim

    Ryback is a joke. A good wrestler doesn’t need a mouth piece or a superstar to make him look good. A ok wrestler only needs one. Ryback needs both

  • PFElton

    Rich is just angry Ryback’s not gay.

    • Republicans Suck

      Oh look, Mr. Tea Bag himself is back

  • Scott Davies

    I think it comes down to it. He is sick & tired of being buried by the IWC & as a heel he gets away with it in WWE, cause he is sticking to his character which is a bully. If he were Babyface I don’t think he would be going to far during interviews. Not for nothing, but you seem to slam Ryback the most out of anybody, while promoting Daniel Bryan. Which I am a fan of by the way & a lot of fans are. You have been on Rybacks case for over a year & every update I have seen lately has been down right hateful. Ryback has an ego problem. So does every other Wrestler who has made huge money in Wrestling. Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Michael, Triple H, Ric Flair, Steve Austin, The Rock. that’s only a few names. You don’t like Ryback we get it, but your shoving that down our throats worse than WWE does with Cena. I think it was only a matter of time before he starts addressing you himself.

    • Simze

      When ryback first started I remember everyone giving it no chance but Richard argued that we should give him a chance for a long time it’s not Richards fault ryback let him down

  • kingdook24

    What’s a Ryback?

  • pow

    Another piece of garbage written by Richard, please just give up and go away,why not let someone who knows about Wrestling run the sight because you seriously don’t.

    • Ignorant troll comment. I explain the problem and present a solution. The article doesn’t bury or smear anyone. Also, it’s “site” not “sight.”

      • TheBigKing1

        I respect your opinion. Even though we disagreed somewhat on Ryback in the past, I think we both agree on most of the things you said about him. As far as him not being ready for the main events, he being a mid carder and not being force fed to us, his booking over the last year/year and a half. So I agree. I think our disagreements originally were just about having some faith in him, that’s all. I still have faith that HE CAN get to mainevent level soon, and it seems like you don’t have much faith in him anymore…and that’s cool. I can respect your opinion on that Richard.

  • Philip Thompson

    As I’ve said before – Ryback is an accident and major lawsuit waiting to happen.

    Ryback is only interested in Ryback. In wrestling your number one responsibility is to protect your opponent. Ryback is reckless at the best of times, but when fighting somebody in a better spot than him he’s more reckless than normal because in his twisted logic if they get hurt then he can take their spot – so why protect them? He should realise that that would never happen – but I’m not entirely convinced he does.

    He is making enemies of all of the top names and he really needs to grow up. He’s not as special as he thinks – he has many tools to help him and if he became a team player then he could become a reliable upper midcard guy and if he can prove that he’s reliable in that spot then eventually opportunity arises and he gets elevated for a few programmes with other top guys. Then you prove yourself there and you become a more permanent fixture. If you want proof that fans don’t want someone forced on them than ask Tensai. He’s had to go back to the bottom and work his way up – Ryback has far more time on his side. He needs a huge shift in attitude though.

  • Justin Lal

    Richard could have ignored Ryback’s comment. But this is a business so Richard is obviously trying to capitalize on this attention and he has every right to do this.

    • Exactly right. Some writers might act like they’re above this type of thing but the fact of the matter is Ryback Tweeted about me to nearly a million people. Obviously I’m going to pen a response. And to be honest, I think my article was very fair, especially given the personal nature of his Tweet.

      • Matys

        You’ve been absolutely fair. I don’t understand Ryback’s push eighter. I do understand you could do something with him. But him being pushed isn’t what I got in mind. To me he’s really boring, I couldn’t connect to someone like him. Another fact is he’s simply a copy of Goldberg in an RVD outfit. Anyway, if Ryback wouldn’t open his mouth so unprofessional it wouldn’t be a huge thing.

        Lately, after he almost hurt CM Punk hardly on Raw recent weeks back which led to an argument backstage after he made Punk himself responsible, I thought he couldn’t surprise me any lower, but this shows true unprofessionalism of Ryback. I haven’t expected anything else of him.

        Short said fact: If he would get hurt tomorrow or being released it wouldn’t effect WWE and he wouldn’t be missed anyway. His push and position in the company is so easy to be replaced.

        I just hope that if they plan something big on Mania with him, it’s just Goldberg finishing that goof in a minute. If they push him against Taker (which I highly doubt ever since Undertaker shouldn’t be interested in that) I wouldn’t understand WWE anymore. Ryback’s got nothing…. absolutely nothing….

  • FactionZer0

    Richard has a bigger fan base then Ryback. #RichardRules

  • Roger Feigenbaum

    Typical immature wrestler actually believing his character is real.

  • 1molly23

    Ryback probably ought to ease up on whatever he uses to keep that body in shape. It may enhance him physically, but emotionally leaves a lot to be desired. He’s young, he’s green, needs to allow for time to season the character.