Richard Reacts To Survivor Series - A Major PPV Where Nothing Major Happens

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  • Dan

    I for one enjoyed the show. Good in ring action in every match and the finish to the show has left a lot of questions which gives us reason to tune in tonight

    • Pluto

      Boring finish IMO, Punk wins dirty again in a very predictable finish. Punk's title reign is becoming more predictable then Cena's title reign

      • Bault16

        You predicted that Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose would run in? You’re the only one.

        • Pluto

          I predicted that Punk would win Dirty which he did. Very Predictable

          • Bault16

            Just so were clear, it’s only predictable if you predicted it. Makes perfect sense.

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    wow your way to harsh and it was a good ppv and i like the ending of the ppv and i give it a B+

  • chrisjacks

    I would never say anything stupid like you don’t know what your talking about etc as that is just idiotic, you do this for a living whereas 99% of the viewers of this site are just fans albeit informed ones, most times I agree with a lot of what you say but in this instance I actually like what they are doing with Ryback, look at everyone else they pushed quickly and how it fell flat Sheamus’ first title reign=flop, CM Punk’s first two title reigns = flop, Jack Swagger’s title reign = flop, now I get that Ryback is a totally different character to Punk or Swagger but he is similar to the monster heel that Sheamus was first time round albeit working as a face, maybe they saw how booking these guys too quickly set them back rather than forward, doing it like this you can book Ryback in a match against the three NXT debutants at TLC and put him over, then have him win the Rumble and then have him challenge for Big Shows world title at Wrestlemania, put him over there and see how he runs with the belt over the following months, putting him cleanly over a monster heel like Show will make him look that much more impressive and I think it’s key that at HIAC it was a screwy finish and then Ryback ended the night standing tall and then last night 3 guys distracted an took him out allowing Punk to pin Cena, not Ryback. Put him in a TLC match with the 3 guys, have them beat on him relentlessley with weapons and yet he still comes back and destroys them and put him over at the Rumble and boom, viable main event talent right there, especially if Rollins etc are booked in competitive matches from now till TLC to make them look like a legit challenge for Ryback, it’s all opinion at the end of the day but I like the Ryback gimmick and I think it is refreshing to have a new face in the main event

  • tmcveigh

    You can’t argue with the ending, they did dig themselves into a hole with the way Ryback was booked but the strong finish paved way for a great new storyline and introduced the whole WWE universe to these three great young wrestlers

  • AntGilroy

    Richard I have always praised your work which is why I continue to pay you… with that said you’ve been so down on everything I’m starting to question where your heart lies.. lol

    Why does every stable have to considered the next Nwo or nexus.. I enjoy stables.. I like the idea of managers too I think they are under used in WWE.. I like screwy finishes.

    We don’t see eye to eye on Alot of things but let me ask you this…..

    If ryback was too win the title this soon what then? He holds it until rock beats him.. I know you’ll llove that… just like all these people The rock is the saving grace…. its annoying.. then cena wins the title at wrestlemania then what?

    Despite what you think ryback isn’t ready for the WWE title.. not yet.. let him build this feud with punk. So what he has two loses… no one cares about win lose records.. if they did they would know ryback wasn’t undefeated to begin with…

    Your to negative take a chill pill and become a fan again.

    • Then you don't push the guy in the first place? You either fully commit and try it, or you don't do it. It's a waste of time. And you can have Ryback drop the title at TLC in a Triple Threat rematch and have what happened at Survivor Series happen. Doing what I suggest establishes a NEW main event guy, keep him strong and yet get CM Punk the championship.

      • AntGilroy

        So your saying have him with win the title four weeks just to drop it then punk drops it’s to the rock now what do you do??

        Please that’s worse.. listen I’m mot saying ryback was booked good but no way should he be top guy.. he is main event but let him work a real match first he hasn’t beat anyone now you want him to beat cena and punk? Please brother.. that makes less sense

  • Truth

    Ryback didn't go over because Punk is way too selfish too put newer guys over plain & simple. You Punk fans can give mw 1000 thumb downs all you want but the facts are facts. I dare any Punk fan too tell me who he has helped elevate in the 6 years he's been with the company? Guys like Triple H & John Cena are accused by Punk fans of never putting people over whe in fact they have gone out of there way too put alot of people over for example, Triple H went out of his way too elevate Orton & Bastida too the next level while in Evolution and even went under those guys in matches. Both became HUGE stars because of it. HHH also took a pin from Jeff Hardy giving him his 1st title reign. Cena went out of his way too make Sheamus look like a million bucks and droppped the title too Sheamus when Sheamus had only been with the company for only 5 months. Cena also dropped the title too Edge & RVD giving them their 1st title reigns.

  • Truth

    You'll never see Punk do anything like that because he's selfess and his ego is way too big. As long as he is Champ ratings will continue too fall. As long as McMahon keeps taking advise from Paul "I ran ECW into the ground" Heyman ratings will continue too suck. Ratings haven't been this low since 96 and you can trace it all back too Punk/Heyman. Like I said before, I dare any Punk fan too tell me who Punk has ever helped elevate since he has been with the company?

  • Bault16

    Punk has spent the majority of his career in the mid card. Only in the past year and a half has he become a top player. It hasn’t been his job to elevate anyone because he was being elevated. I guess that makes too much sense tho, let’s just hate on punk like we hate on every guy that makes it to the top. Yup much simpler.

    • Truth

      Punk was a main eventer way longer then a year & a half. He won his 1st title in 08. Then had a couple more title reigns in 09. So again I ask, Who has he ever helped elevate??

      • Bault16

        Nice try.

  • AntGilroy

    Yo idiot triple h was the biggest star in the attitude era… tell me who he put over then? He won everything. And don’t get me started on cena!!! The guy is a title win or two away from ric flair… oh and please be my guest hate on punk I don’t care your just a sad excuse for a wrestling fan who marks out at the site of the rock… have your jabroni eating guy come in and beat punk then you’ll come back and say man I can’t believe they put a title on the rock he isn’t even full time… the wrestling world would be better without you.. find a new hobby hopefully it involves you to get some brains

    • HOGAN

      Why do Punk fans get so sensative when someone on here says they don't like Punk. Geez quit crying

      • AntGilroy

        It’s not about punk but to have people say ryback should be champion just so he can lose it one month later is sickening cuz then he loses it to rock or punk then what? Ryback a lose to punk is less then having him lose to rock or cena.. and I’m a punk fan… punk is CHEATING to win CHEATING what don’t you trolls get.. it’s not clean finishes punk has to cheat to win.. cheat not clean… ryback hasn’t diminished so quite your bitchin and I’ll quite mine when you people understand what happening.. enjoy or stop watching

  • chrisjacks

    Triple H put people over? Seriously??? Yeah sure he elevated his boy Batista and eventually Orton after burying him first time round, ask Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Kane, Chris Jericho etc if they feel Triple H elevated them when they were in their prime, ask Edge how he felt when he had to drop the title back to Cena just so Triple H could have yet ANOTHER main event at Wrestlemania. The man single handidly held back anyone who came close to the top whilst only putting a select few of his boys over at any given point in time. I don’t think in this current heel gimmick Punk has put anyone over just yet but I certainly think the majority of casual fans certainly view Daniel Bryan in a far more serious light after their epic feud earlier this year, sure Punk has an attitude but until he has gone out of his way to hold back others he cannot be compared to Triple H’s ego maniacal early 2000s run

  • AntGilroy

    I’m a fan of the product always have been.. I don’t only stick up for punk I stick up for them all.. just so your clear

  • Rstar89

    I, for one agree with everything Richard said about SS.. The whole card in itself was just unappealing to begin with. It just goes to show how far we gone since last year, hell, even more years before that. I’m a Ryback fan, but he is just not ready for being in the main event yet.. You can’t just book him in the main event, get screwed, be in useless, squash matches and be back in the main event in hopes that he’ll be a creditable champion.. No, that is not how it works!! I’m a huge CM Punk fan, but I hate how he is booked.. He used to tread that line between “work” and “shoot”, and now I believe he is now in that “unfortunate, cowardly heel” line like every other heel that we seen for many years its just sad to see to me.. But, if it wasn’t for CM Punk, then we wouldn’t have Daniel Bryan, Antonio Ceasaro, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns kicking over that wall and becoming the new main event stars.. Who would’ve thought that could happen?? Big ups for Dolph Ziggler FINALLY getting over in a big match situation!! He deserves to get noticed and hope he can keep his momentum going for a while.. Maybe, TLC will be a good PPV next month ((don’t hold your breath))…

  • TruHeel

    I’m sure there was a botch between Tensai and Brodus in the opening match, brodus tried I’m guessing a fall away slam and Tensai just landed on top of him.

    Seems to have not been mentioned.