Richard Reacts To Triple H's Retirement Match At Wrestlemania 29

Richard Gray of talks about Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H in what is essentially a No Holds Barred Retirement Match at Wrestlemania 29.

  • People need to see the big picture… My opinion on the Career Ending Stipulation: Putting Triple H’s career on the line adds drama to the match. Some fans might ask: what’s the big deal since HHH is a part time wrestler anyways? It has more to do with Triple H being forced into putting it on the line rather than calling it a career himself. Just like his buddies Ric Flair and HBK, HHH’s career was put on the line because of someone else’s doing.

    This career ending stipulation signals to me that Triple H will lose to Brock Lesnar. The loss is more of a massive momentum boost to Brock rather than a rub as it will set the course for Brock going forward in the next two years of his contract. The loss is also good for Triple H in terms of perception. For years fans have claimed he’s held talent back and was more interested in boosting his own ego while it hurt the company. A career ending loss to Lesnar will make it hard for people to make that claim going forward and years from now when examining the legacy of Triple H. I’ve always felt that while Triple H had an ego (and you need one to be a star) he’s generally done what’s right for business at the right time: putting Batista over at WM 21, tapping out to Benoit at WM XX, and tapping out to Cena at WM 22 — those three moments did wonders for all three of them and for the business at the time. Triple H will lose to Brock at WM 29

    Triple H will lose to Brock at WM 29

    • lee

      Triple H won’t lose he just signed a 3 yr performers contract a couple of months ago.

      • Gary Robert

        and Brock just signed a 2-year contract.

    • Kacie

      Triple H wont lose simply because he lost at SummerSlam. Do you really think they would do a rematch and have the same out come? Dont think so.

  • The Ignored Monster

    I just don’t understand what’s going on with WWE. All creative decisions go through Vince McMahon so it’s not all the writing team, but do they not see the lack of logic in all of their storylines? For one why put Ryback in the 6 man tag match just to take him out the next week, and like Richard said why put a semi retired HHH in a retirement match? The only outcome I would see out of the retirement match is HHH really retires from in ring action, but why give Lesnar the rub and not a young star? It’s like the WWE is just making it up as they go.

    • Ben

      They could have had CM Punk vs. Triple H and Undertaker vs. Lesnar instead. That would allow Taker to get that top payday he wanted and keep The Streak intact without hurting a full-time worker while giving Punk a much-needed win (and even allowing Triple H to still run into Heyman as Punk’s manager).

      • Razmos

        Stop piping off punk already!!

    • Gary Robert

      Its specifically to build Brock up for his remaining contract. There’s a big payday down the road if they allow Brock to crush people by giving a huge push to whoever finally beats him, especially for the title when the time comes (Richard has mentioned his new contract stipulates a title run). As for Triple HHH, he’s pretty much retired as it is. Now a year from now,. say next WM, they can build a story line where *gasp* Triple HHH comes OUT of retirement to face so-and-so. Oh my, lol!! (thats if they put Brock over him at all….who knows)

  • Chris

    Tripple H blows!!!

  • This just smells HBK helping HHH for the win.

  • Its a No DQ, and if I remember rightly, Brock Lesnar F5’d the new age outlaws. Coincidence?