Richard Reacts To Wrestlemania XXVIII

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  • Guy Landau

    Kidd & Justin Gabriel need a name…
    "Just Kidding"?

    • wnwdotcom2

      That's funny Guy

  • Wayne

    I agree. All EGO. Richard your weekend coverage of WM28 was GREAT!

    • wnwdotcom2

      Yep Wayne, McMahon's ego strikes again… at the biggest show of the year. I hope he got his laugh.

      Thanks for the compliment. I, along with the entire staff, worked very hard to provide the best possible coverage.

  • chrisjacks

    Top review Richard. agree with everything you said apart from i was really angry about Beth taking the pin instead of Eve. The bar i was watching the show in went ape when Bryan was squashed, quite a few people left at that point. I thought Taker/HHH Punk/Jericho and Cena/Rock were 3 of the best matches in wrestlemania history. but overall without a doubt you can only give the show a B. the only A+ ppvs i can think of off the top of my head are Wrestlemania 17, Summerslam 2002 and MITB 2011 and as good as last nights show was it does not come close to any of them. keep up the great work!

    • wnwdotcom2

      Thanks Chris good to hear from you. I didn't agree with Beth taking the pin but because it's WWE Divas, I wasn't up in arms over it. You're right about giving a show an "A," especially for Wrestlemania. The show has to be pretty darn perfect and you can't do that when you rib your audience on one of the main events.

      • matt

        seems to me that alot of people, including richard is in the group of just ripping the ppv apart because it didnt meet personal expectations. Personally it was the best wrestlemania i have seen in the last 6 to 7 years. I though it lived up to the hype, and being a wrestling fan for over 30 years i believe it delivered. Get over the opening match, the ppv was very very good. better than any ppv that wwe has done. one match doesnt make a ppv like cena vs punk at MITB, this whole ppv was awesome. Stop crying people.

  • Ashley

    If I pay $65 to watch something, I do NOT want a match to last 18 seconds. It makes you not want to order Wrestlemania again since Vince likes to pull crap like this when I spend so much money to watch it.

  • Guy Landau

    Richard, you made it sound like being a Cena fan is a bad thing. While some fans will insist that it is – it is not. Cena is a good wrestler, who for the better part of the feud had Rock beaten verbally. I agree that the outcome was questionable, and I'd had Cena go over if I were booking.

    I will disagree about Kane having no main event upside, as what he has that many don't is this (same goes for Orton and Cena, by the way) – He understands his character completely, to a Tee. and that's very important for a main event talent. His work is also good, and there's nothing more you can really ask for. Other than those two things, I completely agree with everything you said. About Show winning the IC title, Rhodes doesn't need it and, more than the IC title doing anything for Show I see Show restoring prestige to the IC title.

    • wnwdotcom2

      I don't necessarily think being a Cena fan is a bad thing but I want to make it very clear I am just as frustrated as the masses with the lack of character progression regarding the Cena character. John is WWE's number one guy but his gimmick has fallen below bland and uninteresting. He is talented enough to get something else over but Vince is set on wearing him out until everyone stops caring. I am not, however, a Cena hater and feel a lot of the hate he generates from the IWC is due to the mediocrity of the way the character itself is booked.

      Regarding Kane, it's really a philosophical difference I have with a lot of people. I understand your position and respect it. Kane just isn't my cup of tea but I will say he did a very good job in See No Evil.

      Thanks for the comments!

  • sportsman6100

    Man I swear you read my mind. I agree with everything you said. I really am disappointed with what they did to Bryan. I didn’t really see such a pro Bryan crowd happening at WM but hey it did and I am all for that. I’m not sure why VKM decided to make two very good wrestlers look so weak. I guess he just wants to make himself laugh a little and I guess he got what he wanted. And I really wish that the MITB match would return. An extreme match like that seems to work better with more superstars rather than a 12 man tag match. Everything I hoped for from WM minus the WHC match. And I believe that Cena is going to be the same as he was before he faced The Rock. But whatever I am tired of talking about Cena. He is the man in the eyes of VKM no matter what the fans think. I give it a B grade. Better than the last two WMs but not as strong as it should have been.

  • amaanakter786

    The coverage that you have provided over Mania week has been fantastic!. To be very honest I’m not such a passionate fan of Daniel Bryan as you and some other readers seem to be, but what happened to him was wrong and clearly diminishes the value of the World Heavyweight Championship. Clearly VKM just lauded his power over the Internet fans, the other matches apart from the main events I was not particularly bothered about the Kane win was a suprise in my mind and Orton has been very underused in the last six months. Big Show win was predictable and hope that this brings bigger and better things for Cody in 2012, the divas match I have anything notable to say about the Hell in a Cell
    match was great three of the greatest legends who brilliantly sold match of the night! 10/10 a match that pleases every wrestling fan! I can’t give enough praise to Taker, HBK and Triple H, the match was written perfectly from start to finish. Punk and Jericho was a great match as well, Rock and Cena was a good match but didn’t live up to the hype which was expected but I’m so pleased that a) Rock went over Cena as I severely dislike the Cena character and b) the match was a clean finish.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Weither Big Show or Cody hold the IC belt it doesn't have the meaning it once had so it's useless to both guys who just wear it like a souvenir.

  • alex

    So disapointed to see Bryan treated like that,i was honestly excited for the match.i bigged this match up to my friend who was just watching wrestlemania because its wrestlemania.for that to then happen,i felt like an idiot!

  • Nails

    I love Daniel Bryan, but I actually thought it was a great "shocker" to drop everyones jaw to begin the show. I was like "wow", but at the same time it was quite a thrill. I was there live. Call me crazy if you like

    • alex

      My friend said the same,looking back it was a good shock but i did expect a great match!

  • Roy!!!

    With the eye test alone…Cena looked very plain not only standing next to The Rock, but also Triple H and Taker. Those 3 guys images tell a story with no help. They engage you with without saying a word. They demand attention before the first punch. Cena pales in comparison in the ring with any 1 of them. He's the best in his generation, but thats not saying a lot. Outside of Orton who has the appeal to step in the ring and gain interest with the Rock?

    Think about it…

    The attitude era wrestlers bled this business and you can tell simply by the product they put out. Hogan came back and they put guys from the A. Era, The Rock, Taker, HBK, Triple H, and Angle in the ring with him and he did not look leap years better. Cena needs a makeover. Turn him into a villain that is the exact impact of his heroic self…Make him NWO Hogan x's 100. Turn on the kids. Make him a cheater. He should use this loss as a way to make the fans the blame and embrace the hate that kane mentioned in their segments. Put him in dark clothes just like they did Hogan. Grow facial hair like Orton. Walk to the Ring instead of Run. ALL THE GREATS WALK. THEY NEVER RUN! Those guys were created for those moments.

    The Rock was not going to let Cena go over him. How was he going to explain the on Twitter to the millions and sell G.I. Joe this Summer after losing to not just his arch enemy, but Team Bring It. For goodness sake in his hometown. You have to seriously take those things into account. They had signs saying if Cena wins we riot. It wasn't going to happen.

    And this doesn't make Cena or the locker room look weak. Triple H wrestled once all year before Wresltemania and beat CM Punk after his breakout Summer and had a suit on the next day on RAW. LOL.

    …Did it hurt CM Punk…NO!…They put the title on him not long after that…

    When your character is as over as the guys as guys from that era you don't have to show up but once every now and again and handle business. Remember…The ROCK wasn't the only part-timer that wrestled last night. And look at what that did for your wrestling spirit. Taker and HHH even separated themselves from the roster by saying they were the last 2 outlaws of the kind. That didn't make the locker room look too strong either. Your champion was beaten in 18 seconds…

    Vince would have never ever tried guys from the Attitude Era in that way…Hence the "Montreal Screw Job." This makes the roster look weak as well. The divas champ Beth Phoenix was pinned by a journalist. This makes the roster look weak as well. A rapper, pushing down a young and upcoming wrestler in Heath Slater and him doing nothing back in return, makes your roster look weak…

    Cena losing to one of the best of ALL TIME…A man that looks like he can beat up Cena in a bar fight, is not bad, not so bad after all!!!

  • JBM

    I agree on a few things like the Bryan and Sheamus match being a joke, and Kane going over Orton, and wondering whats going to happen with Cena now, BUT……….I feel that with all the hype that went into this PPV and the way they made you feel they were going to deliver……..I was completely let down. I mean, I thought the match between undertaker and hhh last year was better. I do like the show of respect all three showed to each other after the match, but when compared to hell in a cells of the past hmmmmm kinda disappointing. I mean they never even left the cage, and I think that was most disappointing. I know Im being hard because of undertakers conditioning, I know he is not in the best shape anymore but I don't feel like it lived up to the hype. And don't even get me started on The Rock and Cena. I didn't feel like it was very good in ring work and for the hype that was put into it I feel it fell flat. I mean I watched Rock almost miss a rock bottom. I know he hasn't wrestled in like 8 years but if your gonna hype something…….please deliver. sorry if I am being hard, I am a new subscriber and I just subscribed today. Love all the info and you guys do a great job. But I would have to give this PPV a C…..At best. Thanks guys.

  • MDK

    I agree Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan ended too soon, how about this WWE Wanted us to feel that Wrestlemania is Unpredictable, and thats what Wrestlemania was. Unpredictable. NON of us who were at the show expected the outcomes we thought we would get. I was there thats how most of us felt that Wrestlemania 28 is now unpredictable and anything can happen.