Richard Reacts To WWE Elimination Chamber - The Shield & Jack Swagger Surprise, The Rock Retains

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  • Nails

    Pretty solid event tonight I had fun!

  • Here’s a thought, is it possible that Punk turns the match into a triple threat since he obviously has some claims that he never lost the belt and I doubt they are about to just toss him aside to another program.

  • The crowd was really into the WHC match? The crowd was dead for that match and was most of the night.

  • Swagger couldn’t put butts in seats if he paid them off. To make matters worse, he goes from an all American to a racist? As Miz would say: Really, Jack? REALLY?

  • Swagger & Del Rio don’t have to sell Wrestlemania. The WWE Title match & Brock Lesnar will sell it out anyway. I think Swagger v Del Rio may suprise you with in ring talent alone, plus you have dutch mantel who is old school & can get swagger huge heat for him. Maybe we should give him a chance.