Richard Reacts To WWE Elimination Chamber

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  • ChromeyDaniels

    Royal Rumble is a show I wanted a refund.

    THIS SHOW: b- it had its excitements and it’s ups and downs.

  • @RatedMKD

    -I assume the Ambulance match was at least a little bit disappointing. I was sitting on the couch watching the PPV live, but the only parts I can clearly recall are: 1) Cena anticlimactically wheel Kane to a slow, soft stop, 2) Cena's "fave five" quip towards Booker, and 3) the Attitude Adjustment off the Ambulance. I assume that this is because I spent 90% of that match mentally post-morteming the Elimination Chamber bouts and the championship picture going into WrestleMania. This just underscores the flaw in the match running order from last night.

    -The WWE Championship match really should've gone on last. The only problem there is Sheamus' promo on SmackDown a week or two ago, where he stated that he'd decide at the Chamber PPV which champion to challenge. I noticed he said "decide" and not "announce", but why say anything if the announcement isn't going to be implied? So in that regard, it makes sense for the WHC match to go on after the WWE Title match.

    -Going into the PPV, I couldn't see any convincing way for Jericho vs Punk at Mania to be booked without Jericho winning the title. If he was pinned or submitted last night, despite having the advantage of entering last, he'd have little right to stake his claim against Punk. The outcome that played out was VERY contrived, but the best possible way to book it, IMO. I also noticed that this meant there was only four legitimate eliminations: two by Punk, and two by Jericho. I wonder if that'll be acknowledged in any way.

    -The PPV was very segment-heavy, but aside from the Hornswoggle skit, ft. Natalya "cutting the cheese", I didn't mind any of them too much. That said, the PPV did end a bit early. It could've comfortably lasted another ten minutes. I'd like to have seen that time divided up between a definitive update on Jericho, more time to Swagger/Gabriel and maybe another minute or two to Sheamus revealing who he'll challenge in Miami.

    -I preferred the RAW Chamber to the SD Chamber overall, although they were opposites in the sense that the RAW one started strong and tapered off a bit, whereas the SD one had a slow beginning but built up by the time it was over. With the exception of Barrett's elimination, I had no problem whatsoever with how the SD Chamber was booked. I just felt that it was a bit underwhelming at the beginning.

    -Last night, Jericho set the record for most Elimination Chamber appearances, and extended his record for most overall eliminations. Is it safe to say that Dolph Ziggler set the record for most bumps on the steel? That man is an absolute trooper. I hope to see him back in the WWE Title picture once the best-in-the-world dust has settled.

    -Overall, I'd give the PPV a C+. I think the order of the matches is what hurt it most here. Had they put a Chamber match on last instead of Cena/Kane, I could have seen myself giving it at B- or a B.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    The Santino comedy I like.

  • David

    The Smackdown Chamber matches (same goes for MITBLM) are invariably better than Raw’s. Less star power = more superstars trying harder to get noticed = better work & better entertainment.

  • David

    And also, Santino can work. He is good in the ring, we’ve just never seen it before because he is usually jobbing inside 3-4 minutes. The longer he lasted last night made me think more and more ‘they’ll forget about him and he’ll nearly win’ (see RR2010) but without ever being a serious threat. Then it got down to him
    and Bryan and the more it went on the more I started thinking ‘surely not, they wouldn’t..’ even though i’m a ‘smart’ internet fan, because he looked like he might pull it off. To me that is good booking and shows he has the in ring skills to sell what they are trying to achieve. And as you mentioned Richard, he was over and with the right amount of work on his character he could be a legitimate wrestler rather than the comic relief guy. Tone down the comedy slightly, give him a new finisher but keep the essence of him the same and I think you’d be getting somewhere

  • Lewis

    I pretty much agree with everything you said, Cena/Kane shouldn't have ended unless they were going to have a big shock to it because I felt it ended the PPV badly but I'd also give it a C