Richard Reacts To WWE Extreme Rules - Do I Believe In The Shield?, WWE Title Ripoff, Hunter Dismissed

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  • cena was to hurt ot go on with the match

    • Michael

      Which is why Ryback should’ve won because cena couldn’t stand hints last man standing.

      • Xavier

        Ryback couldn’t stand either until he had help standing. The match was a draw because neither man made the 10 count, it’s that simple

  • i was not rip off at all and i liked the ending to the cena and ryback match

  • @Funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

    The Last Man Standing Match’s ending was terrible, the way I see it is that they wanted to use the match to make more people tune in to raw because of the lacking audience (excluding last mondays) and I think they did that successfully, but in doing so they hurt the quality of one of their better B-level PPV’s

  • I have a few questions based on your podcast:

    – Did you really just say that Tyson Kidd is a workhorse for WWE? Tyson Kidd is talented, but he hasn’t been featured enough on WWE Television/PPV to be considered a “workhorse.” The only reason you mention him is because CM Punk did in his long winded Pipe Bomb from January.

    – Dean Ambrose working with Kofi for the US Title is NOT a step down. This was the first PPV where the WWE didn’t book The Shield based on their numbers game which means all three looked extremely strong tonight. Ambrose winning the US Title in his first single’s title match is HUGE for him. This will launch him to be a top superstar in the WWE.

    – Seth Rollins was the MVP of that tag team title match. Why you fill the need to lump Daniel Bryan in with him is beyond me. Daniel Bryan didn’t do much in that match. And speaking of Daniel Bryan did you say he had a dominant run as World Champion??? How long have you been watching pro wrestling? He held the title for over 100 days but he was booked like a typical chickenshit champion. His most dominant win came over Santino!

    – I find it sad that you are shitting all over kayfabe, even laughing at some people on twitter for suspending disbelief with John Cena’s injury. Kayfabe used to be a integral part of the business, somewhat the sanctity of the business. That has all been ruined by people like you and the rest of the internet. Its as if it’s beneath you people to accept an injury angle to the point that you would only accept it if John Cena really got hurt. Again I have to question how long you have been watching wrestling. Do you realize that wrestlers in the past would sell the injury angle so well they would stay home from the public? Some would even wear a neck brace in front of their kids in order to sell the “broken” neck. Now when WWE tries an injury angle all the IWC does is hiss over it. Just look how your members are reacting to Jon Harris’ post below. He’s suspending disbelief but is getting shitted on. Suspending disbelief is something most traditional fans do. People in the IWC suspend logic it seems. Your attitude towards kayfabe sheds light on your perspective of the wrestling business. This is why so many in wrestling are negative toward the internet.

    – Ryback/Cena ending: If the job was to make Ryback look good than that was accomplished last night. If Ryback would have lost last night all of his momentum since turning heel would have been gone. Again, if you can accept kayfabe (you obviously can’t) than last night’s finish made sense. It advances the storyline.

    – The instant replay: most in the IWC were crying about this. Do you honestly think this could potentially become a permanent thing in the WWE? Come on. This was done to create a conspiracy excuse for Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger.

    – Zeb Colter’s politics: You say you are not for his politics. Does that mean you approve of the IRS targeting citizens just because of their political view? Do you approve of the government wiretapping journalists? Do you accept the fact that the President didn’t do a damn thing to help four American’s facing danger against Radical Muslims? Let’s be honest: you are just a typical one-issue voter and we all know what that issue is.

    – I appreciate the news you offer, but this podcast really makes me wonder how long you have been watching. To not accept kayfabe means you don’t accept the fictional world of wrestling. The more realistic wrestling gets the more prestige it loses.

    • Justin Daniels

      My thoughts to your points:

      1) In my opinion, Tyson Kidd is definitely a workhorse, but is underutilized without a proper feud. He works more of the B/C-Level shows than anything else in mostly filler matches, but just because he’s not on the grandest stage every week, constantly being pushed down our throats, doesn’t mean that he can’t go out and get the job done with above average skill and make both himself and his opponent look good.

      2) Agreed. I can see why Richard felt it was a downgrade, given the recent matches (A legend in the Undertaker one week, a historically poorly booked Kofi later), but I don’t think I would have liked to see Ambrose immediately grab the WWE Title or WHC either. Much better to have a worker get a secondary title, and use that as a springboard — it’s the way I’ve always preferred it. Wish they’d do something similar with Ryback versus having him swim or drown solely in the main event.

      3) Agreed on Rollins being the MVP of this one. Daniel Bryan had some great spots too, and helped the match tell a story. DB definitely didn’t have a very dominant WHC run in my mind, although I think he’s more than capable of several good runs with a strap now that he’s been improving his mic skills and working the crowd. Just needs good feuds and stories to be told, he can definitely work the matches.

      4/5) Personally, I’m against injury angles when there is no injury. During a match working a body part to add drama, OK, but not as a way to escape a proper ending for a match. I suppose I’m more OK with it on live TV, but definitely not on a PPV.

      They faked what could have been a serious injury in order to avoid John Cena or Ryback going over cleanly (well, as cleanly as a LMS match can be). As soon as they finally cut back to show how they landed, with the lack of blood, bruising, etc, with how John Cena was perfectly balanced on the beams, it screamed fake. Did I want them to get legitimately hurt? Of course not. It was a unique spot, I liked to see it, but personally, I didn’t like them using it as the catalyst for a lack of a proper conclusion.

      6) I’m conservative, although not quite to the extreme levels of Zeb Colter’s character. They turn it up to 11, they want everyone to hate him. He’s a heel manager, after all. Media and news spin things to get them the most viewers/clicks/etc, and they try to spin Zeb the same way to get him the most boos. It’s clearly working!

      7) I’m not sure how making something less realistic makes it more prestigious. Prestige comes from achievement, success, etc — if that’s all grounded on things that aren’t real, then it’s hollow and meaningless. Storylines would be substantially harder to write if they eliminated too much kayfabe material, so I agree, it needs to be there, but there should be a good middle ground between the two. I don’t poke fun of folks that get invested in storylines, just like I don’t poke fun at folks that take it all too seriously.

      Reality is, you’re throwing Richard to the dogs for his opinions on the event. Great that you disagree, but claiming his opinions are “wrong” and that he’s not familiar with the material just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

      • Remember how great two kayfabe angles were? HBKs concussion angle and the Steamboat throat injury with Savage. Angles like that wouldnt work today because fans would shit on the idea. Once the news sites report the injury is a work the IWC will sour on the whole angle. Kayfabe is one of the reasons why wrestling is what it is. if they got rid of kayfabe and made it more realistic it would ruin the business. Fans watch wrestling to get away from reality. If wrestling was reality it would lose its appeal. I agree with most of your other points.

    • @Funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

      you are by far the biggest moron I have ever met.

      • Why dont you actually address the issues I discussed?

        • @Funkatastic The Mike McCarthy

          because you posted a ton of bullcrap about every part of a 30 minute podcast, good for you that you have that much freetime.

    • Michael

      First off the ending was stupid and defied logic in a last man standing match. It doesn’t matter what the wrestlers went through you count them out. Secondly if you want to still believe wrestling and the kayfabe storylines then why are you a premium member, it’s simple stop paying and coming on this website. However I do agree with you about Dean winning the united states title not being a step back when he’s never held a title yet. I also don’t think that Tyson is a workhorse I’d say that wrestlers like Christian when healthy, kofi, punk, Seth, dean, Daniel, and Antonio and Damian are the workhorses. I’m all for storylines as long as they have logic to them I’ve enjoyed many storylines such as the ones you mentioned but that ending just didn’t make sense.

  • True point on Ryback walking away. That was a lackluster finish that looked good on paper but wasn’t executed well. I would have put Ambrose vs. Kingston up in the card sooner. Lastly, I think Swagger needs to go mid-card and maybe entertain a face turn. That way his aggression as a heel won’t transcend into injuries.

  • Xavier

    Like I said before, Ryback DID NOT win this match, even with the ref would of counted he would not have made it up before 10. Secondly, he had help getting up from officials. And lastly, there have been plenty of Last Man Standing matches that didn’t declare a winner, and those types of finishes are used to further feuds. This has been done many times before. So I really don’t see the need for anyone to get worked up over this until the bigger picture becomes clear because truthfully, most people weren’t going to be happy if Cena won or if Ryback won. People were still gonna find a way to complain about this match no matter what despite the fact that this was a great match an despite the fact that this is the best that Ryback has looked in a WWE ring.

    Tyson Kidd is not a workhorse. Having 5 minute matches on superstars doesn’t qualify as a workhorse. Cena is a workhorse, Punk is a workhorse, Bryan is a workhorse, Sheamus is a workhorse, Kidd not even close.

    From top to botton this was a very good PPV, the best of the year so far. The Shield went over clean in the US & Tag matches, Orton/Big Show had a very good match, Lesnar beat HHH in a really good/intense match, and Ryback looked great and Cena took a crazy bump and had to be carted off. I would think that the IWC would love those results but yet again it just seems like your going out of your way to find something to nitpick. I guess some people aren’t truly happy unless they are miserable.

    • EricDraven86

      You really do seem to go out of your way to visit a site that you clearly do not enjoy. Why waste the effort?

      • Xavier

        I enjoy getting the premium news on here. But you really should be asking Richard and others on here why they go out of there too watch a product that they constantly shit on. So why waste that effort?

  • Michael

    I agree with Richard Ryback was standing and should’ve become wwe champion that ending defied the whole logic of the last man standing match.

    • The only reason Ryback was standing was because the referees helped him up, since he didn’t get up on his own he didn’t win the LMS match and shouldn’t be champion.