Richard Reacts To WWE Hell In A Cell - John Cena's Return, HBK Turns, Randy Orton's Crowning

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  • Anthony D’Ademo

    Great stuff I think a C is fair. I agree I don’t understand how anyone can think Bryan can legitly win the title now when he just is screwed over and over. Have to think its over for now and its Orton vs ? at SS, maybe Big Show depends which way they go. Definitely better than battleground and definitely expected Orton to win, but I agree whats the point of the cell if there is outside interference anyway?

    • Xavier

      Orton & Bryan will be revisited down the line but for the time being we’ll probably get Bryan/Triple H and possibly Orton vs Punk. Punk is the one babyface who’s been kept away from all the corporate stuff si I look for him to turn his attention to that now that Heyman is out of the way. Bryan is more then likely winning the rumble.

  • Ben

    Ryback is an awful botchfest in the ring, he’s terrible on the mic, and he has an attitude problem worse than any of his work. It’s past time for him to be future endeavored. Whenever he shows up on TV I change the channel, and I doubt I’m the only one.

  • Ben Randall

    I agree C Show

  • Brandon van Reenen

    I thought Hell in a Cell was a decent show. Just a pity when your match of the night is not even a Hell in a Cell match.