Richard Reacts To WWE Hell In A Cell 2012 (Free Richard's Backstage Blog Preview)

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  • Vernell

    Hey Richard. Keep up the good work !!!!

    I gave you as a friend on Facebook. I

    Don’t order ppv’s anymore. But I liked your

    Response to 2012 wwe hiac. I think what

    Needs to happen is that, people need to

    Quit buying the wwe ppv’s and hit the

    Wwe in their pocketbooks so hard that,

    They will get the message , to give the

    Viewers what they want to really see.

    And to quit asking and gave people

    Buy ppv’s that is worth buying , and

    Not just collecting a payday for everyone

    . That’s my opinion !!!!

  • steve2

    Wow, this was obnoxious. I felt like I was listening to Rush Limbaugh.

    • Richard Gray

      Hey now. I gave you permission to make fun of me but Rush?

      • GODSENT83

        Hope you’re being sarcastic and not really defending that bag of wind

        • Richard Gray

          There's a lot of radio personalities I like, none of which include Rush

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    i give it a B+ very good ppv

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard you should be a comedian… Lol you are right about the main event.. I would have done lesner too or they could have used the ref to hit ryback from behind with a chair or low blow because the logic didn’t make sense.. I had a feeling something was up when I noticed he was the ref.. It seemed like a good show because the crowd at hooters was so into it.. You had 300 ppl chanting feed me more when ryback came out so it didn’t come off as bad I guess to me..

    • GODSENT83

      Do you really need to keep mentioning you were at hooters every time you comment about HIAC, is that like really cool to you???

  • crabtree91

    Haha loved the 8 Mile reference.

  • J-Dub

    Richard is there anyway to get a transcript of this.

  • Tim E. D

    I love your site and I don't blame you some what about the crowd. I was in the crowd. However, what happened to the old days of actually having surprises and people coming back at a ppv. People are always talking about so and so is going to come in and back. Never happens. When was the last time a kane spot happened ala for hell in a cell. I feel indy promotions actually do more with less than wwe does.

  • k_day

    Did anybody else notice that Brad Maddox was on the back of Ryback's legs as he delivered the fast count to help hold the pin? Not that I agree with the booking in the the least. But it seemed like a small detail that helped sell ryback staying down

  • Angel Psymon

    I agree with the comments about the final match. I don't understand what they can do with Ryback's undefeated streak now. I get the dirty finish, and I understand that Punk didn't win clean, but that was not the point of Ryback's streak.

    Maybe if they want to do Ryback vs. Lesnar they can still play up that Ryback has only lost one match (sans Riley) and it was to the WWE Champion. One loss to x wins (however many x is) is still statistically better than Lesnar having so few matches back and losing one match to John Cena who was NOT WWE Champion. That way they can play into John Cena can't get a win over Punk, Lesnar can't get a win over Cena, Ryback can't get a win over Punk, and Punk is Best in the World. That way that can play with the fact that Ryback is X and 1 and Lesnar is X and 1.

    I'm not saying that it's a good choice, but it would force Ryback to mouth off to Lesnar about losing to the WWE Champion while Lesnar can't beat a non-champion in Cena. Maybe then there could be more to Ryback than a catch phrase as he would have to be on the mic.

    Honestly, it's the only thing I personally can think of.

  • Kayvon


  • jmt5887

    Way to bury The Miz and Dolph Ziggler Richard. Former world champions beaten by Ryback.
    I enjoyed the ending of the Hell-In-A-Cell match. it was unexpected and it makes things very interesting going forward. Lesnar was far too obvious just as the Ziggler cash-in was. People always want WWE to do something unexpected and then when they do it they throw their arms up and get pissed saying things like it made no sense. You can not please WWE Fans. I really enjoyed the entire show. The thing that has pissed me off is the Champions entering first in the last 2 PPVs. it's costing the PPV points in my eyes. This PPV was a 7/10.

    I want WWE to transition Maddox to being a wrestler full-time and put him in a Heyman stable.

  • The Heel

    I think the ppv last night reflects on how the wwe product has been overall! Crappy storylines, total lack of thought and as you pointed out, laziness! Brock Lesnar still has plenty of dates left on his contract so using his last night would have been awesome. I was waiting for either him or perhaps Mark Henry to come from under the ring and totally destroy Ryback. I will answer your question as I why Ryback stopped while he he was about to give Punk the Shellshock, what I could gather is simply because like everybody else, Ryback was perhaps puzzled as to why a referee would

    Try to stop a wrestler as they are hitting their finisher. I will admit, that low blow by the ref was unexpected, even a little shocking. So in order for that to play out well they really need to have a damn good explaination tonight on Raw! For the other matches, all with the exception of one sucked big time! Sheamus vs Big Show was in a whole different atmosphere! That was a WM caliber match! KUDOS to Big Show for

    Working the best match he’s ever worked in recent memory!

    • Pluto

      This may not be what the Cena Haters wanna here, but anyone here notice how crappy the product has been now that the focus is on Punk and not Cena or how bad the ratings have been swith Punk as champ and not Cena? Like I said before, Punk is a really good wrestler but he can't carry Cena's jock strap.


    So if they do Lesnar everyone complains too predictable, they do a serve and people still complain. WTH do you people want then??? Seems like wwe can do no right by you all at times. How about let it play out then criticize

  • William

    Thanks Richard for giving this to us for free!!

  • Austin

    Thanks for the free RR!! I disagree with your opinion on Punk/Ryback. I though it was OK. The finish caught me off guard and Ryback kept his credibility(imo), Punk kept the belt, and it added something new to the story. I really wanted Ryback to come out and just grab the company by the balls, but deep down I knew it wasn’t happening. I think they could have done themselves a huge favor by just not having the match thought. Still, you have my attention WWE, lets see if you can keep it.

  • Logan_Walker

    Wow, Where to start Richard, loved your re action to HIAC Agree with everything you said in there, its a good choice if you buy a membership to this site.

  • Joe

    I think if anything, continue something where Maddox is involved. Maybe being a Ref wasn't all he signed up for as he came up into the WWE. I'm always looking as a positive side of things. I didn't see the show, listening to your reaction gave me an idea of what happened ( i was at work too so I didn't have a chance to watch). Though it does leave an opening for possibilities. I'm also easily entertained so there's hardly anything i don't like unless WWE goes too far in terms of how some stories or if wrestling in the match was really horrible. I'm stuck in the middle between a casual fan and umm..internet fans, I suppose so I can find myself enjoying something, even if many of the fans online don't. Though the ppv sounded like something that could have been done on Raw/Smackdown besides the WHC match and possibly the Tag Title Match

  • AntGilroy

    Richard love this stuff. I recommend everyone get the backstage pass Well worth it..

    With hat said your wrong about ryback he needed to lose. If he kept winning all we would hear was stupid Goldberg chants… he needed that loss so the idiot fans don’t say oh just another Goldberg… i thought it was a great ending. I was shocked especially since I thought the Leonard thing would happen…

    Watching the beginning of raw you have to give punk credit.. he can work a crowd like no other..

  • Dave

    Thank you for the free review, we all appreciate it–hope you make more free in the future and it was a great listen.

    My response to the Main Event question is: They should have used John Cena. John Cena versus Ryback versus CM Punk, triple threat. Even if Cena wasn't 100%, they should have used him and at the end of the match, have Ryback go after Heyman for some reason, become distracted, and have Maddox low-blow Cena and then Punk roll-up Cena for the quick count and then Ryback chases Punk to the top for the Shell Shock. That was the right way in my opinion, and the only way they could have done it. I do agree with the World title match, though.. That was very well done.

  • Aaron


    That mailbag was extremely boring. You droned on for over 8 minutes and weren't even done with the tag championship match. I agree with the guy who said you sounded like Rush, just droning on. You need to keep your opinions quick and succinct to allow time for explanations that should also not last 3 minutes. I once paid for a subscription to this website. I am glad I stopped after seeing what the quality has become. Sorry to bury you, and I do not expect this comment on the board, surprise me.

    • Austin

      Stay classy.

  • Clint

    I would have done the idea I sent to WWE and Punk about a faction, with punk, cesaro, sandow, rhodes(i thought colt cabana first), and lesner, they could start the revolution that WWE so needs

  • Marianna

    I'd give it a C+ but only because I loved Sheamus/Show. Fantastic reaction as always Richard! 🙂

  • Guy Landau

    Being an ROH/Evolve(it's now part of DGUSA as far as I know, by the way) fan doesn't make you a smart fan. It makes you an indie fan and that's it. It has been a LONG time since I've seen a really good match in the indies, as they are usually spot-festy with tons of finisher kickouts, and those who read my Rundown know that this does very little to impress me to say the least. "OMG HE KICKED OUT, AGAIN!" does not a good match make. I liked Miz/Kofi better than Cesaro/Gabriel for that matter, because of a lot of factors. More realistic work, less spottiness for spottiness' sake, and it was a smarter match. By those standards Show vs. Sheamus was the best match I have seen in a while. It was truly masterful, and had one finisher kickout for each, that was well within reason given the story of the match. The minimalistic work is what gave the kickouts that grand feeling. In ROH you just don't get that – you have to do very big things to get the crowd excited. An ROH main event is like a Michael Bay movie, whereas matches like Show vs. Sheamus are classics like The Godfather or Pulp Fiction, for that matter.

    • Guy Landau

      That is also why I disagree about the Bryan/Show comparison you made, Richard. They work different styles and each is a master of his own style. It's too different to compare.