Richard Reacts To WWE Money In The Bank - Full Thoughts & Analysis On Dolph Ziggler & John Cena Winning "Title Contracts," Sheamus & CM Punk Retaining, More

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  • ChromeyDaniels

    Nice botch of your name, Richard.

    • Richard Gray

      Yeah, no getting around that; I pulled a Sin Cara

      • Guy Landau

        … And he pulled Ziggler

  • Michael413

    Hey Richard, when Big Show pulled out that giant ladder, I could have sworn that Lawler said “it’s a f’ing huge ladder”. I argued with some friends about it, and then I read some comments on here from people who heard the same thing as I did. Can you please clear the air for me as to what Lawler really said at that point in the main event?

  • Drax3635

    I'm not a Cena fan but I'm cool with him winning the MITB match…. That said I think that he should be the first to cash it in and lose because I don't feel that it would hurt him as much as it might someone else.

  • Amaan

    I disagree with that it was all Cara's fault and Ziggler could have broken his neck after that move, and that would have been it career over pretty much, I think that this should be the final nail in the coffin of Cara's WWE career. I am absolutely thrilled that Ziggler went over and has finally broken through as a main event talent I hope that WWE does not drop the ball with Ziggler now. But I am an advocate for Cara's release personally.