Richard Reacts To WWE No Way Out - Could The Two Title Matches Keep Me From Ripping This Show Apart?

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  • jon

    richard come on now lenser looked very strong in his match with cena at extreme rules

  • jon

    sin cara looked very good last night

  • jon

    i gave no way out a B+ very good ppv last night

    • Richard Gray


      Most of what you said is your opinion, however, looking strong and winning are two different things. The loss took a lot out of Lesnar and his drawability. Why should we care that Hunter wants to fight the guy Cena already beat?

      • Sam

        I have to disagree with you on the Lesnar thing. If Cena went under to Lesnar at Extreme Rules, what do you do with Cena? You could have him be in this sort of slump, but who do you have him face while trying to come out of it? The fact is, Cena is full time and Brock has limited dates. Since there is no one for him to be in a storyline with, you have to keep Cena looking strong since he's going to be around. Brock was made to look very strong the next night on Raw. Brock is an attraction at this point, it doesn't matter is he wins or loses. The fact that Brock Lesnar broke HHH's arm made him look very strong again. Now we have potential for a great match/storyline with HHH and Brock at SummerSlam.

        Did anyone else think Brodus was turning heel at the end of the ppv and was going to cost Cena the match? Am I alone in thinking that?


  • Charles

    I’d give it an F. Being in the UK, I stayed up late to watch (started at 1am). I went to bed after the WWE Championship match. Nothing at all happened! This could have been an episode of Raw. I watched the “Main Event” this morning and whilst I was glad to see Johnny get “fired”, I think all of us here know that it won’t be that simple. SO disappointed.

  • urnemystic

    Thanks again for your honest opinions Richard. I agree 100% on your opinion of this ppv. 3 decent matches are not worth $40 plus, there wasnt enough to make you care and the storylines they are building dont make logical sense. I have been thinking for a long time that the ppv schedule should be scaled back to around 8 a year (or every 6 weeks or so) so that they can build fueds that people want to spend their hard earned money to see culminate. Of course to do that you would still have to have some storylins that made sense.

  • Kris Hardy

    You said WWE needs to have long title reigns to make the championships more prestigious which is a good idea in my opinion. But yet you want someone to lose their title to make the PPV more news-worthy, to make it worth that $50? Even though like you said, the Sheamus/Ziggler match was very good, the Christian/Rhodes match was entertaining and Phoenix/Layla was… well just another Diva's match. The matches was entertaining like you said but it's not news worthy due to the title's not switching, making the PPV not worth $50 in your opinion? Well if they did switch the titles in those three matches, then the title loses it's "prestige" due to how long the individuals held the title. I mean last night was a perfect opportunity to have a title change on the WWE Championship and it would be news worthy. But you don't want that to happen because we need to keep the WWE Championship title "prestigious" still? I hope I don't sound rude at all but it seems to me Richard you are putting the WWE in a lose-lose situation here because we can't have a title switch to make the PPV news worthy and yet try to build the championships. Maybe it's the WWE's fault for putting themselves in this position or maybe it's yours for putting a "B-Level PPV" on a higher pedestal than it should.

    I still give it a C or C+ due to me only liking Sheamus/Ziggler, Rhodes/Christian, Triple Threat and Cena/Show. If it was a "A-Level PPV" than I'd give this a D or an F but it's a B-Level PPV. You should know that going into buying the PPV.

    • Richard Gray

      Long title reigns build prestige but no title changes make for a mundane pay-per-view. A paradox perhaps but no way you can justify $50 on this show.

      • Sorry I wasn't trying to justify the $50 price per se. In fact the only time $50 is worth a PPV should be Wrestlemania. Any other time is over-priced in my opinion. I'm just pointing out the "lose-lose" situation you put WWE in with No Way Out. From what I can see, in your eyes, you can't switch any of the titles (WHC, Intercontinental, Divas, WWE) because they aren't "established" yet, but yet you want a title change to make already exciting matches (Ziggler/Sheamus, Rhodes/Christian, Triple Threat) "news-worthy." So you won't be happy with this PPV no matter what way you look at it because you can't have both at this current time. Is this PPV A+? No. Is this PPV worth $50? No. But saying this PPV is a D or an F because you put yourself in a position to be disappointed makes me think what does WWE have to do to make you happy, and I don't know what will.

        • Richard Gray

          In fairness, a pay-per-view can be newsworthy without a title change, however, at the end of the day I'm just looking to be entertained. Last night's show featured some good wrestling but nothing that couldn't be done on free TV. Where was the excitement, surprise, dare I say suspense?

        • Evonreese

          I agree with Kris. When calling for a title change it can’t be Punks. My God I wish Jericho would come back and strip that belt off him.

        • Evonreese

          I agree with Kris. When People are calling for a title change it can’t be Punks just everyone else. My God I wish Jericho would come back and strip that belt off Punk.

        • Evonreese

          I agree with Kris. I wish Jericho would come back and strip that belt off Punk.

  • Josh

    Why do you hate Kane so much? I actually enjoyed his insertion into the feud.

    • Richard Gray

      I don't hate Kane, I just think he's better suited as a mid card talent. Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are more than capable of having outstanding matches without his inclusion. Kane's a reliable veteran but more of a distraction in a program that should be focused on WWE's future.

  • Daarko

    You ruin the PPV for yourself with the logical thinking, you’re not the type of viewer WWE wants 😉 but very good analysis and review, and perhaps it deserves a C simply because the speaker says World Wrestlig Entertainment and not WWE at the beginning.

  • James d

    I thought the show vs. cena match was made a hell of a lot better with the Brodus interference!! Glad to see the writers hadnt swept that storyline under the carpet. Very interested in seeing where Brodus goes from here, I think he's got some great mic skills and needs a storyline to show his personality is more than the funkasaurus!!! 🙂

  • Kleck

    Tonight’s Raw just may be more entertaining than No Way Out

  • Evon Reese

    It was a pretty good PPV. It seems like most people want Punk to carry his title a long time but not anyone else. When a man of his size can continue to beat 2 people at the same time they become superhuman.Give it a break

  • Evon Reese

    I also believe Kane is needed in the Punk Bryan feud because they are boring. Jericho elevated Punk just by being Jericho. Bryan and Punk are what they are.good wrestlers but will never be electrifying or another Jericho