Richard Reacts To WWE Over The Limit

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Embedded in the player below is Richard Reacts to WWE Over the Limit. For my thoughts and analysis to the show, please listen here:

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  • Big D

    This was an A PPV until the "main event". That was the only reason I called this one as a B.

  • Nails

    I agree! I like both Sheamus and Del Rio. Both are great characters and both fill voids that are a mainstay in wrestling.

  • Jaryd

    OBSESSION IS A GIFT! I tell ya, Ryback's lunatic gimmick is definitely doing something for me, I'm not neccesarily proud of that, but it's the truth!

  • Jaryd

    I never really check the reader ratings on FB but I'm fairly sure from what I hear or occasionally see in the news feed, nearly every PPV the majority of votes are Ds and Fs. I don't know if you guys are trying to stimulate the economy or what, but if you hate everything they put out… Don't Watch It!

  • Lewis

    I'd give this a C, if it wasn't for the matches after Punk v Bryan and Miz v Clay, I'd have given it an A.

  • Evon Reese

    Skinny Super Punk wins again! Now let's all drink bleach to celebrate

  • Gesusoliver

    I will agree with the part about giving this PPV and F, That match kept this ppv from being a failing grade. I gave it a D and think that Punk and DBD have so much more to offer.