Richard Reacts To WWE Payback - CM Punk Returns, Title Changes, John Cena Retains

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  • Justin Lal

    Good listen Richard. Personally I thought the best part of the night was the Del Rio title win and the whole booking of him going heel against Ziggler. They made Del Rio ruthless while showing how courageous Ziggler was while taking so much punishment. This was unique as it was the first time in many years that WWE did a role reversal in front of a vocal crowd. I think the best thing to do with Ziggler is for him to slowly turn babyface while distancing himself from AJ and Big E. Also, Kaitlyn is still in the mix which would be unique if they paired her up with Ziggler. It would be extremely hard to buy Ziggler as face with AJ still around considering what she just put Kaitlyn through.

  • Xavier

    Del Rio/Ziggler seemed like a pretty good swerve, I don’t know why so many people are hating on this. People are always claiming that the WWE is too predictable and so the WWE finally throws us a unpredictable swerve where it appears there may be a double switch and people are still shitting on it. Go figure smh.

    • Nick K

      I agree actually, its an interesting double turn. Had to be done del Rio is not over as a face so this will make him more interesting.

    • Cubed56

      I agree with you 100%, I’m really looking forward to seeing where this takes Ziggler.

  • RJR

    I agree that Axel has the in-ring ability. I’m not sure I agree that Axel has “the look”. I think he’s very bland. He doesn’t stand out to me like a Dolph Ziggler or a Sheamus or a Randy Orton or a John Cena or even a Ryback (even though I’m not sold on him as a main event talent either).

    WWE’s failing right now at creating main event names you care about. With Payback, I 100% bought the show for Punk/Jericho, Shield/Orton/Bryan/Kane, Ziggler/Del Rio and even AJ/Kaitlyn. I did not pay to see Cena/Ryback and had no interest in the outcome of the match. I watched it because I paid for it and because it’s part of the show… but with people like Cena and Ryback in the main event, it seems obvious to me that the main event direction of WWE is failing.

    And if Curtis Axel is being groomed for a top spot, it will not help WWE’s argument here. I don’t forsee a scenario where I pay to see Axel in the main event. And it’s disconcerting to me when I see such a push on a guy who definitely deserves it less than so many other people (Barrett, Miz, McIntyre, Cesaro, Sandow, etc.)

    I guess my main point, which became a long-winded rant is: I don’t buy Axel as a future top star.

    • James Larochelle

      You’re looking at Dolph Ziggler and to a lesser extent Randy Orton and John Cena with the benefit of hindsight. Are you telling me that you bought Dolph Ziggler as a main event star when he was a face in the crowd in the Spirit Squad (he wasn’t even the most hyped member of the group)? Or when he started out the Ziggler gimmick introducing himself to people? Up to recently, we didn’t get to see much of what Axel could do.

      • RJR

        I’m not judging Axel based on anything McGillicutty-related, thus I won’t use your example of Dolph’s Spirit Squad character.

        However, I distinctly remember Dolph Ziggler’s first match as Ziggler. It was on RAW against Batista. The match was stellar and Ziggler made Batista look incredible. So yes, Ziggler’s first match, I knew I was going to be a big fan. No hindsight involved at all.

        A better example for your argument would’ve been Miz. I didn’t buy Miz at first, but his work made me enjoy him. And Axel might have that in him. I hope he does. As of now, I don’t see it.

        • James Larochelle

          You didn’t mention Miz in your original statement so I didn’t go there. You said you didn’t think Axel had the look that a Sheamus, Orton, Ziggler or Cena had on their arrival. I picked Ziggler because of the four you listed, he’s the one I least would have guessed was going to pierce the main event when he premiered and yet he has. The same can be true for Axel.

          There’s a difference between knowing you’ll be a fan and knowing someone will make the main event. I knew I was going to be a Jericho fan early on, but I honestly felt he was going to be one of those midcard guys. And you’d have had to be a fortune-teller to know that the Connecticut blueblood and that blond guy from the Rockers were going to be two of of the biggest stars in the business.

          Getting back to Axel, I’ll agree that he hasn’t done anything that has wowed me. I didn’t watch Payback so I don’t know how he came across in that match. However, I don’t think they wanted him to look good in his matches against Triple H and John Cena. It felt to me that they wanted him to look overwhelmed and then win because of outside forces (and then crow about them as though he’d accomplished something great).

          That said, the higher-ups see something in Axel. They’re going all out to try to see if it goes somewhere. Why did HE get to be paired up with Paul Heyman ahead of Barrett, Cesaro, Sandow, Miz, etc? Maybe that was Heyman’s call? He has a decent track record, so why not let him go with his instinct?

          You don’t foresee paying for an Axel main event. Fluke matches against main eventers aside, they’re not putting him in the main event yet. He’s the Intercontinental champ and it looks like his first real feud will be against the Miz. By the time he IS in the main event perhaps you’ll buy into him more. Time will tell if he’ll get to that level or if he’ll just be another Jack Swagger that the WWE pushes to no avail because he’s too thick to succeed.

  • Scott Davies

    I’m going out to say it. I think this was the best PPV in 2013 so far. Every match told a story. If WWE keep going like this. Ratings will go up.