Richard Reacts To WWE Royal Rumble

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  • jon harris

    wow a D is way ot harsh and i give it a B and the royal rumble match was good and punk and ziggler match was very good and cena and kane was good and the brawl was cool and the rumble match was very good and i enjoy it lot and it was worth my money i pad 4 it so i don't why are u bieng so harsh 4 a good ppv

    • If you read this website frequently you would know Richard is always as positive as he can be. He is entitled to his opinion, as are you, even though yours SUCKS.

  • @RatedMKD

    Maybe it's just because I was watching it with a larger group than I usually do, but I seemed to find the PPV far more enjoyable. Admittedly, the first half was definitely sub-par, but I thought Punk/Ziggler and the Rumble match itself made up for it.

    Sure, there was a large emphasis on novelty in the Rumble, but having said that, star power's a bit low at the moment. As much as I would've loved to see Tyson Kidd come out, giving that spot to, say, Michael Cole probably served the crowd better from an entertainment perspective. The last seven and a half minutes with Jericho and Sheamus was thrilling and compensated nicely for the excessive comedy.

    Maybe it's just that the last ten minutes of the PPV was so entertaining that it made the whole so seem better in hindsight, or maybe it was the aforementioned factor of having a bigger crowd than I'm used to, but I thought that, overall, the Royal Rumble event was far from perfect, but definitely worth watching.

    • @RatedMKD

      Although I did forget to mention here my disappointment over Kane being omitted from the Royal Rumble match for the first time since 1998. I was actually really looking forward to that re-masked rampage!

  • TruHeel

    I’m not really too bothered about a major suprise entrant but what bothered me was Jericho just entering the match normally and getting involved, I really expected him to run around cheering and slapping hands as he has been and then get involved really late on. Just kinda felt like what we’ve seen these past few weeks has been ruined. Just my opinion

  • I'd give it a C, I agree that it felt like a B level PPV until the RR match. The RR match was the only thing worth talking about during the whole PPV. The end with Y2J and Sheamus was awesome and Punk almost getting screwed by Ziggler was awesome too! Other than those two mathces I felt like it was another RAW supershow episode.

  • Nails

    The hair was always apart of the mask. It's cool. That is the it was designed in the first place. I love the mask.

    • @RatedMKD

      I really don't think so. When he appeared on TV the day he removed the mask in June 2003, his hair looked a bit different than it usually did. That leads me to believe that he genuinely had long hair up until that week, shaved it off and wore a wig with the mask for the first time ever that night.

      Plus, about six months earlier, someone unmasked him in a tag team match (I want to say it was Test, but I can't commit to that) and he used the hair still attached to his head to cover his face and run backstage. I do agree with you in loving the mask though!

      • MonsterMike42

        You are correct on Glen Jacobs having long hair prior to being unmasked. Many people don't know or don't remember this, but Jacobs used to be the fake Diesel. There is no way that hair was fake.

  • Brad23

    I really didn’t understand the whole ‘end of the world’ scenario involving Jericho last night. Don’t get me wrong I get the return angle with the over the top, I’m so face you’ll hate me gimmick but I’m pretty sure a lot of people tuned in to see what chris was going to do or say and it was barely mentioned? Maybe we’ll find out on raw but it just seemed a little offensive to the viewer to tease this huge angle and drop it completely.

  • gpturbo81

    RR should be second after Wrestlemania. What really happens at summerslam that doesn't mon. or tues. nights

    • outkazt09

      well the divas matches are a tad longer than usual, so I would have yo say….longer restroom breaks. OOOHHHH YEAHHHH!!!

  • chrisjacks

    Good review overall dude although i have to say i loved Kane destroying Cena with the chokeslam after the match. not many people make John Cena look vunerable but Kane certainly has been of late. what are your thoughts on the amount of comedy in the Rumble itself? personally i loved the stuff with Ricardo, had me in stitches but then i felt they overdid it a bit with Santino and Foley. I like Sheamus winning because hopefully it finally signals the end of Show and Henry in the main event as i am more than bored of them, i thought Show entering as 30 was a massive anticlimax and the way he eliminated Miz and Cody who had been the two top workers in the match was awful booking. I would have rather seen Golddust enter and take out Cody to set up something between them at Wrestlemania. If i was scoring this show i would give it a C as Punk vs Ziggler was awesome and the Rumble was good overall and i enjoyed the post match stuff with Cena and Kane. Oh and Beth’s line to the Bella when she tagged in was priceless. keep up the great work bro.