Richard Reacts To WWE TLC 2012 - The Future Is Bright, Why This Show Was Must-See & Very Important

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  • Ilyas G

    I said it yesterday and I'll say it again here; the TLC match ranks up right next to the Hell in a Cell match at Wrestlemania for match of the year

    • Izblack

      I agree. Also refreshing too have a show with no Punk on it (almost)

  • AUSTIN 3:16

    I enjoyed the hell out of TLC last night. Very good PPV, would of been a great PPV if Punk & Heyman weren't in the building but still a good PPV none the less

  • Caesar

    TLC 2012 – CM Punk = Great TV. Can't wait too see Rock comeback and kiss Punk's ass at the Rumble and take the title off of him.

    • Moe

      Don't you mean "kick" his ass, lmao?

  • LeftyTosser

    Richard, while I agree that the show was better than I expected, I certainly didn't get the same Kool Aid feeling you did. With all of the performers that were on the PPV last night, did you see anyone that could be reach the same heights that the likes of Austin, Rock, Shawn Michaels, HHH, Flair, Undertaker, Bret, Trish or performers of that era? There is no question that there is talent in the future of the WWE, but to get all googly eyed it would have to reach a level that I just don't see these guys reaching. Good talent: Yes. Superstars: No.

    • Richard Gray

      When Austin had his first PPV match in WCW did you think he would ever be mentioned in the same breath as Hulk Hogan? How about Mean Mark Callous? Were you just sure he would go down as one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all-time and shoe-in for the WWE Hall of Fame? Come on now…

      The problem so many IWCers have is setting unattainable expectations and getting pissed off when they aren't reached.

      • Pluto

        LOL I like the way you think Richard. People seem too forget that Stone Cold use too be the Ring Master, or that The Rock use too get booed out of the building as Rocky Maivia, or that Kane was Issac Yankeem. I got another good one, Remember when HHH use too be Hunter Hearst Helmsey the American Blue Blood. All these guys sucked when they first came too the WWE.

      • LeftyTosser

        Richard, my question was: is there anyone on last night's card that you think honestly has the potential to compare to the performers I mentioned? I'm not knocking the PPV. I was not thrilled except for the match with The Shield, but overall a C+ is about all. I think there are some guys there that could be really solid upper mid carders, but not one that could reach superstar levels. And, by the way, I am an old schooler not an internet guy. Yes, I do spend time on the site, but it certainly is not a main source of entertainment for me. It's a whole lot more informative to pick up the phone and call an old school performer or email them than it is to believe half the stuff on the web. I like your site because I really think you care about what you put out there. There are others that do not care and will type anything they hear or see. My appreciation for your work is also the reason I busted your chops about the report you published on Mike Graham a few weeks back.

  • steve

    I liked what you had to say about the pay per view. i had a little idea though; wouldn't it be great if wwe booked big show, shemus, henry and ryback in a fatal 4 way for the world championship at like elimination chamber or wrestlemania? i think that would be a very interesting match. could easily be the number 2 card on any pay per view. what do you think?

  • Pluto

    I agree Richard, I'm NOT A fan of Cena but dude can straight up get it done, PERIOD! Anybody who watched Cena's title run in 06-07 know damn well he can wrestle. Cena/Edge (Unforgiven 2006 TLC), Cena/Umaga (Royal Rumble 2007 Last Man Standing Match), Cena/Michaels (WM23), Cena/Michaels (RAW Iron Man Match), Cena/Lashley (Great American Bash 2007), Cena/Orton (SummerSlam 2007). That title run was epic IMO. He even carried Khali too some decent matches in their feud. And I'm just talking about his work from late 06/mid 07. Cena has had plenty of classics, more so then most as a matter of fact. And Quite Honestly, Punk's best matches/best feud was with Cena. Most of the IWC won't admit it but Punk would not be enjoying the success he is currently enjoying if it weren't for the fued he had with Cena in the summer of 2011. Cena put Punk over in a HUGE way that year, even Punk himself would agree. I dare anybody too try and come up with a credible opponent too argue against that. Keep up the good work Richard, love the site.

    • mark3man

      Saw an interview with punk and he did agree, I think edge and Orrin would even say the same. When edge and cena were one and two that was massive. Who can forget the bump cena took from the big show through the search light.

  • Robi

    Have to agree with Richard 100% it was refreshing to see so many young workers work at such a high level. The PPV was booked excellently & the TLC match with the Shield was really awesome. Ambrose, Rollins & Reigns stoled the show.

    And while Punk did not wrestle his promo was absolutely fantastic & I wish Richard would have made a comment about his new t-shirt. In my opinion CM Punk's Knees2Faces Tshirt was absolutely awesome & a great way to mock the Rock. I expect the t-shirt to be a real high seller.

    Going back to the Shield, I hope their match opens the door for even more young up & comers in the WWE the same way Punk & Bryan opened the doors for them. The fact guys like Ambrose, Rollins & Cesaro are doing so well in the WWE should help bring in more Indy stars to the WWE & that is something that is much needed.

  • drew1997

    I was there and when they hyped the Rock with the Royal Rumble promo the place exploded with boos

  • I will admit that the TLC match was fantastic! And the Tag Team Tables match was exciting. But out of anything, this PPV still gets a C+. Not an exciting battle royal, nothing new from either of the IC and US title matches (probably because we seen them fight each other so much on TV's), throw-away Diva's match, Big Show vs. Sheamus definitely being put in the wrong spot didn't help the crowd reaction nor mine compared to the TLC match, so confused with ADR and didn't really see the 6-man tag anything special, then the MITB Ladder match having a terrible finish in my opinion. Wasn't expecting much, but damn was I bored for a good chunk of this PPV.

  • Gary

    Cena boos, Ziggler cheers on RAW and I love it. Its a shame that one of the greatest moment in all of wrestling belongs to WCW when they turned Hogan heel because Vince has a chance to match that by doing the same with Cena. It would simply be a historical moment in time for wrestling today. I also think its the rare instance that a heel change might actually bring forth massive cheers as opposed to boos when ti usually happens.

    As for The Rock…I'm pretty sure he goes over Punk at Rumble, which is going to suck and you'll see the fan reaction of boos when he does. I expect a heel Punk to be cheered quite a lot in that match. Cena then beats Rocky at WM to win the title and get the win over Rock and the respect sent back his way for taking the loss the year before. Yawn.

  • Guy Landau

    THANK YOU Richard! I said the EXACT same thing in the Rundown about Cena's wrestling ability. By the way, the Big Show video interview I linked to is a very eye opening one that I think any fan who considers himself "smart on the business" should watch.