Richard Reacts To WWE TLC - A Big Night For Epic Build, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Crowned

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Embedded in the player below is Richard Reacts to WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. For my thoughts and analysis to the show, please listen here:

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  • Mike McCarthy

    Bray Wyatt did the crabwalking thing at Battleground against Kofi Kingston.

    • Gary Robert

      and it was creepy then, also…although I think he fell that time.

  • Justin Lal

    I appreciate you look at things from a positive perspective Richard. If you read the comments on FB and forums you would think WWE just produced the worst PPV since December to Dismember.

    • Jesse Sherwood

      I’m surprised that there has been as much backlash to the PPV as there has. Every single match, with the exception of Miz/Kofi 300, was well worked and very well done. I’ll admit I was very surprised at the ending, as we were expecting a swerve here, but WWE pulled the ultimate swerve by having Orton go over Cena clean with no outside shenanigans. And that’s what I think is grating on most fans nerves. They are sick of Orton and the fact he went over just is sticking in their craw.

      • Scott Davies

        I bet though if Orton was Babyface in this those same people that say that it was “0the worst PPV ever” would say it was the best. You can never please everybody & they are just negative cause they are. I always say if you don’t like what you see change the channel, cause I feel their was a good PPV that happened & everything Richard said in his review I 100% agree with. Which is rare. The one thing I will say with Damien Sandow. Is that he is a talent that can lose, but talk his way back into believing he is a mainevent player.

      • Ben

        Judging the PPV based solely on Orton winning is silly; I imagine many of those fans would be upset if Cena won. It was a lose-lose proposition. At least it was a clean win for Orton. Much as I can’t stand his work (or him in general) a clean match was a nice change of pace. Orton is boring garbage and I get the frustration but the PPV was well done. Just have to hope for the best and that Orton fades from the main event scene soon (or at least the title picture).

    • Simon Veitch

      I completely agree, the comments online make it look like a terrible show, but then imagine if Super Cena had dominated and defied the odds without doing the heel turn people have been crying out for and imagine how the reactions would have been then. I reckon that considering the card they had to work with, and the matches we were given, most of the outcomes were the right choices, with the exception of perhaps AJ vs Natalya

  • Mike McCarthy

    I was going to give this a B because I really wanted the titles to stay separate, but then I realized that I also want it to rain Bacon. WWE promised an epic match like we’ve never seen and they delivered. Minus the two last second matches I loved this one. It’s been a while since I watched a PPV where afterwards I was happy I watched it over SNF. Though wrestling always comes before football, for the first time in a while I’ve felt satisfied with my decision. I’d give this show an A.

  • Steven Anthony

    I wouldn’t go as far as giving this show an A grade because I did not care for the Kofi vs. Miz match. The fast Kofi and slow Miz don’t go well together in the ring. I think that’s why the Houston crowd chanted “This is boring!” I also really didn’t like Daniel Bryan going under to the Wyatt Family. He is the hottest thing WWE has going for them and they put have the guy who worked the least out of all the Wyatts pin him? Terrible booking. I generally don’t like the Wyatt Family, especially Bray Wyatt, but this was bad. That being said, I liked all the other matches, especially CM Punk vs. The Shield and the Fatal Four Way Tag Team Title match. I give this show a B+ (87/100)

    • Chris

      Of course they had the leader of the Wyatt family direct traffic then take the win. Why are you surprised at that?

  • Scott Davies

    I thought the Mainevent was “one of” the best mainevents of this year. It was clean & we got a clear winner & I think the right outcome happened to be honest. With Orton as a heel. It’s instant heat from bragging about the win. Cena did not need the win in my view, but needed to be part of the match.

  • Nostaljack

    I agree with Mike and I’d give this a B. The only thing that keeps it from being an A are the two matches that I just didn’t care about. It was a huge step forward from the last two PPV’s and I enjoyed it muchly!

  • Cubed56

    I gave the show a B, only because the miz/Kofi match and the Brodus/truth match, although like Richard said the Brodus/truth match did serve a purpose. I’ve been giving creative a lot of crap lately, but I really think they did a nice job overall with this PPV. I’m not sure why people are crapping on the PPV, the outcome they came up with for the cena/Orton match I thought was excellent, it’s not their fault it came off a bit underwhelming cause cena’s foot got caught in the ladder not allowing him to crash through the table completely.