Richard Reacts - Why CM Punk Should End "The Streak" (New YouTube Video)

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My latest YouTube video is now online and features me discussing why I feel CM Punk should beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 and end the streak at 20-1. You can watch at this link or embedded in the video below:

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  • tone

    Richard you remind me of Gordon Solie

  • Alex P

    I missed the vids Richard! Do more!

  • Kleck

    Ok, I disagree with you Richard. You said it when you said this is a big deal…this is a big deal for the WWE but it matters more to the one man behind 20-0…Taker. This is the man’s lasting legacy with the fans who have loved him for decades. What more does he have to give after this WrestleMania? He may not wrestle again and for him to lose the last match of his career is not like a passing of the torch as Hogan did to Rock, rather, this is a tarnish of his legacy. Taker and only Taker has earned the right to put over Punk or go over himself. You speak about how this could put over Punk, but who cares? Punk will get over dispite whether he bears Taker or not, and it helps Taker by allowing him the privilege of going 21-0. If he loses, he will forever be known for that one loss which I believe is the exact reason you believe Punk should win…to be that one in the loss column.

    • Cubed56

      You said it best when u said “what more does he have to give after this Wrestlemania?” We don’t know if Taker is gonna have any more matches after this WM, so theres no benefit in him winning. We do know that Punk has alot of great wrestling still in him. And if he loses to Taker that makes Rock twice, cena, and then Taker. I know Taker isn’t just another guy, he’s great, but he wrestles once a year, and for the longest reigning champ in the modern era to go under to a guy who wrestles once a year looks terrible, be it Taker or not. Your right, Punk will be over whether he wins or loses, but its what it could do for WWE if he wins not what it will do for punk. WWE is desperately looking for a megastar who is full time along with Cena, and this will give them that, and only make the product better. I’m a huge taker fan, and wouldn’t be upset if the streak continues or ends, but as an overall wrestling fan ill be disappointed if WWE never takes advantage of the rub a superstar will recieve by beating Taker at WM.

    • Gary Robert

      Its about giving Punk fuel to further story lines. The business is about story lines.

  • It’s amazing to me how many of the people in the IWC will bitch and moan about the backstage politics that ruined WCW, but when the shoe is on the other foot it’s okay. This is just Undertaker trying to politic PURE AND SIMPLE. I’m with Richard in that it sounds a hell of a lot like Taker isn’t thinking about the future of the business, but rather is selfishly thinking of only himself. As for those who will complain about this being Undertaker’s “legacy” I say this: Isn’t 20-0 enough of a legacy? Think about it…no one has ever done it and I seriously doubt anyone will ever reach that mark again. The closest anyone has ever come to his streak was Edge. I’m not being a CM Punk homer, but if there’s anyone out there who can truly benefit from the rub AND give Undertaker a QUALITY match, it’s him. For anyone who’s thinking it should be Cena, you should really go back and listen to his speech to The Rock on last week’s RAW. He has gone on record stating that he’s done EVERYTHING there is to do in WWE, EXCEPT beat The Rock. Notice no mention of The Streak. I challenge any Cena homers to give me reasons why he’s a better candidate to beat Undertaker at WM XXX.

    • Moe

      Totally agree.

    • Popped A Molly Im Sweatin

      Ding Ding Ding we’ve got ourselves a mega mark.

      • Xavier

        Most Punk fans are mega marks. You should of saw all the tears being shed on this site when he lost the title to the Rock. It was a pathetic to see so many so called grown men cry over spelled milk. But if you come to this page often enough you’ll start to notice that they’ll cry about him getting buried every time he loses a match.

        • mikeboogey

          Richard is one of those fans

        • Gary Robert

          A part-timer shouldn’t come in and beat your champion, regardless of the length of time he’s held the title. Its bad writing. This comes from a guy who is a huge fan Rock.

  • John

    As someone else pointed out in a previous comment section, WWE aren’t going to have CM Punk end the streak and have Cena go over Rock in a “passing of the torch” moment, all in the same night. WrestleMania 29 is John Cena’s big moment & they aren’t going to let anything overshadow it.

    • But we can dream, critique and talk about it until it happens;)

      • cobra

        I’m not for or against ending the streak, I don’t care either way. But this has got to be one of your most debated topics ever.

        • Gary Robert

          as well it should be. If The Undertaker retires after this year and remains undefeated then the entire 21 year streak did nothing to further the business.

          • Don

            It doesn’t need to as he has already done enough for the business.

          • mikebooge

            Look richards little patsy

  • Jake

    Punk got the 434 day reign, and will ALWAYS have that over Cena and everyone else in he company so far. He will be in the HOF and he is good enough to get over and stay relevant to the product without beating Taker. I am sure Punk will look like a very strong opponent, and at this point anybody in the “Streak” match is seen as a huge deal. Punk has his big accomplishment, he doesn’t need the streak. But who knows, contrary to what powerserge said Taker is willing to put people over even at WM (Orton, Angle?) but the Streak is something Taker has earned and should always stand out as the Phenom of the most important show of the year. Though I respect your opinion and believe you know much more about the business than me, I truly believe Taker should keep it intact instead of risking it on Punk or anyone else, because anybody can get a career-threatening injury in any match. The only sure thing in the story of the Streak is the streak itself.

  • AndrewMcCutchen22

    I’m surprised we don’t have to pay for this like we have to pay to hear Richard’s other opinions

    • This comment confuses me, Eddie… You’ve been a Premium Member for three and half years? I mean I could understand someone that was a typical troll, but why would you continue to renew if you didn’t like the service? BTW, McCutchen is awesome!

  • Thedave

    Richard you remind me of Sheldon cooper doing a fun with flags!! Seriously though, I’d mark out if wwe actually put cm punk over. He deserves to go over taker and it sets up cena vs punk moving forward for the title in a “who’s rub was the biggest” sort of way

  • Rich

    I like this site when it has news but I don’t like having the owners opinion rammed in my face. Plus punk shouldn’t win as they have to resort to cheap heat to get him over. It’s pityfull and anyone who defends it is just as bad. I agree with fin Martin of power slam magazine twitter.

    • simze

      Agree 100% thats all Richard does

    • simze

      That’s all Richard does he’s a little Bitch

      • You’ve called me a “little bitch” and “pasty.” Yeah, I traced your IP. Same user. Same trolling comments. Have something to contribute to the discussion or do you just enjoy stirring the pot?

        • mikesimzeboogey

          Ya i used to like your work but you changed you just push your opinion on us and when we say something we are wrong because we disagree with you used to when i had a question I ask you or if I was confused you would explain it to me but now your just a jerk about it you know what im talking about

        • mikesimzeboogey

          And I called Gary your patsy not you a patsy

    • Gary Robert

      …uh, then don’t watch the video entitled
      Richard Reacts – Why CM Punk Should End “The Streak”

    • Dangerous Lee

      You clicked the link. You watched the video. You rammed his opinion into your own face…

  • Xavier

    CM Punk fans crying as usual. Nothing new here.

    • Gary Robert

      Its not about fans crying, its about furthering the future of the business, elevating current stars and building future story lines. Its Writing101 to have someone end the streak to build them up further.

      • At least Flair passing the torch to Miz makes sense in how they are. There is no one quite like the Undertaker to pass the torch to. His character is nothing like whiny Punks. Punk should make his own legacy that doesn’t need a piggyback.

  • Gary Robert

    Everyone is complaining about this being such a hot topic but if no one sees why then you all need to be slapped. Undertaker could retire after this match., You might not see him in a ring again. That means no more streak talk next year or any year thereafter so of course its a hotly debated topic and of course talking about ending or not ending the streak will be part of that topic. So anyone complaining about all the talk covering this is an idiot. Would you like him to cover Zach fcukin’ Ryder instead? And, I for one, agree with Richard 100%. This business in’t about one individual. Its about the business as a whole and any accomplishment should be used to further the next guy, to help along the future of the company as a whole. The historic reign of Punk shouldn’t have ended to a part-timer like Rock unless Rock was going to come back full time…if at least for a year. I’m a huge Rock fan, but that’s not how things should work. Punk losing should have been a huge deal, not so much for the actual change of hands of the title, but to elevate the guy that finally ended the long reign. The same can be said for The Streak. This isn’t the UFC or boxing. Undertaker didn’t actual BEAT anyone. He was scripted to beat these guys and now the SCRIPT should be to allow the streak to push story lines into the future. There is no story line that occurs from 21 years of being unbeaten if he wins and just retires never to be seen again. No one benefits. I personally feel Punk needs to be put over (even if its a dirty finish). Maybe Undertaker comes back next year and avenges his loss and retires as a winner, and can say he has beaten everyone he has faced at WM. Whatever….but in 3 weeks, the streak needs to come to an end.

    • Don

      “Undertaker didn’t actual BEAT anyone” Actually given the FACT that he was there for that long means that he has beaten everyone else in terms of longevity. It’s a record for him just to outlast everyone for that long.

      • Gary Robert

        That’s very nice, but has nothing to do with why the streak should or should not stay intact. And yes, I’m aware its a fact he was THERE, lol, but replying to say that when I’m saying he didn’t actually fight anyone and truly “beat” anyone as opposed to the fact its a SCRIPTED show, makes no sense on your part.

  • Streamz

    Richard, the one fatal flaw in your logic is assuming that WWE wants Punk to be the new number 1 over Cena. Cena will forever be the number 1 because he’s a workaholic, more kid-friendly and sells more merchandise. Punk’s planned retirement in 2015 also means Cena provides far more stability for the company. Punk will forever be number 2, he might bridge the gap significantly by beating the streak, but he’ll always be number 2. So what’s the point of tarnishing the most significant piece of Wrestlemania history just so Punk can further increase the gap between number 2 and 3 (whoever that may be), making it impossible for anyone else on the roster to break the glass ceiling?

  • Darko Maric

    I really don’t know what to think. I am still of that opinion that he has earned the right to retire undefeated. I don’t believe that the Undertaker is short on cash in real life, I think he’s doing pretty well and therefore I don’t believe that he does this for the money as some of the other comments would suggest. Even if that is true, he has the right to be paid equally as much as the other main eventers. I think that your points are very good Richard, especially the points about CM Punk challenging Cena, if he had the momentum from a win at WM this year. However, this is a subject where there is a lot of subjectivity and personal feelings and for me, personally, it just seems unimaginable for Undertaker to lose, it would break my heart to see that older, balder and more human looking Undertaker lose, eventhough, as you say, the riscs of his legacy being undermined by a loss is non existing. I just think it’s to hard not to let subjectivity and personal feelings get in the way in this discussion.

  • Why give the rub to someone who won’t rub back once they retire? CM Punk is the type of guy that will shit on the product from his twitter account rather than say something positive. I can already predict he will be one of those former wrestlers that takes cheap shots at WWE instead of trying to help the company. And when a former wrestler does this they just feed IWC as it gives them something to talk about while keeping the former wrestler relevant. CM Punk still has a chip on his shoulder — he’s had it from day one. You could give him a 400 day reign as champion, multiple MITB wins, and the streak, but it won’t knock the chip off his shoulder. He’ll carry that chip into his retirement. It will never be good enough for CM Punk when it comes to WWE, so why give him one of the biggest honors ever in wrestling?

    • cheddar

      That’s Punk’s character…I have a hard time believing that someone with his talent would actually be working in a place he hated. He could walk into any other promotion right now and probably be handed the top spot or at least pushed right to the main event.

  • The Ignored Monster

    Great video!!

  • cheddar

    I would not read much into Punk saying its true that he’s going to retire in 2015. He could be telling the truth, or he could be working everybody. It’s obvious that it’s 50/50 until about….2015.

    The cool thing about all of this is that The Streak ending has always something I’d thought would be interesting to see ended, regardless of who the person ending it was. It could have been Shawn and they they both retire, also Triple could have had the same story had they not did it with Shawn. Also, Orton would have been good to see and I think that would have made him bigger than Cena and we would have seen a different WWE, maybe a not so corny one. But now, Randy wouldn’t be good because he has fallen victim to the corniness.

    Punk will benefit from this because CM Punk will never let anyone forget that he was the one who did what NOBODY else could do. They kind of owe it to him because The Rock is just horrible now. And I’m not trying to crap on him, I do a lot, but he’s just not the same. He’s not watered down, he’s just changed. Plus, he could give 2-3 hours of his time to the fans on Monday Nights, especially during Wrestlemania season as the WWE World Champ main eventing against John Cena. I’m not trying to be biased but Rocky is not in good ring shape and Punk had to carry him in both matches. Elimination Chamber was better to me than the Rumble. Either way though, Punk did a pretty good job for 434 days as champ, but they should have just had Cena finally get his win against Punk at Wrestlemania this year and end the reign himself.

    No disrespect to Undertaker, he is a great character/wrestler and has done many things for the wrestling business, but everyone has to pay their dues. He has paid most all of them, but he has one left. He’s finally got to pass that torch and let Wrestlemania live on without him.

  • Steven

    That Bachelors degree in business is really coming to the forefront of things here, isn’t it Richard? You sure know how to play on an opinion and use it to gain visitors, gauge discussion and of course pop that ad revenue. Props. But as a long time visitor of the site, its getting somewhat dull to hear the same nonsense spouted everyday; which is not even an exaggeration of sorts. It is literally everyday.

    The problem I have with things is that you are putting your opinion across as a fact and have actually turned into an egotist whilst trying to express said opinion. I’ve visited this site for five, going on six years now, and I actually can’t believe the dramatic change that things have taken over the past few months.

    CM Punk vs. Undertaker. Unless I hear that Undertaker is retiring, why would I believe the streak is ending? If I am to believe your reports of Triple H being an egotist, why would I believe that he would be alright with Punk ending something that Michaels and he wouldn’t? And quite why Punk has earned the right to have the suffix of ending the Undertaker’s streak on his record, I don’t understand or won’t even begin to understand.

    Why should it be CM Punk? If a 434-day reign couldn’t put him at the forefront of the WWE despite WWE pushing it down our throats, why would ending the streak be any different? Undertaker literally has a cult following; to make that move would be the worst thing ever. Also, why in the hell would a “business” (WWE) think it was a good idea to put Punk over when he can’t stand on his own merits and pop a rating everytime he’s on TV? Didn’t the all-important ratings decline when he was at the forefront, during the infamous Summer of Punk and year long reign? He has fans… but those fans are not the ones who put their hands in their pockets like Cena fans do.

    Did you know that despite The Rock being back in the run-up to WMXXVII, XXVIII and so far XXIX – Cena has still outsold him on merchandise based on arena reports of merchandise sales and WWEShop’s top-sellers list? Unless Punk can claim to do the same-which, fyi, he cannot-Vince isn’t even going to think of putting Punk over.

    Lets also not forget the somewhat controversial comments that Punk made when he said that he would only be wrestling for another three years… so that negates any long-term ramifications or plans to have Punk be the ultimate heat-magnet beyond three years. Punk couldn’t even carry over a streak of sorts to say that he was better than ‘Taker like I believed they would have Edge do when he was 9-0 and ‘Taker was going for 16-0. Punk is 3-3. Impressive… not.

    Trust me when I say, Punk isn’t the one to end the streak.

    Why half of the Internet is questioning that Punk will end the streak borders on unbelievable.

    April 7th, Undertaker goes 21-0 & hopefully you stop flame-baiting for attention and visitors. It’s nice to have an opinion; that’s why your Ask WNW is so popular-but to go back on what you have said countless times and shove it down the visitors throats in an arrogant manner is disheartening to see.

    • Really Steven? You think I’m doing this for ad revenue? Haha. Always appreciated your support and consider you a friend but I’m putting this out there because it’s what I believe. It’s my passion that drives me. Nothing else. If you can’t stand up for something you truly believe in, than what can you? I truly believe this is the correct measure and it’s healthy to debate it both ways. However, to throw around terms such as “arrogant” and “egotistical” in a healthy debate seems off base. I get plenty of heat, lot of trolls out there, but this is one of the most surprising comments that’s ever been posted on this website.

      • Steven

        I’d like to question how you believe this is what is going down April 7th – why exactly will CM Punk end the Undertaker’s streak? I’ve still not seen a valid argument that would convince anyone of Punk going over. I’m sorry but a losing streak does not really hint towards someone going over.

        Also, is McMahon really going to let John Cena vs. The Rock, part deux, be overshadowed (which in all seriousness it would be) by the streak ending the same night? Plus, as aforementioned – would the egotist known to us as Triple H really put over Punk when he was the man who had to bring the Summer of Punk to a screeching halt? Regardless of if CM Punk went over, he would not replace John Cena, even though the Internet believes that he’s the second coming of Jesus or something. He’s over, yes… but until he’s pouring at least as much cash as Cena is into McMahon’s pockets, he won’t replace him.

        I was of the belief that if it should have ended, it would have ended with either Randy Orton at WM21, Batista at 23, Edge at 24 or Shawn Michaels at 25. It would’ve put the first three over massively; to Shawn it would have just chalked up a perfect list of accolades-something which isn’t much of a stretch when you consider all of the backstage politics that were played. Now? No. It’s not ending. The only person that will end it will be ‘Taker when he retires and signals the end of defending the streak.

        I just don’t understand how you’ve flipped your entire mindset now that one of your favourites are involved. I never want to see the streak end; doesn’t matter if John Cena is challenging for it, The Rock is challenging for it or if some other people I list among my favourites were up challenging for it. I shared your belief that the streak will never end.

        I threw around the advertisement revenue comment and both “arrogant” and “egotistical” comments because I truly believed this was flame-bait and a way to drive visitors. I’ve seen it happen lots of times, as you likely have to. Someone’s on to something good and it’s a hot and controversial topic, you stick with it. Remember, controversy creates cash. However, I do apologise if I came off as a bit of an ass.

        What I suggest would be to have an open debate or two articles. One written by you, one written by a ‘Taker fan who is of the belief that the streak will never end. Just do it as editorials instead of driving it into the ground with the constant Ask WNW portions. You don’t see many wrestling news sites offer the community to get involved; how about it?

        • But that’s the thing… I don’t believe they’re going to book Punk over. I truly believe Undertaker goes over Punk 21-0. I’ve said that all along? I’m just saying they’re in a good position to end it.

        • Gary Robert

          Actually he has stated more than once that he feels Punk should go over but that WWE will do do so.

        • Cheddar

          What I don’t get is how everybody here knows how much money who is making in what sales and all of that, even though none of you work for WWE.

          If Taker doesn’t end the streak, he’s selfish, bottom line. He’s old, he’s fat, its time to gooooooooo. Idc if it was Fandango, its time to go.