Richard Reacts To Wrestlemania 30 - The End Of An Era, The Beginning Of Another

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Listen below as I break down Wrestlemania 30 for nearly one hour and discuss what I liked, what I didn't like and I fully express my opinion on the streak coming to an end and Daniel Bryan getting his Wrestlemania moment.

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  • Matt

    Thanks for the shout out!

    • You’re welcome Matt K-un-ka LOL

      • Matt

        LOL 🙂

  • Cory S

    Richard is a mark! hahaha

    • Hah, we are all marks my friend.

      • Michael Rubin

        iam proud to be MARK IF being a mark means you love pro wrestling

  • Bill

    Awesome Job Richard – I always enjoy this part of the premium section. I agree on all your points, and I actually remember some of the divas match, and botch is the word that comes to mind. You can tell that Nat N and AJ Lee are soooo much above the rest of the division in regards to ring work. I myself thought the Undertaker was beat up last night even before the match start. I hate to say it but the Undertaker may be done very shortly. Maybe Sting vs the Undertaker happens at Summerslam and he retires the next night, not sure if he is going to have enough in the tank to make it to WM 31. He deserves to go home and be with his beautiful wife and enjoy the qulaity of life that he deserves …. What a performer man oh man ………

  • D_gilbert88

    Was it just me…or did Bryan and HHH put a few links to Benoit in their match? DB attempted a triple German suplex, that I haven’t seen him do before. And HHH used the cross face, that you don’t see too often anymore. Not to mention the show closing with DB celebrations just like Benoits in wm20. Just a thought! Lol

  • Skip Mathias

    An excellent listen while I was working. After the Undertaker loss, my girlfriend turned to me (in the same astonishment) and said, “You know what would get these people to turn around? What would turn all of the air from astonishment to raw emotion? Have Barrett come out and deliver some ‘Bad News’ about their glorious Phenom.”

  • Mike McCarthy

    Agree with almost everything in here, but I gotta say I thought Mr. T’s speech was awesome, I’m not gonna try and persuade you out of your opinion but I can’t agree when you say that he should’ve been humble to be inducted. He main evented the first two WrestleMania’s, though that might not add up to some of the accomplishments of other inductees I’d still call Mr. T one of the most important members of the “Celebrity Wing”. I don’t think anybody should be discussing whether he took too long or not, we should be discussing why the Hall of Fame had a time limit at all. The show always goes longer than planned and it was on the WWE Network exclusively. I think we can all agree that if somebody earns a Hall of Fame induction they shouldn’t have to worry about how long their speech is.

  • Adam

    Had a thought, did anyone think that taker decided to end it this year because paul bearer passed? Mark Calloway seems like a classy guy and I can see that being a factor in his decision

  • Nick K

    Just one thing about taker, remember at some point he suffered a severe concussion during that match and that to effect it adversely. Also closing the show with that would have been a disaster and the fact that Bryan brought that crowd back to life after the shock of taker losing speaks volumes about how over he is and I believe he is now the guy, not cena.

  • Finally! Someone gets it! Thank you, Richard! Thank you for giving voice to my feelings surrounding the Lesnar/Undertaker match. I agreed with every syllable of what you said.

  • For the record, it’s Bruno SAM’-ar-TIN’-o, Richard….LOL!