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Below are my notes from this week's Monday Night Raw in Denver, Colorado:

John Cena opened the show and talked about Randy Orton's recent losses. He explained the odds were there would be a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion on Sunday. Zeb Colter interrupted with Cesaro and told Cena he was looking at the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Cesaro said Cena wasn't the only one to beat Orton and he's not just going to become the new face of WWE but the new face of America. Sheamus interrupted and said he was going to kick both their teeth in. He started on Orton but Christian cut him off. He talked down Sheamus before Orton's music played.

Orton came out and thanked The Authority for the ability to beat everyone at the Elimination Chamber on Sunday. He admitted to underestimating Cesaro and said it's not going to happen again. Orton said they both know Cena can't beat him when it counts. He told Christian they've had some of the best matches of his career but he's won them all because he's the face of the WWE. Orton said the Brogue Kick isn't going to get anywhere close. Daniel Bryan, decked out in his new white t-shirt, cut him off.

Bryan said they've come out and done a lot of talking but the crowd is talking for him. He said the Elimination Chamber all leads to that and pointed to the Wrestlemania XXX logo. No one is going to be talking about any of them but there will be an entire arena chanting the word Yes. Kane came out in a suit.

Kane said The Authority has given him the chance to rectify certain mistakes he's made recently by leaving him in charge tonight. The crowd loudly chanted "You Sold Out." He announced Cesaro vs. Cena and Christian vs. Daniel Bryan in addition to Orton vs. Sheamus. He announced Bryan and Christian were up next.

It was announced after the segment that Mark Henry will face Roman Reigns later in the night and Los Matadores would team up with Sin Cara to face The Wyatt Family.

Daniel Bryan beat Christian in 11 minutes. Christian was a complete heel. He attacked Bryan before the match started and largely worked his left shoulder. Christian used a shoulder-driving inverted DDT to take Bryan to the mat in a spot they replayed. The finish saw Bryan counter the Kill Switch and roll Christian up for the three count. Kane got back on the mic and told Bryan that he had another match tonight -- one against him.

Daniel Bryan beat Kane via disqualification in a quick match. Corporate Kane, in his wife beater, continued where Christian left off and focused on Daniel Bryan's left shoulder. The match started on the WWE App, which gave Michael Cole an opportunity for a plug. JBL put it on heavy as the heel, putting Kane over throughout. Referee Charles Robinson threw the match out when Kane wouldn't release a hold on Bryan on the outside. Kane continued to work over Bryan's left shoulder after the match. He got on the mic and said, "Yeah, I know. I'm disqualified." They showed a replay of Kane tossing Bryan head-first into the barricade and said he would be less than 100% on Sunday.

Backstage, the dissension amongst The Shield...

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