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Below are my notes from this week's episode of Monday Night Raw at the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee:

Hulk Hogan opened the show and cut a promo on the WWE Network. His Wrestlemania 30 announcement is a 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. They show the winner will get a trophy. John Cena came out and really put Hogan over in an over the top way. We all know by now Cena really (no, I mean really) respects Hogan but this was too much. Cena said to throw his name into the Battle Royal at Wrestlemania. Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family came out and Cena dogged on Bray, calling him a homeless man in a Jimmy Buffet shirt (or something like that). Cena challenged Wyatt to a match at Wrestlemania but he didn't immediately accept. Instead, the Wyatts approached the ring with Hogan and Cena standing.

John Cena beat Erick Rowan when Rowan took starred at The Wyatt Family on the outside and Cena rolled him up. They booked it that Cena stole it but a forgettable opener. Hulk Hogan remained ringside in Cena's corner and posed down with Cena after the match.

Bray Wyatt did a good job following Hogan and Cena on the mic in his promo but the opening love affair between Cena and Hogan was a nightmare for any Attitude Era fan. That's the stuff that turns older fans off. The only way they pull that segment off is if Cena turns on Hogan and we all knew that was going to happen. We're four weeks away from Wrestlemania and that was not a good way to begin the night.

The Authority were out next. Stephanie McMahon called on Daniel Bryan to admit he was wrong and apologize. They can move forward as long as he can apologize.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos beat Ryback & Curtis Axel when Jimmy Uso hit the Super Fly Splash on Axel. The bout was non-title and Ryback announced in a pre-tape that he'll be in the 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Ryback and Axel didn't have their entrances televised. There was one high-risk spot by The Usos but this was just a few minutes long.

WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E beat Jack Swagger in a non-title match. Big E rolled Swagger up when Swagger yelled for Cesaro to not get involved. After the match, the dissension between Swagger and Cesaro continued even after Zeb Colter got them to shake hands. This was the third match of the night that didn't touch the four minute mark. Big E announced himself as a participant in the 30-man Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Undertaker came out for the 9 PM segment. Paul Heyman got on the mic before Undertaker could and explained how hard it was to win consecutive Wrestlemania matches. He said after last year, he...

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