Ricochet/WWE Update, Michelle McCool Has Surgery, Dolph Ziggler To Change Style?, Scooby-Doo Figures

- Wrestling News World reader Stan Hain sent world that it was announced Friday that Ricochet will challenge Johnny Gargano for his title at the Dragon Gate USA shows over Wrestlemania XXX weekend. This indicates Ricochet didn't land a contract with WWE as expected. Ricochet was at WWE's tryout camp at the WWE Performance Center last month and was believed to be very close to landing a developmental contract.

- Michelle McCool recently underwent wrist surgery to help with chronic pain caused by carpal tunnel and/or arthritis.

- While Dolph Ziggler is on the mend following normal results of an ImPACT concussion test, there's a lot of chatter regarding his future moving forward. One observer noted that even though neither one of his last two concussions were his fault, he's going to have to alter his in-ring style.

- WWE and Mattel will be releasing a special line of two-packs featuring Scooby-Doo and WWE wrestlers.

  • Kleck

    What a shame when you have a talented wrestler who makes the most of his opportunities have to alter his style because of the actions of a less talented wrestler who doesn’t make the most of his opportunities and will never be a factor in the WWE.

    We the fans end up suffering.

    • Chris

      Regardless of whose fault, Dolph is the one suffering. I love Dolph in the ring, but he needs to do whatever he needs to do, to make sure he can keep competing.

    • Nostaljack

      Truth! Ziggler is a fantastic worker. Rybread and Thwagger should have been severely disciplined for the harm they caused him. Thwagger has gotten his somewhat by being taken out of the main even picture and being the guy Cesaro is saddled with. Rybread isn’t great in the ring and has hurt others in the past. He just keeps screwing up and not getting over. He was sort of okay on the mic on Monday night but really only okay. Ziggler has the whole package, yet he’s stuck in Shelton Benjamin-land. Having said all of that, though, the most important thing is his long-term health. I hope that’s what’s most important to him too.

    • k! ng

      Can’t blame ryback or swagger some people can take them shots n be fine others can’t. Guess wwe should ban all head shots.

  • amaanakter

    Why should he change his ring style it the others who should change

    • BlazeKing

      Because he probably didn’t fully recover from the 1st concussion. He took so many bumps between then and his 2nd concussion… Chris Nowinski always warned athletes about that when he formed his institution.

      People faulting Ryback for the 2nd one clearly don’t understand how concussions work and how long you can suffer from one. Between all of those bumps and Ryback’s clothesline, it was bound to happen again. All those bumps softened him up again at an accelerated speed. That’s the nature of the business though. You try to hide your injury until you can’t anymore out of fear of losing your spot. In Dolph’s case, losing that spot again.

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    He shouldn’t have too alter his in ring style at all.. you should just get rid of the two that caused them..