Ridiculous To Chant CM Punk?, Giving WWE Credit, Orton/Bryan Steal The Show, Wyatt Promos

How does WWE plan on handling the March 3, 2014 episode of Monday Night Raw in Chicago, Illinois? I can see the crowd chanting CM Punk for three straight hours.

It's probably safe to assume WWE is happy this taping is still a month out to give the CM Punk story a chance to cool down, however, fans are going to have to get over it. I'm very high up on CM Punk, I agree with Mick Foley in the sky should have been the limit and his booking did him no favors. That still doesn't change the fact that he quit. It's fun to see an audience passionately chant for someone and the message sent about Daniel Bryan [at Royal Rumble] was a case of WWE reaping what they had sown, however, Punk still quit. At some point it has to get a little monotonous chanting for a guy that chose to leave and has no chance of appearing. Monday night on Twitter there was one person responding to all of my Tweets about Raw with #WeWantPunk when it hit me how ridiculous that was. It's not WWE refusing to give the fans Punk, he left on his own terms.

Rumor has it that security was telling people to stop chanting for CM Punk and taking Punk signs away. How much truth is there to this and under first amendment rights can a crowd member be thrown out for not stopping a Punk chant?

Fans were not ejected for chanting CM Punk at this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in Omaha. Apparently there were some claims on Twitter that started to make headlines but they were not based on fact. WWE and event staff were confiscating CM Punk signs in order to try to keep the attention off the story of him leaving the company. WWE did make other efforts to control the crowd chants and I'll have more in this week's Backstage Raw News.

How about the show Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton put on at this week's episode of Monday Night Raw?

One would be hard pressed to criticize WWE for giving Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton more than 27 minutes on free TV that saw Bryan pin the WWE World Heavyweight Champion clean. We can all be hesitant about WWE finally giving Bryan a protected run as a top guy but you're not going to see anything bad from me about this one. This was the right move and a case of Vince McMahon listening to his audience. We also need to give Bryan and Orton a tremendous amount of credit. They've had a lot of matches with one another and to be able to produce material that still tells a story and is new and is refreshing is no easy task. The main event was by far away the best thing on this week's Raw and if you missed it, you need to go back and watch it. You can read my complete notes from this week's Raw including my full analysis on the main event at this link.

What is your perspective on Bray Wyatt's promos?

Bray Wyatt's promos are creepy, far out and always leave me wondering, "what was that about?" That's exactly what WWE is going for and Bray does a great job of capturing the gimmick and portraying it in a way where it appears to be an extension of his real-life persona. This is how the best gimmicks are created and the entire Wyatt Family gimmick carries a level of mystique we haven't seen in quite some time. What makes it even better is the fact Bray can actually work as he proved at Royal Rumble. His future should be very bright.

From the Ask WNW vault…

April 2013: When will WWE realize Undertaker should always go last at Wrestlemania? Every year the crowd dies down after his matches no matter what happens next. - I agree, The Undertaker is impossible to follow at Wrestlemania. We’ve seen him do what he did at Wrestlemania 29 before (saving the show with an outstanding match) yet we all wondered going in what CM Punk would be able to get out of him. Here’s a guy that works one match a year and consistently puts on “match of the year” candidates. Following his match against CM Punk, the conversation has shifted. We need to start having serious debate on whether or not Undertaker is the greatest of all-time. I almost feel bad for even doubting what we would get out of the bout this year. Undertaker not only showed he hasn’t “lost a step” in the ring but his physical conditioning was very good as well. He certainly looked the part and did not disappoint.

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  • Mark McMark

    I disagree Richard. Let the Punk chants continue. Yeah, he left. But maybe his example can serve as a cautionary tale. He’s a martyr to the crappy booking WWE has given us since 2011.

    I also disagree with you on the Daniel Bryan win being a case of Vince McMahon listening to his fans. I think it’s more of a case of too little, too late. Bryan deserves to be in the main event of mania. He SHOULD have won the Rumble. There’s no bigger rub in the company than that. And WWE squandered that option for a very limited and short-sighted option in Batista. Unfortunately, the Rumble comes once a year…

    I’m not saying I’m smarter than Vince. Perhaps he sees things that I don’t. But I do know that 2011-now has been a case of start. stop. for younger talent. It’s been exasperating to watch. Very difficult to remain a wrestling fan. We’re in the era of the part-timers. And it absolutely sucks.

    If the crowd wants to chant for Punk, then let them. If we’re unhappy with Daniel Bryan’s (lack of a) push, then let us be. The chickens have come home to roost.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      CM Punk still walked out on the WWE on his own terms, it doesn’t matter if it was down to poor booking, that is no excuse to walk out, and it won’t change anything. The fact remains, he walked end of story. The fans can chant all they want, the WWE can’t control that. But for them to blame WWE on him walking that’s just silly.

      Vince isn’t listening to the fans? if I remember D.Bryan has been in main event after main event on RAW, and probably alot of the PPVs. Yes it was disappointing that he didn’t win the rumble but you can’t ignore all the main events he’s been in.

      Vince is a very smart guy, yes he probably is a little short sighted at times, but the man is freaking genius. Era of part timers, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, and if you want Batista, but he’s here majority of the time and probably will be.

      Again, yes the crowd can change what ever they want, but it won’t change anything. Lack of push? Please watch his past matches.

      The chickens have come home to roost. Interesting. The WWE has been on the wrong end for years, coming from the PG era, to John Cena’s heel turn. Yet.. things still haven’t changed.

      As I’ve said, Vince maybe short sighted at times, but the man is a genius aswell, he will give fans what they want eventually. Everybody wants to see this “YES! Movement” at Wrestlemania. D.Bryan to beat HHH at ‘mania, then going to Extreme Rules? possibly for the WWE WHC?

      One chant comes to mind.

      • bigjoe

        So Whats the difference between Punk leaving and WWE releasing someone from their contract?
        I will answer for you….. NOTHING.

        • opie

          That’s asinine.

          • bigjoe

            Please explain why you think that’s stupid.

          • Mysterion

            I like the way you showed understanding of the more difficult word there. Very good! There is a WORLD of difference in Punk walking and WWE releasing him. For one, they still want Punk under contract. Also, there is no need for such a confrontational attitude there, keyboard warrior. You’re on an Internet forum attacking people with piss poor grammar. You realise how childish that is?

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          Punk still works for the WWE at this point..

          • bigjoe

            I understand he is still officially a part of WWE. What Im saying is why are people bashing him for leaving if there is no difference between him leaving before his contract is up and WWE releasing a worker before their contact is up?

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            Probably because he walked out, nobody expects him to return or resign. That’s why I’m sticking to “he’s walked” for now.

          • ron

            When was the last time WWE released a performer. They Don’t! They let their contracts run out and do not resign them. They continue to be paid based on their specific contract until it expires

        • Jimmy

          Are you mentally disabled?

          • bigjoe

            ahhhh. you got me there you truly hurt my feelings. jackass.

          • Jimmy

            I wasn’t trying to hurt your feelings, i was asking a serious question because I actually am curious?

    • The crowd can chant all they want but it doesn’t change the fact CM Punk left. He’s not going to re-appear just because they’re chanting for him. It’s up to Punk at this point. As for DB – he got a clean win over Orton. Let’s take it week-by-week. It’s easy to be overly critical but it sounds like you might need to stop watching for a couple weeks. You seem to be suffering from fan burn out.

      • iHateTrollsMarksAndStupidity

        Yeah, Richard, he walked out on his terms, but don’t you think that maybe his resignation influenced WWE into finally turning things in Bryan’s favor? I’m pretty sure that until last week they still wanted to keep Bryan relevant, but mantaining their original plans up to WM30. However, the CM Punk situation forced them to do something as damage control. People chanting CM Punk’s name is a way of putting more pressure to the WWE, showing them them who people like and want in a good spot with the company, contrary to the typical “I’m gonna force you to like this guy, even if he doesn’t deserves the push”. And that’s one of the reasons for Punk to leave, isn’t it?

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          He hasn’t handed in his resignation, he’s still for them. He just walked out, and no it won’t have influenced anything. CM Punk only forced them to change the situation because he walked out, the only thing that’s changed is D.Bryan is going to ‘mania against HHH instead of Punk. Punk left because of the direction of his character and he’s battered and exhausted.

        • Xavier

          Punk walking out has nothing to do with Bryan. Punk didn’t quit because he was standing up to Bryan. Lets stop spinning this into something it’s not.

          • Mark McMark

            in my original post, I was talking about two separate situations. Bryan’s and Punk’s. However, they’ve both frustrated me to no end. It’s why I don’t really watch anymore.

      • Mark McMark

        Richard, I haven’t *seriously* watched for about a year now. I still come here to keep up with news. And if I hear something awesome has happened in WWE, I check it out. But I’m burned out on the product. And I’m most likely going to break my streak of ordering Wrestlemania.

        The WWE Network had my attention, but then the Rumble happened. And so did Punk walking out. The events of last week were a huge buzzkill.

        I know that Punk walked out on his own terms, but the way WWE has been handling him certainly hasn’t helped the situation. He was the hottest commodity in 2011. And, sure, they rewarded him by giving him the title for over a year. But he still played second fiddle to Cena the entire time. He was never truly given his time in the sun. Cena was always headlining the shows Punk was champ. And I feel like that’s what’s happening to DB right now. It doesn’t matter how over he gets, he’ll always be second fiddle.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love Cena. Not too big on his character, but he’s a joy to watch in the ring. I just like variety in the main event scene.

        • opie

          This (not just this site, but all of them) is the worst way to keep up with wrestling if you don’t watch. It’s like using facebook to keep up with your ex-girlfriend.

      • Jbreed

        I think the fans are smart enough to realize chanting CM Punk’s name won’t bring him back. The reason for chanting Punk’s name was first of all is because they appreciate what he did and they’re on his side, and secondly because they know by chanting Punk’s name they get under Vince McMahon’s and Triple H’s skin.

    • opie

      Lol did you really call Punk a martyr? That’s a tad dramatic, don’t you think?

  • Max Akh

    Thanks again for answering another question of mine. I haven’t decided if I’m going to go to the 3/3/14 raw but if I do I’ll be apart of the Punk movement.

    • Ricky

      For what reason? To prove that even after a month you can’t get over the fact he took his ball and went home?

      • Tom

        It is a symptom of a larger problem. CM Punk stood for change, and the WWE hasn’t changed. RAW was as insufferable last night as any other despite Bryan being in the main event.

        I can honestly say I am as disgruntled and disappointed as ever with the product, and I’ve watched my entire life.

        • Ricky

          Then stop watching

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          CM Punk once stood for ice cream bars, why don’t you chant that too?

          I still want mine….

        • Jimmy

          You keep thinking that pal

    • Jimmy

      You keep thinking that

  • Jaryd

    I live in the UK so I don’t know how strong the free speech law is… however, doesn’t the fact that you’re appearing at someone else’s event mean that they can put their own rules in place? Buying a ticket is essentially entering into a contract of sorts with WWE so if you upset them in however way I’m pretty sure there’s nothing stopping them legally throwing you out.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      I doubt they’ll throw anybody out, just people making stuff up.

      I can just assume that WWE is trying to control it, RAW isn’t going to be much fun when it’s just CM Punk chants the entire time.

      I mean look at the WWE Facebook page. It’s just #WeWantPunk. Urgh.

  • Dustyn

    Does Bray come up with ideas/write his own promos?

    • In short, yes but this isn’t all that uncommon. WWE gives a lot of workers freedom to “go with their character” and obviously approve the things they come up with before they do them. The Shield is an example where Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns developed the staples of the faction as they went along. The creative team can manage the direction but it’d be impossible to micromanage the subtle things workers do to progress their respective gimmicks.

  • Tom

    The only reason you defend the WWE in this case, Richard, is because it provides you an avenue to make money.

    WWE fans are tired of WWE’s status quo. People love CM Punk for what he stood for.. At the very least, it should be for change. It’s another example of ignoring the issue, and you are defending their stance.

    Even if the chants don’t bring Punk back, WWE needs to be reminded that it was wrong, and has been for a long time now, until they actually do something about it.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      How do you not understand that CM Punk left ON HIS OWN terms.

      • josh

        JR – we dont know the whole story yet – WWE nor CM Punk have spoken out on what exactly happened. We, as fans, know Punk has been unhappy about the same things we have – no long term booking, no direction, pointless crap that goes nowhere. He took a stand – granted, its at the fans expense who are already tired of being forcefed garbage – but people love what he stands for regardless if he walked out. WWE likely had it coming.

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          Agreed we don’t know what the whole story is, he doesn’t really stand for anything at this point, he walked out. That’s all there is too it.

          Edit: There is no one side or the other. CM Punk walked. People are chanting for something they don’t know is true.

          We don’t even know if him walking out was to with what you mentioned, people are just assuming that.

        • Tom

          Exactly, and the only side that really looks bad is the WWE… By confiscating the signs and noticeable removal from the WWE video packages, they are obviously doing their best to bury him when they should have just left it the way that it is.

          Punk has not said anything in the public eye since this all had happened and it makes WWE look all the more ridiculous.

          WWE is a very prideful corporation.. They rarely if ever own up to mistakes. CM Punk was unhappy, he supposedly made it known for a while, and as an employee, you will not put up with a bad situation for long before you do something that gets you fired, or you just flip out and quit. CM Punk made WWE money, he has quite the fan following, you go out of your way to the best of your ability to keep your money makers happy.

          Instead of punishing people for being CM Punk fans by confiscating signs or supposedly ejecting people, how about publicly come out and own up to responsibility, and let people know that this situation is just how it is and it won’t change?

          People’s reactions will die down, and then they can go back to the Triple H Show.

          • josh

            Another thing that I dont understand is that all the dirt sheets are saying “oh yeah Vince wants him back”, “theres still a chance he comes back for Mania” etc etc. HOWEVER why would they remove him from all the video packages and basically bury the guy if they are indeed trying to negotiate? Why not let it sit until something is over with?

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            So people are not reminded by Punk constantly? and the possibility that they can turn it into a story.

      • batman

        BECAUSE of the way they treated him. How do you not understand that?

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          I do understand that but you just don’t walk because you don’t like it.

          What about other guys lack Zack Ryder? Dolph Ziggler? Did any of them have 434 WWE Championship reign as the “1b”? Did any of those quit because he didn’t like his Wrestlemania match?

          Some of these guys won’t even get a Wrestlemania match. Do you see them walking out? No, because they have a job to do.

        • Xavier

          They treated him wrong by giving him a 435 day title reign? By letting him take a leave of absence for two months? By making him one of the highest paid guys on the roster? By placing him in a program with Undertaker at Mania? By giving him the freedom too break kayfabe on a nighty basis? By putting him in a high profile feud with Lesnar at Sunnerslam? Yeah, WWE treated him terribly

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            I know right? I wish I was treated that badly.

          • Xavier

            Lol me too. Too many people treating this dude like a victim when Punk being a victim is really the furthest thing from the truth

          • JR Texx (Jamie)

            You think if I walk out of my job because I don’t like what I’m doing and what I’ve done, think I’d get praised like Punk? It’s really bizarre how people are treating this differently.

          • Tom

            Sure..if you walked out for a reason that is pretty much synonymous of the view of the product/company a lot of people the world over.

          • Xavier

            Exactly. People also forget that the WWE has let Punk slide on a lot of things that would of gotten anyone else in the doghouse. He hit a fan in the audience back in 2012 and didn’t even receive a slap on the wrist. He was in stupid twitter war with Chris Brown over something that had nothing to do with him, he cussed out a heckling fan on live TV a few months ago (imagine the hate Orton or Ryback would of received if they had done that), he goes in twitter and constantly complains about traveling, he threw a fit last year because he had too go under to the Undertaker last year at Mania (even though everybody else including HHH, HBK and Batista went under him with no complaint) oh and he told some of his own fans too drink poison and die. A guy like Ziggler hasn’t done a fourth of the stuff Punk has done and he was buried deep in the dog house. So like I said, people need to stop acting like this dude is a victim

          • bigjoe

            You never book your champion midcard or in fued with useless wastes of space like Ryback. The only reason he was booked champion for so long was so they could show how “great” dwayne is by taking the strap off a guy who held it that long and is one of the 3 best WRESTLERS in the world. he was booked as champ but not as the man and he should have been.

          • Xavier

            Punk hasn’t been booked as a midcarder for years, what are you talking about man.

            PPunk wasn’t booked as the man because he’s not the man, it’s really quite that simple honestly. As great as Punk is in the ring or on the mic he’s not the type of guy you make the face of the company. There’s been incidents that prove that.

          • Jimmy

            Thank You Xavier! For saving me time on typing because your saying the exact thing that everyone not bias to CM Punk is thinking.

          • Steve pritchard

            I feel the same way and I’m a huge punk fan. But I think there’s more to this situation than being mad about character progression . I think dude has anger issues. I just don’t see him walking out over his spot in mania. But it’s still not an excuse to walk out the way he did.

        • Jimmy

          How did they treat him? Please tell me what they did to mistreat him so badly that it caused him to walk out? Please oh pretty please intrigue me because I desperately wanna hear this.

    • I think people are confusing the situations of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. I’m not taking any side here, I’m just saying what’s the point in paying to go to a WWE event and chanting for a guy that no longer works there? He left and the company is moving on. It reaches a point where the fans have to do the same. It’d be one thing had Punk been fired or if he were sitting on his hands backstage beside Dolph Ziggler but he’s not there because he doesn’t want to be there.

      • Sandeep Agarwal

        I agree that the chants will faint over time but i feel it is not for telling the management that so many people like Punk and he should be brought back at any cost. I feel that the chants are (and should be) for voicing the opinion that whatever is happening in WWE at present is wrong and to show their support for Punk. And it is the main reason why people are chanting for DB when he is not a part of the ongoing match, to voice their displeasure with the way WWE has booked DB. What other way do people have to tell WWE what they want? Not watching WWE doesn’t make any sense and i don’t think WWE gives any importance to the opinions shared on internet. Not defending Punk here, just trying to explain the reaction.

        • Tom

          You should definitely win an award or something.

          WWE feels they don’t have any accountability for their actions. They can’t make any mistakes and they certainly don’t have to own up to them.

          WWE doesn’t ever have to learn any lessons.. Why should they when they have marks out there who are fine with the status quo?

          I would rather funnel money into a company that is humbled once in a while.. So maybe somewhere down the road they do treat superstars like ZIggler, Daniel Bryan, any member of the shield, wyatts, etc etc with more respect.

          That’s just part of WWE’s arrogance and why this is even an issue to begin with.

        • Jimmy

          No one man is bigger than the WWE

      • Jimmy

        Theres no need to explain yourself Richard, the people complaining have either failed to read the situation properly, failed to understand the situation or are just completely bias CM Punk fanboys.

      • Mushroom

        I see the point you’re making. I mean, AJ Styles and Sting are both gone from TNA, yet you don’t see the TNA fans constantly chanting for both of them.

    • opie

      How are they wrong for producing their product they way they think is best?

    • ron

      I don’t understand the comment or the logic because WWE did not take a stance. They did not want punk to leave. Punk is the one that walked out on the fans!

    • Jimmy

      That whats wrong? What did WWE do that is wrong? Punk walked out on his own free will so what did they do wrong? Please fill me in because i must of missed something?

  • bigjoe

    KYall are quick to take the WWE’s side when its them, not Punk, who screws everything up. Vince is no longer in the business of WRESTLING. It’s basically what can he do to be popular to the mainstream and he doesn’t give a damn if he alienates true WRESTLING fans. Being a great in-ring performer is the least important aspect of this business to him. I don’t mind Cena because I get it. All the things he does for kids through Make-a-Wish is amazing and he can go if he has someone who can carry him. Batista, Orton, Ryback, etc. have no business near the top. Khali, Santino, Los Matadores, etc. shouldn’t be on TV. They are wasting the talents of Cesaro, Sandow, Ziggler, etc. Bryan and Punk should have main evented Wrestlemania. They could put on an EPIC 45 minute match that would have had people talking for years. Vince is either out of touch or he doesn’t give a damn about WRESTLING fans. Maybe YALL forgot what wrestling was built on and that’s why it’s easy for yall to take the companies side.

    • ron

      Yes I will take WWE’s side. They wanted Punk to stay and so do I so yes I agree with them. Understand HE WALKed

  • Venom

    Richard you have to also understand these crowds for the next few months purchased their tickets before the CM Punk situation happened. I can’t blame them for being upset. Yes, CM punk left on his own terms but that was because he doesn’t want to be like every wrestler out there who just cashes a paycheck and stay in limbo.

    I remember once there was a discussion about Funaki who is apparently a great wrestler but was used in a comedy role on smackdown. It’s because Funaki while talented in the ring is just happy he has a job. But there are people like Punk who want a commitment to their characters and wants the product to succeed not the same crap we get for the past decade.

    It’s like actors for example. Some working actors care they booked a role and are getting paid even if they’ve been doing it for over a decade. They don’t care if the movie sucks or the role can be demeaning. And then there are actors who object to the script and don’t care how much you pay them.

    • Venom

      I also wanted to add that this s one of the issues I have with mania. Tickets go on sale like 6-9 months before the show (and I understand why) but its way before the card is made or storylines have developed. So people are just paying for the spectacle of a show they want to be part of. So if WWE decodes to give them a card they’re not interested in they have 3 options.

      They can sell their tickets

      They can give it away

      Or most probably especially if they’re out of towners who paid for a flight they can go to the show and chant or do whatever they want.

      WWE is still getting their money. People are going to buy the network cause $10/month with all the ppvs is a steal. So if fans want to chant, hijack a show or whatnot so be it. If the plan is still going to be Orton vs. Batista I’d love to see the fans stand up and have their backs turned during the whole match where you hear a pin drop as someone suggested. That would definitely send a message.

    • Jimmy

      Im sorry but i can’t agree with you. How does Punk leaving on his own make him not like other wrestlers who care about paychecks? When a wrestler like Jeff Hardy was told he had to leave he could have just walked out as well but he still wanted to come out and put on an excellent match in which he was scheduled to go under and written off because he loves wrestling and his fans.

      Also i might add that CM Punks character or story line did not suck, there’s a whole lot of wrestlers that would like to be in the position Punk was, Punk just felt the role wasn’t big enough for him. Im sure you can agree with me that Dolph Ziggler’s role and feuds are alot worse than Punk’s right? Sure he might complain that he deserves better as well but he still gets in the ring, backs up his words and continues to wait for his time which will come. He takes matches against 3MB and still dedicates himself to try and make it the best match on the card.

      I do enjoy Punk’s work and im just happy he even made it this far because lets be real, its a miracle that he made it this far. They say it themselves that if it wasn’t for Heyman giving him a chance he would’t have gotten anywhere near the door of Monday Night Raw.

      • Venom

        Don’t get me wrong. Despite what people think I’m actually not a huge CM Punk fan. I was when he was starting it out in ECW And won his first money in the bank. That’s the CM punk package that I like. The look without the horrible chest tattoo the gimmick where his only addiction was wrestling. That’s the CM Punk I miss. Then when he did the straight edge society while I think he got the storyline and gimmick over, I read he got that girl who shaved her head for not living the gimmick. I thought he was a douche for doing that.

        However, I still stand by my statement that some wrestlers look at this as a job and while they are passionate about their performance, they are here to do a job. Ziggler is an example. He gives 110% when he has no storyline and jobs. But he’s under contact and will fulfill that and will probably re-sign. He’s a company man.

        Hey, maybe CM Punk felt that he didn’t need the WM paycheck and felt maybe it gives a spot to someone who needs it. I think the chants arnt just for Punk to come back. They’re more to tell the WWE we’re sick of the same crap and get your acts together for the stars we want in the main event. That’s y I wish the fans don’t just chant for CM punk. I want to see them chanting for Bryan, Ziggler, Kofi, Miz (I know most won’t for him).

        I think we’re in an era and really starting its the last 2 wrestlemanias where fans are speaking their minds. It’s no more telling WWE who they don’t want (Cena sucks chants) its telling WWE who they want.

  • bearnation92

    Is JR kidding?? No reason yo walk out? Im pretty sure if ANYONE worked their butt off for a company and wrestled injured many times, only to be put in these stupid programs and not get a great match at mania like he desrves, they’d walk too . bearnation92

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      After all the success he’s had over past few years? Yeah I’d be devastated.

    • Jimmy

      Well for one, I would just be happy that i get to live my dream and wrestle in front of people who cheer for me and get paid for it above all.

  • Andrew

    The only issue i have with punk leaving, is that he didn’t stick around to be written off tv. When jericho left in 2005 because he was burnt out, he was written off tv after losing a match & being fired by bischoff. If not for the company then for the fans, he shouldn’t of just gone home without so much as a goodbye. I’m still a punk fan & hope he returns someday, but i have lost some respect for him.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      I’m a Punk fan myself, and I want him to return, but I can’t applaud or chant for a guy who walked out on his job and his fans.

    • Jimmy

      I think it’s clear that Punk doesn’t really care all that about the fans. I mean he does but not so much as to give up his own pride.

  • BrooksOglesby

    Y’all gotta learn about the First Amendment. “Freedom of Speech” applies to public spaces (i.e. not a private event like WWE), and even then, there’s limits (you can’t go out in front of the White House and shout death threats at the President, for example). There is nothing constitutionally preventing WWE from removing disruptive members of the crowd in their privately-owned space. A privately-owned church has the right to remove you if you go in there shouting about Cthulhu during a sermon. It just means that the government doesn’t have the right to arrest you if you go to a public park and say “I don’t like Congress.”

    • Cubed56

      Your right about the 1st ammmendment, but the wwe is not a private event. Their events are held in public places, not owned by the wwe. As a a paying customer in a public setting( I.e., wwe event, concert, restaurant, etc.) you have the right to express your displeasure with the event your attending, or the food you were served, or the service you were giving. Yes wwe can take signs away, that’s there right, but they cannot stop you from chanting a wrestlers name, and certainly cannot kick you out for chanting that name.

      • opie

        Actually, they are private events. That’s why you have to buy tickets to get in. Pretty much everything you just said is inaccurate. I’ve worked in restaurants for years. If you came into my place and started chanting for an item that’s no longer on the menu (thus disturbing the experience of my other guests), then I would be well within my rights to remove you from my establishment.

        • Cubed56

          You are right, if I came into your restaurant and chanted for something not on the menu and disturbed your other guests experience, then yes you can remove me, however you cannot remove me for voicing an opinion, you are allowed to remove me for disturbing the peace, completely different. If I’m in your restaurant, and your service is garbage and the food is terrible, I have the right to voice my displeasure over it, that’s more what I was getting at. As an employee of the government, trust me I know how it works. Because you have to buy tickets does not make it a private event. It would be private if the tickets were only available to select people(basically a personal invitation by wwe). The tickets are available to the general public. If wwe owned the arena they were holding it in, then yes, it could be classified as a private event. Now, yes if fans go overboard(fighting, attacking superstars) you can remove them, but you cannot remove them for chanting the name of a certain wrestler wether he’s on the roster or not, that is freedom of speech. Now you may be removed from public settings while voicing your opinion, however we can only do that if we feel you are a viable threat to security or others at the locationhttp://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M3T-UQ7OPFg

      • Jimmy

        “ammmendment” lol

  • M.C. Elroy

    I have heard that Bray Wyatt writes his own promos, which gets approved by WWE. Is there any truth to this? If so, no one can doubt his dedication towards his character and this business.

  • Charles

    CM Punk walking out is the best thing that could have happened to Daniel Bryan.
    If the booking hadn’t screwed over Daniel Bryan for so long already CM Punk quitting would not have nearly the same impact.
    Nobody other than Triple H thinks that Batista winning the Royal Rumble and main eventing Wrestlemania 30 is a good idea.
    He quit four years ago, they even used it in an angle and somehow they figured he’d just show up flex his muscles and be over with the fans? How dumb do they think wrestling fans are?
    After all the things they’ve done wrong lately there is one thing that they could still do right and that’s stop holding back Daniel Bryan.
    Putting him over Randy Orton and “considering” making him the face of the company is not at all shocking in light of recent events.

    • Jimmy

      Holding Bryan back is only making him more popular, and there is nobody taking the position as the face of the company as long as John Cena is around whether you like it or not.

  • Ant_C

    As for first amendment rights They can tell you what you can and can’t yell and signs you can and can’t have. Its because you are in their place so you have to follow what they say. You can stand outside and yell what ever you want. But once you go inside its like you’re on their property. Trust me I know I’ve had security threaten to kick me out before over yelling. It would be like if you went to a church with a heavy metal shirt with an upsidedown cross on it. Sure you have first amendment rights but they can ask you to leave their property. Or if someone went into your house and started saying things to offend you. Since they’re on your property you can ask them to leave.

  • Lebron James

    Randy Orton is so damn good. I’m not liking the way he’s being booked though. In the WWE’s world, every heel has to be cowardly. Why the hell can’t they make Orton a dominant, selfish, egotistical psychotic heel? Wouldn’t that fit his character perfectly?

  • monty

    what i don’t get is how some of you keep bringing up the 434 days as champ. ok well why did he only main event 3 shows than? why did he play 2nd to Cena? why didn’t he main event WM?

    why has he been in bad story lines? seriously someone who is as big as PUnk(as superstar) you put him against ryback and curtix axle? and than you wonder why he left?

    Richard i respect you but others its do much better job of this lately than you. Wasn’t it punk who said DB should win the RR and not Batista? wasn’t it Punk who said DB should main event WM because he earned it?

    Punk leaving isn’t about Punk, its about guys who work all year around only to get left behind by part timers, its one thing to be left behind for Rock or even sting but Batista really? even when he was a legit star he wasn’t that big

    fans are fed up with wwe
    fans are fed up with vince
    fans are fed up with this on and off pushes for DB,ziggler etc,

    it use to be you work hard all year than as a reward work WM, but now its like you work 11 months but when it comes time for the biggest show let’s get outside part timers


    I expect better from you man, you are a very knowledgeable fan but to see you have bought into this punk left on his own terns is truly disheartening. Don’t look at Punk as he left on his own terms but look at it as why did he see it as a last option just to walk out.

    people thought and richard though that HHH would be better after Vince to run wwe but now i don’t see it. He has a huge ego and will only push his buddies. Look at orton/batista