How & Where Ridiculous WWE Buyout Rumor Got Started, WM30 Pessimism, Brittany's Background, Finally A Sting Update

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How in the world did rumors get started that AMC Networks was interested in purchasing WWE?

I'm going to show everyone exactly how this got started and how I knew the moment I saw it that it was ridiculous. An American stock market analysis website posted the following at 2:14 PM EDT on Thursday at this link:

Shares of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE +0.6%) spiked higher in mid-day trading on a rumor that AMC Networks is interested in buying the company.

The 7% rally in WWE to all-time highs has been quickly deflated.

So you're probably wondering, where did they get information there was a rumor about AMC Networks being interested in buying the company? Enter this blog post. I don't know much about this "Betaville" blog, however, I can tell you it's a subdomain hosted by the blogging service known as Blog Spot.

This resulted in headlines across the IWC that AMC Networks was interested in buying WWE. As I stated here on, I'm not trying to sound self-righteous. However, it's imperative that the source be considered before just running with a rumor. Had that rumor been posted on a site such as The Wall Street Journal, it would have been a different situation, however, it was on a subdomain from a writer putting credence to another ridiculous rumor that Vince McMahon is interested in buying Newcastle United.

The source must be considered before any rumor is taken seriously, especially one of this level. If you believed it, wrote about it or commented on it, that's where and how it all got started.

Could the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal become the new "King of the Ring," a major career boost for mid carder?

It could be and as I stated, the winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 30 will get a payoff, however, I'm not that optimistic about it. The bout seems more like WWE scrambling to get 30 guys on the card with no build. I hope they prove me wrong with a match that's interesting and intriguing but again, I'm not overly optimistic. Maybe I'm just sour over how this year's Royal Rumble match went but I don't see how they'll be able to effectively book a match with this many participants at the biggest show of the year without it coming off as a watered down version of the Royal Rumble. I'm on record as to writing I would rather see a Money in the Bank ladder match, as it would have more interest and intrigue. Sure, less guys would get on the card but that's a tradeoff I'd be willing to accept.

What's the background on the new TNA Knockout Brittany?

Brittany's real name is Santana Garrett and her father is known on the United States independent scene. She was trained by Chasyn Rance and saw her stock rise for her work in SHINE and SHIMMER. She was actually signed in November but promoter Sal Hamaoui leaked the news in January.

What does Sting's independent bookings this weekend say about his status with WWE?

We can't read too much into Sting's appearances in London this weekend. He could still be WWE bound, however, I've heard from the beginning he wasn't in the plans for Wrestlemania 30. I'm not sure how much I believe that but perhaps we'll learn more about his status after the dates this weekend. The last I heard he was rumored to be headed to WWE but had not signed a contract.

From the Ask WNW vault…

June 2010: Did Batista really quit WWE? - Batista's WWE contract was up and he is taking time away from the business. I've heard he'll be back for one last retirement tour but do not have any more details at this time.

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  • f_caus

    If Sting was truly WWE bound, then the only logical time to have him debut would be at the end of post-WM Raw. That show is always packed with diehard wrestling fans carrying over from WM so the atmosphere would be insane if he appeared versus debuting on any other Raw where half the audience would be like ???

    • The thing I have a hard time believing is they finally get him under contract and don’t use him in at least a cameo at the 30th Anniversary of Wrestlemania. Say that out loud. It makes no sense. I know that’s what the rumor indicates but one can only hope that’s a swerve. The idea of the night after WM30 is fine but man, what a blown opportunity if they don’t use him at Mania.

      • Ty

        Brock wasn’t used at WM, I think it works.

        • True and I don’t completely remember the situation but talks started much later. Sting has been connected to WWE for much longer and they still have plenty of time to make a Wrestlemania debut possible.

          • Ty

            I think you’re right though, it would be a missed opportunity. A cameo would make the post-WM Raw go bonkers.

          • Gary Robert

            Undertaker wins and Sting comes down from the rafters to confront him and challenge him for next year. There. How’s that?

          • Rus

            Wasn’t both Brock and Heyman working behind the scenes months before Brock came on tv for the video game they brought out that year, lol I swear that was you that reported that

      • Venom

        But Sting has never been on WrestleMania. So him making just a cameo is only for old WCW viewers (like myself) and the people who watch TNA. It’s king of like how Marc Mero debuted on WM12 in a backstage segment. At the time I never watched WCW and had no idea who he is but some people knew him as Johnny B. Badd.

        It sucks to admit it but any match instead of Undertaker will be a letdown for me and I think that ship has sailed. The only thing I was thinking was inducting Warrior but now Linda is doing that.

  • Bman

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see him as a secret entry in the battle royal.

    • Yes but I think that’s going in with really high expectations. We have to be careful with that.

      • Marc

        How about Sting Makes a surprise appearance from the ceiling like he did in his wcw days(if there is a ceiling) after taker wins against brock lesnar. Taker spots him and they have that 1 minute stare down. The following raw, sting and taker confirm there match at next year’s mania. If that does happen, do you feel that takers match needs to be last and that should be mania’s closing segment?

        • Howard Stern

          I don’t think WWE would ever allow a ceiling entrance ever again. That would be cool though.

        • Venom

          I actually don’t mind that aside from the ceiling. It gives Sting a chance to get in better shape for the year so he wouldn’t have to wrestle in a t-shirt. He can also see a hair restoration clinic to get rod of that bald spot. He can still make non wrestling appearances like The Rock did with Cena.

          The only issue I see is just like Cena/Rock closed the event with no title on the line they’d have to follow the same rule. If a match was announced a year in advance it has to close the show (I know it’s not a law but just makes sense). Now undertaker isn’t really bound for only wrestlemania appearances. We saw last year he wrestled Ambrose on smackdown.

          Maybe their match can take place at summerslam since it is considered the “summer wrestlemania”

      • John

        They have to put Rusev over in the Battle Royal right?