Rima Fakih In Court Today Over DUI Arrest; Judge Gets Angry

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Former WWE Tough Enough contestant and former Miss USA Rima Fakih was in court today for a hearing to respond to charges filed against her last month for Driving Under the Influence.

The judge hoped a plea deal was worked out with prosecutors but when she discovered there was no deal in place, she got angry.

A bench trial has been set for March 14, 2012 where the charges will be resolved. If a deal isn't reached by then, Fakih would face the maximum penalty which would include 93 days in jail with fines (which is obviously not a likely scenario).

You can watch how it all went down in this TMZ video:

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Click here for TMZ's coverage.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Dave L for sending this in.

  • jdl

    DUIs are ridiculously complicated in the US it seems. Up here in the magical land of Canada, we pretty much just get fined, are issued a license suspension or get our cars impounded. Sometimes all three depending on the province.

  • Chopper

    Drink driving in the UK is the same, fine, liecence taken away for a year ir more no jail terms unless someone is killed or are a mutiple convictor. It dosen’t mean you should do it though driving under the influence is wrong and should be punnished.

  • A-Wade

    They should work on proper grammar in the UK

    • XKonn247

      Any need in insulting a whole nation?

  • Mat

    That was just a few miles away when she got arrested, such a great role model!

  • Adamtrace

    Still wouldn’t kick her out of bed for farting