Ring Of Honor Announces The Future Of Their Tag Titles Following The Departure Of Kenny King

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- ROHWrestling.com posted the following update regarding the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship:

Due to the unfortunate departure of Kenny King, one half of the ROH World Tag Team Champions, The All Night Express has been officially stripped of the ROH World Tag Team Titles, thus rendering the championship titles officially VACANT.

As a result ROH officials have determined that there will be an 8 Team Tag Tournament beginning on August 3rd in Baltimore at The Du Burns Arena with the entire opening round of matches being featured at the “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV Tapings.

ROH officials have also determined that the tournaments semi-finals and finals will take place at a later date. With that being said, ROHWrestling.com was also informed that the first team entered into the field will be:

Keep checking back to ROHwrestling.com as we will be announcing teams throughout the weeks leading up to the big ROH World Tag Team Championship Tournament! And pick up your tickets right here for the 8/3 TV Tapings in Baltimore and catch the entire first round of the tournament

  • Logan_Walker

    I Know I Might Get Hate For this but is ROH Any Good ? & Can Some One Link me to some videos of the best bits or something like that

    • Patrick Peralta

      Yes ROH is good.

      • Logan_Walker

        Thanks Patrick I Can't Seem To Find The Channel that Carries ROH… i dont know why we dont have it but im going to have to go to YouTube

        • Brandon Ceielo

          I think ROH monitors YouTube and gets their shows and matches taken offline there. I don't know much in the way of alternative ways to watch it, but they sell DVDs on their site.

    • If you like wrestling, then yes. If you like watching hornswoggle, super cena, or divas farting, then no…..

  • gibbons08

    So my question is, how stupid does ROH have to be to put the tag titles on the All Night Express when Kenny King’s contract was almost up and they knew he was talking to other organizations?

  • Bob

    I wonder how Rhett Titus feels about this !!

  • Tom

    WWE should take a lesson from this. Want to make the IC, US or Tag Titles relevant again? Have a tournament where matches on consecutive tapings build to a final at a PPV. Well that isn't likely as no title will be vacated in the near future.

    The alternative could always be simply starting a feud where you actually make it appear that the mid card workers care about winning the title. Of all the flaws there are in the TNA product there has never been a lack of importance in the X Title. Want to make the fans care about a title? It's easy, just show that the wrestlers care about the title.

    Honestly has Santino ever even awknowledged that he's won the US title in a promo?