Ring Of Honor Announces Their Future On iPPV; Why They Were Left Without A Provider After Wrestlemania Weekend Shows

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Ring of Honor announced today their iPPVs will now air on their official website beginning with "Border Wars" a week from this Saturday. ROH will be offering the shows for a pre-order price of $14.95 with ROH ringside members getting a 15% discount.  Click here  for ordering information.

While we have significantly scaled back our ROH coverage, this story is particularily interesting given the dilemma that ROH was put in following their Wrestlemania XXVIII weekend shows. For those that do not know the story about ROH leaving GoFightLive.tv and being left without an iPPV provider because of a blunder on Twitter, follow the link below:

  • yogi420

    Why have you scaled back on ROH coverage? Nothing interesting enough going on backstage with them?

    • chelu671

      This site mostly caters to mainstream wrestling fans such as WWE & TNA. Richard has said in the past, that news demand for ROH & other independent companies aren't at high request.

  • Guest

    It's kind of sad that you offer no coverage of ROH. Have you watched it lately? They give PPV quality matches each and every week, and now feature Jay Lethal, World's Greatest Tag Team Haas and Benjamin, Rhyno, and the Briscoe Brothers. They sure deserve your attention as these guys put it ALL out there each and every week. Incredible talent, amazing wrestling without so much soap opera.
    PLEASE give them their due.

    • Lawrence Ressler

      I watched a free episode of ROH TV from their web site that was posted at the Elite Pro Wrestling discussion group a short time before they shut down after the death of Ron "Showtime" Stewart (their primary moderator). From what I saw, I was not all that impressed. Their performance as a group was no better than Pro Wrestling Ohio, or any other promotion on the Independent Circuit.

  • hurrigame

    I must insist: Fire Hermie.

  • Skip Bayless

    I'm glad there's no coverage on ROH. Sheets ruined the business because they broke kayfabe and leaked all the finishes.

  • ZackPack

    ROH has gone so far downhill since the days of Aries, Danielson and McGuinness.

  • Chris


  • sdd619

    WWE keeps raiding ROH's talent. Its the same as what they did with ECW. If TNA is the modern WCW, then ROH is the modern ECW. in terms both were for the hardcore fans. WWE & WCW took a lot of ECW's Talent. Same with WWE & TNA