Ring Of Honor Apologizes For Problems With Free CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson Match, Plans To Offer The Match On YouTube

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Ring of Honor Wrestling posted the following message on their official Facebook account after fans experienced problems viewing the free CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson match on their website yesterday:

ROH Fans - We apologize for the difficulties in watching the Free Punk Vs Bryan Video as we did not anticipate the exorbitant amount of fans trying to watch it all at once. For those that missed it, we will leave it up through the weekend as well as post it to YouTube.

Rest assure, this was due to our media server not handling the load that was created by this free video. For our iPPV this weekend, we will be using a highly regarded Content Delivery Network (CDN) to prevent anything like this from happening.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Patrick Peralta for sending this in.

  • Jaryd

    I imagine the problem was they didn't consider the fact that they'd have far more than their usual fanbase coming to watch the match. No offense to them but I don't think they'd have any problem like that with one of their PPVs any time soon.

  • Dangerous Lee

    Well I guess number of viewers went "over the limit"! Waka waka!

  • gbdb

    its a shame i find them more entertaining than tna and wwe unless wwe has something big or good going on
    kill steen kill

  • charlie kaeha

    Charlie kaeha from the island of maui hawaii i want dixie carter to invite the undertaker to tna. To show everyone that he is sill the deadman on the wwe.and if he do go to tna he will put anyone in a tombstone.and become the next tna worldchampion…and that the end thank you

  • jack

    Where will ROH show be streamed for free,