Ring Of Honor Currently Dealing With A "Monumental Disaster" Regarding Their Future On iPPV - Why A Company Employee Leaking That ROH Was Leaving GoFightLive.tv Has Left Next Month's iPPV With No Providers, Details On Two Competing Providers Refusing To Work With ROH, More

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ROH Wrestling is currently dealing with what was described to me as a "monumental disaster" with their future on iPPV. The company was very upset with GoFightLive.tv over the technical difficulties experienced during shows over Wrestlemania XXVIII weekend, causing them to explore other iPPV providers. However, it was Kevin Kelly that "let loose" on Twitter that ROH would be parting ways with GoFightLive.tv and would be hosting their next iPPV with a different provider.

Well not only did Kelly jump the gun, he left the company in a really bad situation. ROH was hoping to partner with WWN Live (that carries Dragon Gate USA) or HybridEnt.tv (that carries CZW) but hadn't actually approached either company. When word leaked that ROH could be leaving GoFightLive.tv, WWN and Hybrid Ent decided to have an unwritten agreement that neither would work with Ring of Honor. This has left ROH in a very bad position with their next iPPV less than a month away (scheduled for May 12, 2012).

I'm told it's "chaos" for Ring of Honor to try and hammer out a plan of attack with a company official already publicly criticizing GoFightLive.tv and with two GFL competitors not interested in working with ROH. Apparently the gist of the unwritten agreement is that by agreeing not to carry ROH iPPVs, both WWN Live and HybridEnt.tv can actually help their clients by delivering a serious blow to Ring of Honor.

At this point ROH is trying to see if they can develop their own iPPV system in time for "Border Wars" next month but time is certainly an issue. One of my sources tells me that ROH is working behind-the-scenes to try and smooth things over with GFL in case it ends up their only option. This of course also assumes that GFL agrees to take them back after the public dressing down from Kevin Kelly.

  • hurrigame

    Really hate to say it, but ROH absolutely MUST fire Hermie…I mean Kevin Kelly if things go to hell for the company.

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Roh has every right to be pissed off at Kevin Kelly.