Ring Of Honor Holding A Show At A Major Venue In Charleston, West Virginia

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Ring of Honor is headed to my neck of the woods as they have announced a show at the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, West Virginia on June 15, 2012. Bell time is scheduled for 7:30 PM EDT.

I find this interesting as this is a big venue for ROH and one of the biggest in the entire state of West Virginia. While WWE runs at the Civic Center on a regular basis, TNA Impact Wrestling goes to much smaller venues in the state. World Championship Wrestling frequently ran in the Civic Center, even holding nWo Souled Out 1999 which drew 10,833 fans.

  • Scottyo614

    Was at that Souled Out PPV as a youngster. Do you think they can fill it up even half? Seems like the Big Sandy Arena would have been a better venue for West Virgina and not just because of bias but size and history of wrestling in it.

  • topherware92

    I've looked into the event as I'm really interested in going. I live about an hour away from the show and I'm looking forward to being in ROH's debut in West Virginia. The arena seats 13,000 so ROH would be smart to not book the coliseum at this point. After looking at Ticketmaster for tickets, it says that the show will be held in the South Hall. That seems like it makes much more sense to me as there are seats for 1,700 people. I think ROH can probably get at least a few hundred people there.