Ring Of Honor's "Border Wars" iPPV Not Available After Purchasing

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There are major problems with Ring of Honor's "Border Wars" iPPV as ROHWrestling.com is currently offline. Sean Hopkins, who was scheduled to cover the show for WrestlingNewsWorld.com, was never able to access the feed after purchasing. ROH posted the following on their official Facebook page:

Dear ROH fans, We deeply apologize again for issues with our website. Unfortunately in trying to bring our fans the best experience through our website, with a single login and ringside discounts, there are still some kinks to work out. All of our pre-tests were successful as of 5pm today and we were blindsided by these problems... Please bear with us as we try to get it up as soon as possible. The production is going well and the replay will also be available as soon as we can get it up. For all those that purchased the PPV, we WILL resolve ALL concerns and issues

As of this writing, the website is not resolving.

"Border Wars" was the first iPPV the promotion was producing in-house as they had a falling out with their previous iPPV, GoFightLive.tv, when they experienced technical difficulties during their shows over Wrestlemania weekend.

  • JamieSNZ

    This does not bode well for ROH…

  • Louis

    Good idea going with your own ippv but bad in a since it didn’t work but since you are own by a television station why not work it out to do 1 special show a month and only 4-6 ppv a year because you actual have some good storylines your people that good like Davey and Roddrick are not well known give them some tv face time do ads for the company promoting ROH.

    • Matt Scott

      Full stops and commas are your friends.

  • Louis

    Good idea with inhouse ippv but sorry it didn't work but since own by Sinclair do a specail once a month show 4 ppv a year and you have good storylines just people that's not household known so use your own tv to run ads with Davey and Roddrick r