RJ Brewer Responds To Jack Swagger & Zeb Colter Gimmick

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Lucha Libre USA's RJ Brewer has responded to Jack Swagger's new gimmick with Zeb Colter as his mouthpiece.

As we confirmed here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com Premium, Vince McMahon ordered that WWE come up with their own rendition of Brewer's character after the mainstream success it received. Vince was said to be angry and jealous that a Lucha Libre USA character could get so much press attention and put Triple H in charge of packaging a similar gimmick.

The following is from Brewer's Facebook:

This will be the only time I respond to the questions I have received regarding WWE “stealing my stuff.” I have been wrestling for Lucha Libre USA for almost 3 years and have been using that platform to speak against illegal immigration from the start.

I have been featured on CNN, Fox News, The Geraldo Rivera Morning Show, front page of the LA Times, front page of the BBC, and most recently, ABC… Nightline.

I knew it was only a matter of time before someone else took advantage of my press and success. For me to complain would say I am against capitalism, and that is not true in the least. The reason I have done what I have done is because this is not some silly wrestling storyline, this is real.

My feelings are magnified for the camera and the live audience, but what I say comes from the bottom of my heart. This is why I was invited to the Sheriff Joe Arpaio walk, and asked to be a guest speaker at Rusell Pearce’s (author of SB 1070) fundraiser.

They say the most sincere form of flattery is imitation. I say imitation is suicide, because to try to be what someone else really is, is only killing who you are. Our audience is Latino, our wrestlers are Latino and that is why RJ Brewer is so effective. I don’t need a mouthpiece. I don’t need a machine behind me. I don’t need human growth hormone and/or to be protected by a phony drug test only to be thrown out like yesterday’s garbage when I am finished.

RJ Brewer will always be 100% real, no matter how hard someone tries to diminish that. All I need are my views and a platform to spread them, and so far, that has worked just fine. Lucha Libre USA goes on tour this spring, stay tuned for dates and stay tuned for a documentary to be filmed about “Latin America’s Favorite Enemy.” Last year, an average of 3000 fans came out each night to watch us, and this year should be even better. Thank you.

You can watch the Nightline piece on RJ Brewer at this link.  This was said to be the clip that enraged Vince McMahon and sparked his directive to create a similar character.

  • I’m happy that RJ feels so strongly about the character. But it’s not like Zeb is a cheap version of the character as I feel he probably believes what he’s saying. The fact that WWE busted the “Don’t Tread on Me” Flag tells me they are serious about this angle. I can’t tell you how many political friends are interested in this angle that don’t watch WWE normally.

  • Mike Brailsford

    They are only going to succeed in exciting the morons who can’t quite grasp that America was founded on immigration in the first place. I forsee they end up sticking the belt on Swagger. I can only guess the press in the US is as bad as ours in the UK for stirring up hatred to anyone with a slightly non-white face or if they are aided by the benefits system.

    • The point being made is about ILLEGAL immigration. There’s a big difference between applying for citizenship & sneaking into a country.

  • Richard Urbanowski

    it was nice to see Dirty Dutch Mantel again. AKA Zeb Colter.

  • JBL did it before RJ, and Eddy Guerrero did it with Art Barr before JBL. I’m not judging anyone for using anyone else’s “gimmick” but this is wrestling…there’s not much originality left in any of it anymore.

  • John Palley

    It’s actually very simple. WWE is pandering to the anti-Tea Party crowd. What is there not to understand? By using the tired old racist war vet character, a character who has appeared in every medium for decades, they are appealing to people who ALREADY believe that everyone not on the left is racist. This allows them to stand back and say, “Oh, it’s just a gimmick,” when the people who view and react to the character will simply use it as more proof of their imagined right-wing racism.

    Not classy, E.