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Do the WWE Superstars/Divas get to choose who do they want to be on the road with?

Yes, WWE Superstars and Divas can choose who they want to travel with, if anyone at all. Most travel in pairs so they can split expenses as none of the domestic road expenses are covered by WWE.

I'm probably the 100 person to ask you this, but now with the lawsuit dropped from TNA, what wrestlers do you see jumping ship to WWE?

We're just getting the details about TNA Wrestling settling their lawsuit with WWE. When I first heard the news, I thought of Velvet Sky, who reportedly had interest in going to WWE but decided to re-sign with TNA due to the ongoing limitation. It's too early to tell the impact this will have but one name that has patiently waited is Alex Shelley. Throughout it all Shelley was adamant he wasn't going to re-sign with TNA, as he was going to work independent dates while waiting for Chris Sabin to get healthy. His thinking was to go to WWE with Sabin and that could now be a possibility (assuming Sabin decides to cut ties with TNA, which could become more complicated given Velvet Sky's situation). Given the fact TNA is using Tommy Dreamer (who appeared for WWE a month ago) in the Brooke Hogan wedding angle, I would look for them to immediately lock Ric Flair up in a contract. I can't help but think TNA is using Dreamer because of his WWE appearance.

Has Michael Cole become more tolerant to listen too ever since Jerry Lawler had a heart attack?

It's amazing what a real-life situation can do for someone's public perception. Viewers sympathized with Michael Cole when Jerry Lawler went down on the live episode of WWE Raw on 9/11 and as a result, he was able to restore his image amongst many fans. Prior to the incident, Cole had struggled to connect with the WWE fan base and stepped into impossible shoes as the replacement of the beloved Jim Ross. I also think it's worth noting that commentary has gotten better over the months. I am high up on the three-man booth of Cole, JBL and Lawler as they work well together. It also doesn't hurt that Cole is no longer overexposed by working Smackdown.

I thought the Diva's Title match was one of the best divas match in a long time. What's your opinion on the match between Eve and Kaitlyn from Raw this past Monday? Did they get any high remarks backstage?

Eve Torres and Kaitlyn worked hard in the five minutes they were allotted to do the Divas title change on this week's Raw. While Eve originally planned to work through January, we can confirm the title change was scheduled as early as 1/7 (we broke it on 1/10). They deserved more time but Eve wanted to give her fans something to remember and Kaitlyn wanted to use the match to catapult her stock in WWE. No one mentioned the match to me but the fact that we're talking about a five minute match squeezed into the middle of an episode of Raw as one of the best Divas matches in a "long time," goes to show the current state of the division.

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  • Rayner Chee-bai

    That shows how sad the current state of the Divas Division. Kharma and Beth Phoenix who can actually wrestle, left. Then the face of WWE Divas, Kelly Kelly left right after the Bellas. Now Eve Torres. Who’s next? I’m putting my money on Layla.

  • sir-rusty82

    Swap Velvet Sky for Eve, Eve will make a good Knockout and Velvet Sky will be great eye candy for 5 minute matches

  • “I can’t help but think TNA is using Dreamer because of his WWE appearance.”
    while that might be true, i can promise you there is not ONE set of eyes that are watching TNA because of one match dreamer had raw. I don’t think they are that ignorant to actually think that would be a good reason to put him on TV

    • I honestly have to disagree with this. TNA looks at any way to reach the WWE, and since Dreamer was on RAW (without a contract), then they needed to get him on Impact – and an ECW tie in makes wonderful sense. I’m not saying that it makes any sense, or that wrestling fans will tune in to see Dreamer on Impact after his one match on RAW (even though he got an absolutely fantastic reaction), but that the powers that be in TNA are thinking that Dreamer will bring in more viewers because he was recently on RAW and is in our thoughts.

      On that note, if I didn’t regularly watch and write about Impact, but heard that Dreamer was going to be on the show, I would tune in. But I am a die-hard Dreamer fan who went to meet him at an event when I really should have been in the hospital. Okay, Foley was there too, but still! What I’m saying is that I am one of the very who would watch for Dreamer, but the fearless leaders in TNA are screwed up enough to think that there’s many like me out there.


  • Matt

    The Diva’s are just eye candy in WWE, which is sad considering the ladies that started the womens divison. When it was the Womens title they had great female workers, as more of the ladies became models who “wrassle” it became the Divas.

    Cole is much better off now than as a heel no matter what Vince thinks, bringing in JBL to fill that role of a heel is so much better.

    • The only problem with your comment is that is that the womens division was only restarted because of Sable, and I would hardly call her a great female worker.

      • Matt

        You realize you just said restarted which means Sable didnt START the womens division.

        • Well that’s because that is when the current womens division started, I only said restarted because the womens division was inactive for about 3 years at that time.

  • Ricky

    I think Cole has calmed down since King’s heart attack. He no longer screeches and seems to be calmer. He still takes his cheap shots, but they are fewer now. When WWE made him a heel they did so becuase the WWE universe didn’t like him, since the heart attack the WWE universe gained alot of respect for the guy. Also I don’t know how much was scripted but it was classy for Cole to step aside and let JR call the Cage match. We need classy Cole, not annoying Cole who everyone hates.

  • actually i didn’t think it was the best in a long time. To me Kaitlyn messed up a few times there were a few spots she botched. Plus that finisher she has that looks like the female version of GTS is awful. But eve did give it her all and i am going to miss her

    • Adam “Swipe”

      You’re trippin.

  • GuyLandau

    It’s also worth noting Cole ditched the heel persona after the heart attack because of how he handled it, as it made it impossible to boo him. When he isn’t trying to be hated he can work commentary pretty well.

    • I’m with you Guy. Cole is really quite decent when he’s not trying so hard to be the baddie. I thought Cole handled King’s heart attack better than most – probably because of his reporting history – and it was virtually impossible to hate him after that. I was one of the few Cole Miners from before his big heel turn, so I’m thrilled that he’s dropped that persona and is back to being more than bearable. I actually really liked his interaction with Cena this week when the sneaker was tossed to him. He’s coming off as a real person again, not as someone trying too hard to be a baddie and just being annoying.


  • If Cole would just drop the ‘vintage’ comment.

  • So hopefully Alex Shelly gets picked up by WWE , but I really wanna know why WWE has not picked up Jay Lethal yet? and does this mean Elijah Burke /The Pope
    could also make a return?

    • Jimmy

      I hope Elijah Burke return, but i like his character as The Pope better