Road Warrior Animal Credits Ric Flair For Getting Sting Over, Says Icon Is A Strong Word

Road Warrior Animal had a lot to say about Sting on the most recent episode of Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio on KFAN Sports Radio FM 100.3. In it, he credits Ric Flair for helping get Sting over and says Icon is a strong word to describe him. He also stated he feels Sting should put his pride aside and come to WWE. You can listen embedded in the video below as they begin to talk about Sting at the 25-minute mark:

  • Ryder

    If there’s one thing I hate, it’s the idea that if you’ve never been in WWE, you haven’t done anything. It’s a ridiculous delusion in my opinion. Maybe that’s not what Animal’s saying, but it sure sounds like it is.

    Fact is, Sting IS an icon. Most people knows who he is, despite the fact that he’s never been in WWE. In fact, I’d argue that one reason that Sting even considered to be an icon, is BECAUSE he’s the most famous wrestler to never have worked for Vince McMahon. It sets him apart.

    • Jannes

      one word: Agree!!!

      • David

        If sting went to WWE, Vince would make him look weak

  • Ricky Valdez

    Sting probably would have not been that big in wwe, just like the nwo in my opinion wasn’t, but imagine the possible matchups if he did vs HHH HBK taker Kane Orton, atleast he got to face the hit man when Bret went to wcw.

  • Jim

    Nothing like taking a cheap shot at one of the biggest stars ever to get your name back out there and on everyones mind. That’s just dumb of him to say. Who didn’t Ric Flair make look good? I’m sure somewhere along the way there was a tag-team that worked with the Road Warriors when they were first starting out to get them over. So what’s the big deal? Isn’t that exactly how the wrestling business is supposed to work?

  • prvysage

    INDEED !!!

  • The Booya

    Sting stayed in WCW n TNA cuz he wouldn’t make it in WWE.

  • Khowaz

    the Stinger can make it big anywhere. The guy just has it all; size, staminer, skill and voice

    • hurrigame

      I don't know what staminer is, but if Sting was as great as you all say, he would've at least TRIED to come in for a match vs. Undertaker. Instead, he took the easy way out and allowed TNA to set up some half assed promo videos ripping off WWE.

  • Nunyo

    stings lame

  • Stav

    The funny thing is that stung has wrestled hart, stone cold and many others like flair and hogan. Don’t forget that sting has one pro illustrated best wrestler a few times in the 90s at his peak and at one stage WCW was bigger than WWF and why is he comparing sting to the rock?? The rocks a gimmick not a wrestler sting may have gimmick but he can wrestle and his double the rocks age!!

  • XRD89X

    Sting is the icon, road warriors were washed up jobbers when I was a kid(about 15 years ago) animals opinion is irrelevant.

  • Stav

    Funny I wonder what animal brother in law does for wwe?

    He goes on radio and bags every one. And he knows Sting won’t hit back cause he doesent need to.

  • reaper28

    Straight up I am so tired of people dissing on Sting. First off Flair and the Horseman, luger and Steamboat left WCW to wrestle for WWF/WWE. WCW only had sting he held the company on his back for 4 years where Ted Turner almost shut it down on 4 seperate occasions. The Rock and Austin never had to carry WWF/WWE on there shoulders and they never will cause they had all the talent.

  • reaper28

    And the reason flair put over on Sting is because flair knows a great wrestler when he sees one I mean Sting and Flair are best friends off and on set and have been for years. There kids grew up together for gods sake. And really Sting couldn't handle WWE are you kidding me, Stings has beat HHH, Steve Austin, Taker as Mean Mark and Bruiser Mastatino aka (Kane).

    Sting mentored Steve Austin, HHH, William Regal when they were coming up in the buisness! Ohhh and to break all you WWE fans hearts Austin, The Rock, HHH, HBK and Taker are all huge fans of Stings don't believe me research the internet!

    And Mark Calloway(taker) and Steve Borden(Sting) are best friends as well off set. So if your gonna talk smack make sure you know that facts! Sting will always be "The Icon" and one more thing whether any WWE superstar or fan likes it and Sting never wrestles for WWE EVER or if he does Vinnie Mac already told the wrestling world Sting will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!!!

  • Stav

    From stings twitter page: @Sting: For the record: I did not name myself “The Icon Sting”, nor do I consider myself an “Icon”. I’m the Stinger… Take a deep breath…