Road Warrior Animal Implies Steve Austin Will Be On 1000th Raw

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Road Warrior Animal was on 100.3 FAN-FM and implied Steve Austin would be on next week's 1000th episode of Raw, teasing that Heath Slater would get the Stunner. He also said he would be there and talked more about the show at this link.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for his help with this information.

  • KevMen

    Stone Cold needs a bigger role than stunning Heath Slater!!!

  • Travis dee

    It’s not really big news that Austin will be at the 1000th raw. He HAS to be there. Vince himself said that ” stone cold ” is the embodiment of what raw should be. Austin did more than anyone to put raw on the map ( tyson/Austin showdown anyone). It would be bigger news if he doesn’t show up in some form or capacity

  • Jeremy Dick

    In other news, Road Warrior Animal may have just lost his gig at the 1000th Raw.

  • Bishop

    SCSA, is there really an easier way for this guy to make pocket scratch? Come in, share a beer, STUNNER, beers, goodbye

  • Craigscool88

    It might be to promote Austin vs punk wrestlemania XXIX because “one very accomplished WWE champ wants to return to the company” Austin Vs Punk Mania XXIX

    • Craigscool88

      Does any one agree

  • Kleck

    I believe he must be there. He was RAW for 7-8 years

  • eric

    SCSA is goin 2 set up his WMXXIX Match

  • unknown

    hmmm ive had a random thought of late. but could wwe do the rock and stone cold team up and go against john cena and cm punk? i mean it could be a straight up two of the main guys from the 90s against the tops dogs now. just a thought, open to critique

  • Willie

    He need to drive sumthing in da building!!!!!

  • Adam

    Austin vs Slater. At the end of the show Heath comes out, talks trash about the legends. They all come out, hit there finishers on him. All the heels come out and attack, the faces come out and save the legends. Kidd, Bret Hart, Rock & Natalya hit sharpshooters!