Road To WrestleMania Cartoons Vol. IV




You're in charge of a WWE Studios flick. What's the concept? Use the illustration below to find out! Comment with your movie concept below. Mine: CM Punk in a drama alongside co-star Miley Cyrus. [Bonus: What would you call your movie?] My title: "Pop Is Dead"


 ALL NEW Undertaker, Zack Ryder, Mr. T and Vince MacMahon cartoons

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  • wagdaddy

    after reading these a couple of times….I don’t get ANY entertainment value from these cartoons at all-but perhaps I shouldn’t be so hard on the 3rd grader who is doing them….

  • I got Batista in a Drama where he fights a Gambling addiction. I’ll pair him with Pete Rose and make it based on a True story. Movie Title: Betting on Red.

  • King A sshole

    I got John Cena in a Horror Movie, with Miley Cyrus… I’d call it, Halloween: Michael Myers Hates Mediocre Crap!

  • M.C. Elroy

    I got Randy Orton in a comedy with the concept of talking to dead animals. Title: The Viper Whisperer.

  • Tyler

    I wouldn’t put my name on any of these….

  • Sam

    I’m a struggling freelance cartoonist/animator, and I gotta say, these cartoons are pretty terrible, and seeing them posted up on here and promoted is pretty demoralising. They’re not funny and whoever is ‘drawing’ them (I use the term loosely) shouldn’t be holding a pencil. A high-traffic and respectable site like WNW shouldn’t want to put their name to these. I only hope you’re not paying the guy to make them. Hell, if you ARE paying him, I’ll do them cheaper and to a much higher standard than these.

  • Christine Wheeler

    i got bryan and miley cryus (UGH). he teaches her to wrestle and they take out triple h and stephanie and foam fingers are somehow involved