Rob Van Dam Explains What Sets TNA Apart From WWE, Reveals That Ryback Asked Him For Permission To Use His Airbrush Artist, More

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Rob Van Dam recently took part in an interview with the Phoenix New Times, and discussed a variety of topics, including the pinnacle of his career, Ryback using the same designer for his tights, and more. In the following excerpt, Van Dam explains the differences between TNA and WWE:

How is TNA different from other wrestling companies, like the WWE?
"In Total Nonstop Action, individual wrestlers have a lot more freedom to artistically express themselves versus WWE. When we have our matches, they are known to be more athletic, more competitive in nature, and that's what wrestling fans really appreciate. And the fact there's more of a focus on wrestling in Total Nonstop Action over the other major company on TV. Whereas WWE has been known to feature more of the 400-pound giants that aren't necessarily going to [perform] quite as impressively. TNA focuses more on the wrestler's abilities and skills and gives them a chance to shine out there in front of the fans."

Are there other differences?
"It's also more of an up-close-and-personal experience where wrestlers are more accessible and there's a lot of times spent on meeting the fans. And Bound For Glory will be no different and we'll be there on October 14 with a big meet-and-greet. The day before that is also something called 'TNA Fan InterAction,' which all the top stars will be there as well. People can meet and talk to their wrestlers and get their photos taken with 'em."

He also revealed that he and Ryback have the same airbrush artist, in the following excerpt:

Fans have been comparing WWE's Ryback to you because of your similar taste in wrestling tights. What do you think about that?
"Well, the truth is that Ryback reached out to me and asked for permission to use the same airbrush artist that I use, Joe Holland in Savannah, Georgia. The guy's been making me the same outfits since like 1995 and he doesn't do a lot work for wrestlers. And I'm all for anyone that can make more business off of things they do for me. Ryback has my blessing [and] I'm flattered that he's a fan of mine. He's been very respectful in reaching out to me. I haven't met the guy but have nothing but respect for him."

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  • Van

    freedom for RVD is smoking pot without getting in trouble

    • bigandtall419


  • robsharpe84

    The guy needs to invest in some red eye spray for TV’s!!

  • Kleck

    If RVD ever wants to come back to th WWE for a farewell tour, he should pick his questions to safely answer next time.

  • BigMike

    I think it is cool that Ryan Reeves/Skip SHeffield/ Ryback has enough respect for RVD to want to ask for permission to use his designer that is cool. AND if you look at all the plus 40 people wrestlinbg or close to 40 besides Angle and HHH RVD is IMO the only one that should still be doing it as they are still viable and tell a story .I love Taker but he has too many iinjuries REAL Injuries Kane and Show are being pushed now but I think this is their last hurrah as well

    • Hillbilly Jim

      Hmm, freedom, seems to me, he’s the same old RVD, just chubbier….

  • true wrestling fan

    I don’t know what it is, but why are the knockouts more stiff than RVD.

  • Adam

    Tna womens wrestlers by far have better quality matches than the wwe divas . Divas matches tend to last 3 mins if they are lucky waste of time

    • n1ck

      that literally has nothing to do with this

    • Kevin

      The difference between the WWE Divas and the TNA Knockouts is that the Divas have been and always will be more about their looks and sex appeal (with a few notable exceptions). That's why, IMO, Kharma was released before she even got off the ground. Her surprise pregnancy gave the WWE a chance to think about things, and they realized that she just wasn't (and never could be) Diva material. TNA is Where Wrestling Matters. The Knockouts lood good, but more importantly, they have to be able to perform in the ring as wrestlers. TNA pushes the women's division as a competitive WRESTLING division, whereas the WWE uses the women's division more as a draw for the men due to their sex appeal.

  • Freebleeder

    Haha TNA is God Awful. I mean really really bad

  • dong

    diehard wwe, since 7 yrs old, TNA couldn’t get my attention if they tried, I remember passing on a free pay per view they offered on on demand once lol