Rob Van Dam Returning To TNA Impact Wrestling

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The latest regarding Rob Van Dam is he is returning to TNA Impact Wrestling.

His current deal with TNA was believed to expire this month, however, it may have included an option for another year. While RVD had grown frustrated with the way he had been booked and was rumored to be considering another run with WWE in late 2011, TNA does provide him an opportunity to work less dates.  It should also go without saying that RVD could be more optimistic about his character under the company's new creative direction.

As for a possible time frame, the last I heard he could return as soon as this week.

  • Noah


  • Killer_Gunner

    Bob Van Damn vs Robbie E for TV title tonight .

  • Latino

    …this is upsetting, what does Dixie carter do to keep these guys from leaving? O.o go back to wwe rvd!

  • H.M.

    Would rather have him in WWE.

  • AJG316


  • Kleck

    Good for RVD, bad for WWE

  • Moist Farts Stink!!

    Save your money TNA!!

  • Miles

    Hell yes!

  • lbp365

    I guess I’m the only one that think he should go !!!!!!!!!

  • Steve l

    Wwe doesnt want him amyway. RVD is really not that popular with the mainstram fan any more, and is a known primadonna who believes his own hype.Great in ring performer sure but does thatatter to the Wwe. He was pushed to the moon,at expense of homegrown stars and still complained.

    • test sucks its 2 late for him to become a star now, 1999,2000 maybe but not in 2007 i don t want tna to sign him just cbaeuse he was good back in 99 thats just pointless like when they signed billy gunn he was a star in dx in 98 but he was shit by the time wwe fired him in 2004 there was no point in tna signing gunn


    I think RVD deserves to be in the most popular wrestling sport,which is the WWE,I don't really care if he's on TNA Impact Wrestling,or the WWE,because I can still watch him on TV:-}But I think the WWE would want RVD to return to WWE sometime like in late 2012,or sometime in 2013,but I'm not really sure?The WWE would want him back,because if he's on TNA,then he will get more popular than he is right now by a lot,and someday RVD will return to the WWE:-}

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