Rob Van Dam's Contract With TNA Wrestling Expired?

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Rob Van Dam won't be in Chicago for this week's Impact Wrestling tapings. The former TNA X Division Champion wrote the following on Twitter:

It's interesting to note that Rob Van Dam said in an interview on Joe McDonnell Uncensored in October 2012 that his TNA contract was up in March 2013. The deal was originally believed to expire in March 2012 but had an option for another year. This comes at time where TNA is in the process of overhauling their contracts to a new format we first reported here on Premium.

5:37 PM EST Update: I just spoke with a source who told me they heard RVD was going to be the "next headache" following the contract situation of Bobby Roode. Roode's contract status dominated Lockdown weekend as the company put together a deal at the last minute to assure he'd be able to work the pay-per-view as advertised.

  • I would not mind seeing him go. I do not see impact every week, but every time I see him wrestle, he does the same moves over and over again. I used to like him, now it is like he going “through motions.”

    • Mark J.

      RVD is not an actual wrestling fan — and that’s totally fine, except it’s very telling about how he approaches things. He’s very level-headed about his health and personal interests, and maybe more wrestlers would be smart to do so. So, you’re not going to see RVD risk his body with new innovative moves at his age. Also, you’re not going to see him take a weak contract, just to entertain the fans. In his eyes, it’s a business … and again, that’s really not a bad thing. It’s a rough business to survive for decades … and some of the ones who do stick around (e.g. Hogan) do it only for the money and/or their egos.

  • LeftyTosser

    I cannot imagine TNA signing him for any serious money. There really is nothing for him to do in TNA. The X Division needs to be for the young up and coming guys, not for the aged veterans that have no where else to go. He was solid in ECW, but the same old same old since his WWE days. Not strong on the mic and no longer innovative in the ring.

  • FinalNailInYourCoffin

    After over 10 years as being a company, you’d think they would have contracts for what could be considered as top talent situated but it seems that they’re stopped by their own ignorance like paying Hogan and his idiot daughter among others that contribute absolutely nothing. They already have money issues for years and it’s only a matter of time before the rats get off the ship before it goes down permanently. I’d be surprised if RVD signed but if not then he’s alot smarter than others. Instead of hiring more young talent, we see 40 year olds and up dominate the weekly programs and ppv’s. Dixie is the most ignorant of them all, basically given these fools the ammo to slowly put this company out of its’ misery. Going live is only going to drain their funds even more and I’d be surprised if they’re still around in another 5 years. Seriously RETIRE ALREADY STING AND HOGAN! This isn’t the 80’s or even the 90’s and neither have been relevant in years but still think they are. The sad thing about this is once Dixie understands these two along with Bischoff are sucking up what’s left of this company it’ll be to late. All because of her own stupidity.

  • Matt

    I wonder if maybe he’s just complacent? He got that way right around the time he left WWE as well. When he first arrived in TNA he was in fire and its far from blazing now (Pun Intended for RVD). Maybe a final run with WWE is in his near future. He’s obviously a legend and a future HOFer, so I’m interested to see where this goes.

  • i heard rvd sign with wwe is that true